Chris Carpenter here – with a personal warning:


99% of the Population (and Especially Your Mother!) Will Tell You To IGNORE THE ADVICE ON THIS WEBSITE …


WHY?  Because you might just end up doing something extraordinary, something a little scary, something dangerous and potentially mind blowing …

Successfully applying the advice I am giving away
will allow you to:

1.     Make More Money – Working SMARTER

2.     Earn Income From Multiple Sources On Near Autopilot.

3.     Achieve Freedom to ‘Live Your Dream’

4.     Get As Physically Fit As Possible With The Least Amount of Effort

5.     Live A Life Full Of Amazing Adventures!


Many of the life hacks on this website go against conventional wisdom. People aren’t taught this stuff and will likely be very skeptical of this working for you.

For example, 99% of the population only knows how to make money one way: by working. 

They settle their whole lives, exchanging their time for money.

Your approach will separate your time from the equation almost completely and fully automate your methods of making money.

People find this too good to be true.  But you will see it in action shortly after we begin to apply the advice.

Same goes for fitness. People spend countless hours exercising and dieting and yet they still don’t have that Ripped and Toned body they desire.

Following the advice on this site, you’ll approach fitness in a different way than the masses. You’ll achieve better results by exercising smarter.

You’re in the Right Place If:


1. You are over the status quo, conventional wisdom, and the 9 to 5 rat race

2. You’re ready to take ACTION – to create your dream lifestyle NOW – specifically by leveraging the Internet to build online income streams around your passions, skills, and strengths.

I can show you how to create passive revenue streams by leveraging Internet automation and modern online marketing techniques.

This is a skill set that a whole new tribe of businessmen and women are using to support their families and to live the lifestyles they desire.

A modern, automated online business can afford you the ultimate freedom to design your life the way you want it to be.

You will learn to take back your life and to honor the value of your time and the importance of your relationships more than ever before.

This process is not complicated, but it will take courage …

The advice on this website – and your personal courage will allow you to JUMP START your entire life!

Your personal courage will allow you to live life on your own terms, to take risks, to play hard, and to accomplish things that make you proud.


Who is Chris Carpenter?

google cash author Chris CarpenterThank you for asking ;-) I’m an author, entrepreneur, family man, outdoor adventure junkie (surfer, skier, snowboarder, kite-surfer), and avid traveler.

I’m married to an amazing Argentinean woman. We have two daughters, a 6 month old, and an 8 year old that we home school.

Our home base between adventures is a home on a remote beach in front of a surf break in Southern Pacific Mexico.

For the past 8 years, we’ve been searching out and enjoying the deepest snow for skiing and snowboarding, the perfect waves for surfing, and the absolute best places for a family to be together.

What’s best is that I am able to run my business from anywhere I am in the world.

This is a freedom I want to share with you!


My Story And Personal Cause:

Back in 2002, I hated my life! I was super depressed and very annoyed with the rat race.  I was in debt and living paycheck to paycheck.

I worked like crazy and I had no free time.

I tried everything to make money online since I knew that could set me free, and nothing worked.  I just went deeper into debt.

My family thought I was being foolish and repeatedly told me to stop the online nonsense and to get a real job.

When I was at that low point in my life, I made a promise to myself.

If I ever figured out how to break free from the rat race, my mission – my life purpose – would be to spread the word and help set other people free as well.

In 2003, I figured out a major secret to making money online, and within a few months, I was earning $30,000 per month in profits. 

Since then, I’ve learned many more ways to make money online, and I’ve been sharing them to my readers ever since.

I have built multiple seven figure businesses online and offline in just the last few years.

My methods have worked in many different niches, including: health and fitness, relationships and dating, money and business, real estate, electronics and other consumer goods, travel, small business and marketing, and many more.

I’ve been successful at affiliate marketing, creating and selling information products, software and services, designing and executing product launches, consulting, real estate investing and more.



Most importantly since 2003, I have kept true to my promise, and I’ve been teaching others how to make money online, achieve true freedom and live their dream lifestyle.

I learned something very important – “If one person can do something, then someone else can learn how to do it too”!

Honestly, I am nobody special.  I have no fancy education or degrees. I did it though.  I became free and my family and I are living our dream lifestyle.  We have time for each other!


Download A Copy of My Famous Ebook For Free

In 2003 I wrote an ebook about how to make money using Affiliate Marketing and Google Adwords.

It became an instant sensation online and has been a best seller in the Clickbank marketplace for many years.

Perry Marshall even went as far as to credit my book as the reason for Google Adwords’ early success.

Here is an excerpt from Perry Marshall’s article:


A 20-something surfer dude named Chris Carpenter put Google AdWords on the map.

You’ll never read about this in the Wall Street Journal…. but it is my professional opinion that “Google Cash” in 2003 and the firestorm of affiliate activity in the lowly “bizop world” was THE tipping point for Google AdWords.

Suddenly every imaginable keyword was being bought up by affiliates and Google ads started multiplying like rabbits in Australia.

For years, my ebook sold for $67, but recently I decided that I’d rather make it accessible to more people by giving it away for free.

Checkout this video I made a couple of years ago telling my Google Cash story.

If you haven’t read my ebook yet, you can download it for free right now.

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I’d like to share with you my latest online money making techniques

Today, it is easier than ever before to make money online, to achieve true freedom, and to live your dream lifestyle.

The main key is to build Online Income Streams around your Passions, Skills and Strengths. This will keep you involved with your work and interested in doing it.

It will almost take the entire chore out of the work you do.

If right now, you are not living your dream lifestyle, and you would like to learn how you can build multiple streams of passive income based around what you enjoy doing, then please Click Here to get started…


I’m giving away thousands of dollars in prizes!

I earned a lot of money for my online success. I tried buying my happiness briefly but quickly found my efforts were destined to fail.

I decided that giving would make me happier and that’s what I want to do for you.

Click Here to learn more and see how you can win!


How You Can Reach Me

You can communicate with me via Twitter or Facebook, in blog comments, and via email by subscribing to my email list and replying to my emails.

You can be sure that I will personally respond.

Please, introduce yourself as I want to make new friends.

Thanks for reading and talk soon,


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