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Freedom starts in the mind …

I was recently surfing with a friend of mine who is a famous professional surfer.  What he said to me got me thinking about the ultimate freedom I have.

He said he was envious of the amount of freedom and wealth I have to do what I want.  He pointed out that being a professional surfer comes with its downside.

I had just come from a heli-skiing trip in Alaska and he said that he would love to have gone, but his sponsors would never have let him on account of the risk of injury.

That got me thinking about allowing others to discover how I have achieved my freedom and reward in life.

Not everyone can do the exact same things as me and succeed but nearly anyone reading this can follow the same system and achieve success and freedom.

[

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You’re about to discover 10 tips on living a more adventurous lifestyle.
I learned these tips from a 47 year old big wave surfer called Laird Hamilton.

A guy who became so successful, that he broke out of his chosen niche and barreled his way into the mainstream.

A modern surfing legend. Someone who knew what he wanted – then went out and got it. But most importantly – someone we can all learn from …

If you’ve ever wanted to break free, create and fund your own “dream lifestyle” – then you must read this post …

You see, Laird travels around the world surfing the biggest waves, and he gets paid for it. And yet, he is not a professional surfer and he rarely participates in surf competitions.

He is something different. Something of his own making …

Laird Hamilton is a free surfer and a big wave surfing specialist. By building his own brand and monetizing it, Laird Hamilton created and paid for his own dream lifestyle.

Discover 10 “Laird Hamilton” tactics to live a more adventurous lifestyle …

[

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Facebook Vs. Google

Here’s a story you may not have heard about Google.

It includes a little underground history of Google including:

•    A big reason for Google’s early success.
•    Some huge mistakes Google has made.
•    Why Google is losing its appeal.
•    How Facebook could crush Google

[

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truth about abs

Six-pack abs sell! (Photo: Marine's lovely sixpack)

Truth About Abs – the success story …

Digital products can make us rich with little upfront costs … 

Tim Ferris published a wonderful interview with Mike Geary and asked him some interesting questions.  Geary gives advice on advertising, buying traffic, the Clickbank marketplace and more.  [Read More …]

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Tow-In Surfing Action 


 I’ve been getting lots of emails from people asking if I could share more of my tow-in surfing and skiing and adventure videos.

This surprised me because my blog is here to help you. I was surprised to see that so many of you wanted to see more of my action videos.

My friend Mitch made this video above of our tow-in surfing session we had several weeks back.

It shows the tow-in experience and what it is like.

The day before the big swell, we are all nervous. We sit around the computer
looking at the swell charts, wondering what the monster swell is going to
look like.

The day of the “big day” we wake up at 4 am and prepare. Everyone
has their own little ritual to get ready.

I do yoga and eat a good breakfast and double check all of the equipment.

My friend Stan has his lucky white shorts that he always wears on the big

In the dark as we prepare the jetski and get ready to launch from the beach,
we are all a little quiet, and nervous.

[

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Alaska Heli Skiing

Please watch the video above in full screen, otherwise the riders look tiny on the big mountains.

This video is a quick edit I made of our April 2012 Alaska heli skiing trip. I wasn’t going to make a video this year because I really don’t like editing. It is so tedious and is a painstaking process. But I received several emails asking me to post an action video from AK. So I did.

I set aside 5 hours to do it. The video could be much better. With 10 more hours I could cut the video in half and greatly improve it. But it is too painful to edit for that long. So this will have to do. I hope you enjoy it.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think …

I’ve been living in warm and sunny Mexico for the last 8 years.  Before that when I lived in Utah I used to try to ski 100 days every season. Since I moved to Mexico I had to figure out how to keep getting my skiing fix every year. I used to go back to Utah for two months every year.

Now I figured out how to squeeze an entire ski season into just two weeks.

[

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Chronic Lower Back Pain


The video above is a yoga session that you can do after working many hours at the computer.  It will help re-align your spine and will help you become pain free.

My wife Marine (pronounced Mar-eee-nay) is a Yoga instructor and has a Yoga Center here in southern Mexico where we live.

I used to have chronic lower back pain. Every month or two my back would “go out” and I would have terrible muscle spasms in my lower back.

I would be out of commission and in bed for several days …

It was the worst feeling, always worried about when my back was going to go out next.

If you struggle with chronic lower back pain, then you know what I am talking about.

I would go to the doctor and he would recommend I have surgery (again).

This cycle went on and on for several years.

Then finally, thank the lord, I beat it and have been pain free ever since.

How To Beat Chronic Lower Back Pain …

For the last 5 years I have been doing Yoga regularly two to three times a week.

My chronic lower back problems have completely disappeared.

I still work for long hours at the computer with bad posture, but I no longer have the recurring lower back “blow outs” that I used to have.

I owe it all to Yoga.

Yoga fixed my Chronic Lower Back Pain

Marine specializes in Yoga alignment. Her yoga classes are specifically designed to re-align your body to the way it is supposed to be.

She taught me a 30 minute Yoga session that I do after working many hours on the computer.

I made a video of this Yoga session for you so you can follow along and do it yourself.

This yoga session is not only for lower back pain, it also helps with neck pain, shoulder and wrist pain. It re-aligns your body and reverses the damage of bad posture while working at your computer.

I hope you enjoy the Yoga class and that you find it as helpful as I did. Do you suffer from chronic lower back pain? Please leave any questions or comments below.

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value of time

Value of time …

Many of us misunderstand the true value of time. A good friend forwarded this email to me a while back. I decided to post it here as it definitely helps to keep things in perspective. You gotta read this and please let me know what you think in the comments area below.

[

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Freeride Snowboarding


In the video above, Mitch explains how he prepares to snowboard a big mountain line.

Mitch Toelderer is the Big Mountain Freeride Snowboarding World Champion 2011.

I’m super excited to be going to Austria to ski with Mitch.

I’m actually on the plane right now, on my way there.

Freeride Snowboarding in Austria …

Mitch has a little time before his 2012 Snowboarding Competition Season starts, and invited me to come visit him in Austria. I’ve been skiing and snowboarding for the last 15 years or so. And I really love skiing big mountain lines. Mitch is one of the world’s best big mountain riders.

Freeride Snowboarding World Champion 2012

Mitch also happens to be a fitness expert and attributes winning the 2012 world championship to his fitness training.

For the last couple of years I’ve been telling Mitch to create an information product around his fitness training methods. I know there are many extreme sports athletes out there who would like to step it up and get better at their sport. Mitch’s fitness training methods will help them do that. I’m going to help Mitch create an Information Product.

And I’m going to case study the entire process here on this blog.

My hope is that you can follow along and do the same for your self.

And while I’m skiing with Mitch I’m going to be picking his brain about big mountain riding.

Hopefully some of his big mountain riding skills will rub off on me. :-)

In return for his help, I am going to help him create an Information Product that he can sell online. Seems like a good trade, don’t you think?

To end this post, checkout some of Mitch’s amazing big mountain freeride snowboarding lines.


What do you think of freeride snowboarding? Is it something you would be interested in? Let me know in the comments below!


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Skiing Austrian Powder …

Skiing Austrian Powder for the last eight days in a row has been epic! It’s been great to chase Mitch around the mountains!

I hope you enjoy the video above. It is a quick taste into skiing in Austria from my headcam.

Thanks to Mitch and Bibi for having me visit them! Mitch and Bibi are amazing human beings!

It’s so nice to see such a beautiful example of how to live life to the fullest. These two are an absolute inspiration!

Skiing Austrian Powder – a viable business model?

The main purpose of this blog is to help you build an online business around your passions.

So these “fun” little lifestyle videos I post are more of a diversion and really just for fun. I love doing this stuff so much, that’s why I post it here. Even though I know that you don’t really get anything out of it, except for maybe a little entertainment. And I guess that is important too.

However, to get back on track with the purpose of this blog, the next videos I post will be on how to build your online business around your passion, and not so much about me having fun.

I’m helping Mitch and Bibi build a Lifestyle Business around their passions. And I’m going to post case study videos here of how we do it.

One of their big passions is fitness training. So they’ve decided to create an information product around their fitness training methods.

I’ve actually been doing their fitness training the last few months. And thanks to it I was able to almost keep up with them in the mountains.

Hanging out with them and getting my ass kicked by them has motivated me to keep up on the fitness training. I really want to step up my skiing to the next level. I ski like a little girl compared to Mitch and Bibi. If my legs and core were stronger then I’d feel confident to go faster and and ski bolder lines.

[

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