How to Be Laird Hamilton (10 Tips For Living An Adventurous Life)



You’re about to discover 10 tips on living a more adventurous lifestyle.
I learned these tips from a 47 year old big wave surfer called Laird Hamilton.

A guy who became so successful, that he broke out of his chosen niche and barreled his way into the mainstream.

A modern surfing legend. Someone who knew what he wanted – then went out and got it. But most importantly – someone we can all learn from …

If you’ve ever wanted to break free, create and fund your own “dream lifestyle” – then you must read this post …

You see, Laird travels around the world surfing the biggest waves, and he gets paid for it. And yet, he is not a professional surfer and he rarely participates in surf competitions.

He is something different. Something of his own making …

Laird Hamilton is a free surfer and a big wave surfing specialist. By building his own brand and monetizing it, Laird Hamilton created and paid for his own dream lifestyle.

Discover 10 “Laird Hamilton” tactics to live a more adventurous lifestyle …

 Adventure starts in the mind …

1. You’re never too old to start something new

Picture the scene. I was in San Clemente, a southern California surf town, at a pizza joint.

Surf posters lit up the walls, and surf magazines covered the tables. I reached for a glossy magazine and Laird Hamilton graced the front cover.

He was frozen in time, inside a big blue barrel, taming a wave the size of a house.

I’m not sure why, but something inside me clicked. A burning desire to experience the exact same feeling that Laird must have felt, riding that monster life changing wave …

I turned and said to my friend, “Oh my God, I want to do that. I want to experience that.”

His response was certainly not encouragement, “Buhahahaha. Yeah right.” he replied.

“You’re a chubby geek and don’t know how to surf. Dream on. Besides 31 years old is too old to learn how to surf.” he added.

Right after that a young kid with sun bleached blond hair, wearing a wetsuit half pulled down around his waist (he was a surfer for sure) leaned into my booth in agreement, “There is no way in hell you can learn to surf barrels like that.” He said.

I was pissed. How could these turds tell me what I can and cannot do! That little punk motivated me more than any self-help book ever could.

I changed my lifestyle, began fitness training and started surfing. After 7 years of hard work, I am finally riding some pretty sick waves.

Don’t let other people set your limits. You are never too old to start something new.

Checkout the video at the top of this post that I quickly threw together some of my waves and friends waves from this year so far.

Adventure requires spare time …

2. Free Up Your Time

Living an adventurous life requires free time. If you’re currently feeling overwhelmed, then dreaming up and going on adventures may seem frivolous.

To free up your time – you must free yourself from financial burdens.

The best adventurers (like Laird), build multiple income streams doing what they LOVE. You can profit from your passions and it’s easy!

If you’ve ever wondered if you have “what it takes” to do something a little more adventurous with your life (instead of just working for someone else) – then I suggest you read a blog post I wrote on how to Make money and achieve true freedom and adventure.

It can change your life!


3. Develop Your Personal Brand

Other surfers compete and become professionals so they can surf, but Laird Hamilton didn’t like competing. Instead, he actively promoted himself as the greatest big wave surfer ever.

Because of this, he’s been in many movies – surf movies as well as Hollywood films. He’s even written a book, had his own clothing line and now has a stand-up paddleboard company.

You don’t have to become an egomaniac, but it’s essential to build your personal brand like Laird. Why?

Your personal brand is the ladder you use to escape the average.

  • A well-built personal brand will help you attract attention from the right kind of people.
  • It will set you apart from competitors in your niche.
  • It will help you develop some notoriety.

I strongly urge you to download this practical guide to branding called “Rockable Personal Branding”. It’s free, and it rocks!

Rocking your own personal brand can give you more of what you want!


4. Setup Your Honeypots and Network of Bros

For the last 7 years, I have been free from all constraints. I have traveled the world, year round, in search of the most epic adventures.

  • Steep and deep untracked powder to ski
  • Un-crowded waves to surf
  • The strongest wind for kite boarding
  • The best places for a family to be together

I constantly monitor the weather in different parts of the world, and keep in touch with my bros.

It’s easy to keep in touch with your friends these days using email and social media like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s really exciting to login and see what sort of adventures are going on with my friends, where the best conditions are, and where I want to be.

When conditions are perfect – then my family and I travel there on a moments notice.

But, to be honest … it can be a real pain in the ass dragging all your adventure gear around the world.

So I setup “Honeypots” (little compounds) – at key locations.

Each Honeypot has a place to stay, a vehicle and all of the gear we need. We can fly in, and not miss a beat, and be up on the mountain or out in the water the same day.

For example, our Mexico Honeypot is all about surfing and the ocean.

So we have jet skis for tow-in surfing and fishing, a 4X4 truck and camper for surf trips, kayaks, fishing gear, kite surfing gear, surfboards, etc.

We also have Honeypots in Utah, California, Alaska, Argentina, Central America, and the Mentawaii Islands. I’ve been working on adding some new honeypots in Europe.

However, just recently I’ve started thinking about simplifying everything, and owning less, and not constantly adding more, more, more.

In that vein, I’ve been thinking about turning our Honeypots into a club of sorts – allowing “members” to use each facility as they like …

I can imagine a situation where we offer workshops at each Honeypot for members.

Creating a club is just an idea right now, but if I go that route, I’ll let you know.

If this idea appeals to you, please let me know in the comments, and subscribe to my email list so I can keep you informed.


5. Become the Fittest You

To have the most fun on your adventures, you need to be as fit as you possibly can.

Skiing down massive mountain lines in Alaska is not too fun (or even safe), if you have to stop 10 times to rest on the way down. You want to ski those lines from top to bottom.

In order to do that, your legs have to be trained, flexible and strong.

Same goes for surfing. It doesn’t make sense to fly half way around the world to go on a surf adventure, to paddle out and retire to the beach after 2 hours, because your arms and shoulders are too tired to continue.

When the surfing conditions are good and it’s pumping, you will want to stay in the water for 4 to 6 hours and milk it for everything it’s worth. Don’t let your body let you down!

The beauty of fitness is that it is a system you can implement and automate. The way you automate your fitness is by turning it into a habit.

To turn your fitness system into a habit, do it consistently for 90 days. After exercise becomes habitual, every day you will look forward to doing your fitness training.

It may seem hard to believe now, but it’s true!

The fitness system I do takes an average of 45 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

You can do it anywhere, at home, while traveling. It doesn’t require a gym, but you can do it in a gym if you wish.

It is a mix of: circuit training, functional fitness, strength and balance, cardio, and yoga.

If you are interested in learning the system, you can download the free video training here.


6. Always keep learning and practicing

This could very well be the real secret to happiness:

Learning new (exciting) stuff + Practicing = Happiness

Learning and practicing new things keeps you firmly rooted in the present moment, a place of tranquility.

When you are learning something new like: playing an instrument, speaking a new language, marketing, or surfing, you can’t think about much else other than what you are doing.

In that moment of practice – when all of your other cares fade away in concentration, you have a quiet mind. Paradoxically, this is also when our best ideas usually come to us.

There’s a great book on this subject called “The Practicing Mind” by Thomas M. Sterner. Grab it now, I guarantee you will LOVE IT.


7. Take some risks and overcome your fears

Though I’ve been described as a risk taker, I am quick to let people know that I am a calculated risk taker. Big difference!

There are many activities I don’t do because I consider them too risky, like base-jumping for example.

When I go surfing or skiing, I stay safe within my limits. To me it’s an average risk.

To a bystander with no experience in the sport the risk is absolutely crazy. I kind of like it that way actually, people thinking I’m a bit of a nut for doing what I do.

If you’re an adventurous person, you might be falsely labeled “fearless.”

Fear is a great motivator and attention getter. That’s why the media, politicians and corporations spend time and money trying to convince people that the world is a scary place.

It’s not. Even for the most adventurous people, disaster rarely strikes.

The secret to overcoming fear is to acknowledge it, feel it, and then take the risk anyway.


8. Develop a clear vision of what “adventure” means to you

To some people adventure is making it to the next level in their favorite video game. Sure that can be fun but it’s not REAL ADVENTURE.

Grab a pen and paper and spend 30 minutes writing down everything that comes to mind when you think of Adventure.

What types of Adventures excite you?

Perhaps like me you enjoy the great outdoors and traveling.

Or maybe you prefer exploring ancient ruins, trekking, hiking, or going on a safari?

Maybe you prefer something entirely different.

Be creative. Whatever comes to your mind, write it down. This helps you plan your dream lifestyle.


9. Set some Adventure Goals

10 out of 10 of us die! That’s a fact! You can’t avoid it.

Another fact is that life is short and if you don’t take charge, it can pass you by.

Commit to experience the adventures you want to go on – before you die.

Choose 5 to 10 adventure goals that you’re most excited about from your brainstorming session.

Pick one that you will do within the next 3 months. Then pick another that you will do in the following 3 months, and so on.

Your first goal should excite you, but it also needs to be reasonable so you can achieve it and build momentum.

With that momentum and faith in yourself you’ll go on to achieve the rest of your goals.


10. Take Action – Just Do IT! Get Your Ass Out There!

Be strong and tough with yourself and commit to giving yourself the gift of an adventurous life.

Don’t just stare out the windows or plan to do something later.

Get on it, and take action right now!

Do the brainstorming session.

Set some Adventure goals, and choose the ones that excite you most.

Choose one adventure goal to complete within the next 3 months.

Then figure out what is the first action step you can take towards your first goal.

Maybe it’s doing some research on the Internet, or asking people some questions. Figure out what that first step is.

And then….TAKE IT!

Life is an Adventure!

Here’s to living an adventurous life!

Yes Laird Hamilton taught me all this. Thanks Laird.

Leave me a comment if you would, and let me know what you thought of the adventure video and of the tips.

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{ 39 comments… read them below or add one }

  1. Matt Bond

    This was so inspiring! Thanks Chris!

    I just started digging into infocash and I’m super stoked about the future. Thank you for making these resources available. Thank you for having the courage to live your heart. It creates a wake that others can ride into their own destinies.

    You’re a legend!

    Keep it up!!!


  2. Christopher Purkis

    Hey Chris,

    Please ignore the previous message I sent… I just took some time out to read this post with an overview of Laird Hamilton’s 10 tactics..

    This was awesome to go through. I am pretty overwhelmed as a recent college grad figuring out what is adventurous and meaningful and exciting for me…

    First action steps..i am going to write about my adventure definition in my journal after a late afternoon bike ride, and then I am going to purchase the Practicing Mind!

    Any advice for a youngin 22 year old like me? to start doing all of the above sooner I guess!

    Thank you for this great list…I would not have stumbled upon it otherwise :)




  3. Nina

    Hi Chris;

    Loved the video. Your tips are always fantastic.
    You’re right we are never too old to learn.
    They say it also helps to prevent alzheimers.
    I learned to ride my own motorcycle a (Kowasaki 450
    6 speed, when I was 46 yrs. old. It was 4x my weight
    so had some problems when I stopped at a stop sign and
    it fell over.
    I had only been a passenger when I was 16, and had
    never been on a bike in between. It was great fun.
    Of course everyone thought I was nuts.
    P.S….Have you tried skiing/boarding at the famous
    Whistler, British Columbia. World Class Mtns.
    That’s where the Olympics were held.
    Just north of Vancouver, B.C.

    Thanks again, trying to catch up on your Blog etc.
    I’m so far behind., but always learning from you
    and your friends.


  4. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for your comment Nina! That’s awesome you got into motorcycles. I enjoy them as well. Yes I have been to Whistler. What a great resort and ski area. Great mountains all around there you are right!


  5. Trisha B

    The best 10 tips I’ve ever read !


  6. M.Bayu Aji

    I like adventure,thanks for you information:_)


  7. Mike Briscoe

    Chris, your video is awesome. I surfed over 30yrs of my life. I then injured my back, and surfing was over for me. I always wanted to surf the largest waves possible. In the time I did surf, a friend and I surfed Dolphin tanks at the end of Point Loma in San Diego Calif, We had surfed there many times. This day was different, it was by far the largest surf I had ever been in. I caught and rode a 15 ft wave. I free fell into the take off, found myself in the largest deepest fastest tube I had ever ridden. I would like to say I made it. I also experienced the worst wipe out of my life. Watching you surf in your video. I would say your talent has exceeded wave knowledge. I don’t mean to be harsh, or rude. I believe, to know exactly what a wave is going to do. and when it’s going to do it. Only comes with experience. I know and understand you have lots of experience. That gut instinct, I think comes from seeing many different situations. And in an instant recognizing them. I know you will continue, and these virtues will become a part of you and your Surfing. I truly hope you consider my thoughts as constructive, and in no way do I intend any negativity in my comments. I have written this after watching your video. I am now going to finish reading the rest. I’m sure I will be motivated into something new in my life. Thanks and God Bless. Mike B.


  8. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for your comment Mike. Yes I’m still learning. Always learning, learning, learning. Wave selection is definitely my weak point :-)


  9. Victor

    Great tips and guide lines for life . The big problem is like always to make the first move, and make this ideas as part of your life. You gave me many reasons to do it. let’s start the real life.


  10. RAN

    great stuff!no, really, great stuff!!!


  11. Angeles Lopez

    Crhis hello. Congratulations for all you’ve got. I admire you very much. I’m with you since you started but I could not get into your system because it is not English. Now you might try it with the new translation technologies. You are an example for me. Thank you very much. Angeles Lopez.


  12. Ralphe

    WOW What magnificent footage.


  13. Gord Dobson

    Way too much fun!
    I’m an old fart,one of the earlier extreme skier types,so I, know the rush your getting from playing with Mother Nature! All risks are somewhat calculated -eh?
    This internet stuff is sucking me under quicker than a riptide! it’s way easier to drop off a 40ft cliff. After a good day,I, look forward to being worn out,but this stuff is way more tiring and besides that it has ripped the wallet totally out of my pocket!
    Where to dive into next?
    Thanks for the great video!


  14. Everardo

    Hi Chris,

    This post is like a breath of fresh air!

    Yes, life is too short, and 10 out of 10 of us will die!

    Unfortunately, we let life and society gib us the pace and route to live, following trends that reduces us to mediocrity.

    “When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy”. They told me I didn’t understand the assignment. I told them they didn’t understand life.” — John Lennon

    Thanks for your motivation, beginning to joggle the lethargy.


  15. Chris Carpenter

    Great quote, thanks for sharing!


  16. Bob

    Hey Chris, Great video – really impressive big wave riding (look out Laird), and a great blog post!


  17. Lucille Maujean

    Amazing, uplifting stuff. Having a 5 year old really gets me going because he needs all the adventure he can get. Love the ideas.


  18. brian

    Hi Chris,

    This post is pure inspiration.
    Thank you.
    What great rules and ideas to live your life by.
    It has inspired me further to take action in being the best you you can be!
    Thanks mate

    Brian J


  19. Jonathon

    Excellent post full of simple gospel truths.

    All you have to do in life is do it. Or as they say “If it is to be it is up to me” because in essence whatever we want out of life it is up to us as individuals to go and get it. Waiting for luck to come to us or for someone else to hand it to us on a silver platter only works in dreams.

    “The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart, this you will build your life by, and this you will become.” –James Allen, As a Man Thinketh


  20. Graeme

    Hi Chris
    A motivating read.
    Couldn’t agree more about your point of view on adventure. For two years now I have been adventure motorcycle riding and mountain biking. The final part of the equation I have not perfected yet – steady income. Living between New Zealand and Europe makes life a little crazy. Sooner or later something will gel. Thanks for the tip on the book, it’s now downloaded to my Kindle. Cheers


  21. Chris Carpenter

    Graeme, do let me know what you think about that book “The Practicing Mind” after you read it.

    Stick with me on this blog and I’ll do my best to help you solve that final part of the equation.


  22. Deane Felter

    Very good motivational ideas and positive actions- important keys needed to stay focused !


  23. D. Boush

    Your tips are great. Keep in mind that “All limitation we have is the one we place on our-self” and ” The only time we fail is when we stop trying”.


  24. Obad Mileusnic

    Hello Chris,
    These are amazing tips from everyday life. Gives you many ideas .I agree you have to be very fit but you have achieve it only through regular exercise . Many people give up instantly .
    Life is enjoyable when you do what you like. Obviously you have to have a desire for something in your life but you can learn it from others sometimes copy and implement it in your life. Your blog is excellent Chris.


  25. Chris Carpenter

    Yes most people do give up almost instantly when it comes to exercise. I think the way to overcome this is to just force yourself to do the exercise consistently for at least 3 months.

    Even if it is just 5 minutes a day. After 3 months of doing it every day or 5 days a week, then it becomes a habit.

    Then, believe it or not, you actually can’t wait to do your exercise.

    Thanks for your comment Obrad!


  26. Dale Loflin

    Cool. Encouraging.

    Still remember the day (late night actually) I downloaded Googlecash, read and worked all night and the next day saw $$$ in my account.

    Thanks for all you share and I wish you continued success.


  27. Chris Carpenter

    Ahhh, the good old days. The Google Cash system is not that easy anymore unfortunately, huh?

    It actually still works, but I think the days are long gone where someone reads the book, sets up a campaign, goes to sleep and wakes up with commissions in their account the next morning.


  28. RAN

    Yeah, I have been tying to get a web site up and seem blocked , I got I;m not a techy block…Ha (being 52 in years, but not in mind!!!, I’m 29, I’m 29 lol) just got done trying a ” seven clicks and your up and running with a campaign and money rolling in …ha…I want to teach martial arts/self protection and do herbal tonic bar health education and fitness…but I’m stuck cause I got 3 kids and a wife and.. and .. and…I;m ready to do something different..anyway thanks for the tips and a great post !


  29. TC

    Awesome vid!

    Your tips are great and spot on.
    This morning I pushed myself to do something that would put me out of my comfort zone and amazingly the outcome was way better than I had expected. Your self limiting thoughts can be an enemy to you if you let it. If you let fear control you then you will never be able to live life to it’s fullest.

    I like this saying from a unknown author that has a picture of a old worn out 1970’s vette with a surfboard tied to the top parked on a beach

    “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming ‘WOW What a Ride!'”


  30. Chris Carpenter

    Nice one TC!

    I think it was Einstein that said that. ;-)


  31. josh

    awesome post — looking forward to these now that you started this new blog — Cheers!


  32. Mike

    Chris, you always make me feel good. Great video and the new blog is very nice. Thanks for sharing.


  33. Drew H.

    Hey Chris Love The New Blog Hey Could You Do Me a Favor?? About 2 1/1 To 3 Years Ago You Sent Your “List” a Link To Some Videos Of You Flying To The Top Of a Mountain in a Helicopter and You Sking Down Please Post It.Was Great Drew H.


  34. Chris Carpenter

    Hey Drew, Here is a link to a similar video I made of a skiing trip I did in 2010:

    Let me know what you think.


  35. Esther Odejimi

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for this great information. I will take the step now to make something out of my life and will not fear taking a giant leap and I believe with the right attitude, I will achieve success.



  36. John

    Chris, if I was judging extreme sports films, I would have to consider this an extreme sports documentary because the angles of the camera that you captured by somehow mounting your video camera, are extreme and capture a perspective that most people will never get to see in the flesh.

    I am hoping I can make a dramatic change to improve the quality of my life before my youth passes me by. I can be quite stubborn, but maybe that is what got me into this rut. Maybe I should be open to learning from Laird and Chris. Then maybe I will find the income to free me from the bonds of my own mediocrity.


  37. Lewis

    I completely agree there is nothing that motivates me more than to have someone tell me I can’t do something or to insult me.

    Your video even though it was just thrown together was still very entertaining and I would say you are catching quite a few good waves. I read some posts on your blog and you are right this blog could change your life if you have the nerve to go through with it. It is going to take me a little more time I think to wrap my brain around stepping out and doing something so drastic.

    I loved your free video for fitness training, I will have to implement this into my regime.

    It sounds like you have the ideal life and you have the money that lets you do that, truly a life to be envied, once I figure out how to get the money that you have maybe I can break free as well.


  38. Loan

    I have to give both Laird and Chris mad respect for having the courage and non-conforming spirit to live the kind of life most people only dream about. I have always wanted to travel and live with a free spirit, but I the idea that you have to have to have a trust fund or not have to work for a living, always stopped me from living life to the fullest.

    I did not want to travel without having money to provide me with all the creature comforts. And I do not want to stay in dirty hostels either. So instead, I stayed in my hometown, searching for ways that might one day provide a decent income without having to stay in one place or report to an office or be bound by a work shift. I am forty years of age now and still searching for that solution.


  39. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for your comment Loan! Have you thought about starting an online business?

    Please read this blog post when you get a chance, I think you will find it helpful:

    Leave me any questions you have, under that post. That post lays the groundwork for what I believe is the best way to make money online starting from scratch. In future blog posts I will cover each section in much more detail.


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