Alaska Heli Skiing


Alaska Heli Skiing

Please watch the video above in full screen, otherwise the riders look tiny on the big mountains.

This video is a quick edit I made of our April 2012 Alaska heli skiing trip. I wasn’t going to make a video this year because I really don’t like editing. It is so tedious and is a painstaking process. But I received several emails asking me to post an action video from AK. So I did.

I set aside 5 hours to do it. The video could be much better. With 10 more hours I could cut the video in half and greatly improve it. But it is too painful to edit for that long. So this will have to do. I hope you enjoy it.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think …

I’ve been living in warm and sunny Mexico for the last 8 years.  Before that when I lived in Utah I used to try to ski 100 days every season. Since I moved to Mexico I had to figure out how to keep getting my skiing fix every year. I used to go back to Utah for two months every year.

Now I figured out how to squeeze an entire ski season into just two weeks.

The answer is to spend two weeks heli skiing in Alaska.

If you like steep and deep powder (like I do), then there is no better place for it than AK.

If you ever plan to go heli skiing in Alaska then I highly recommend Points North Heli (PNH).

They access incredible terrain for all levels from Intermediate to Pros.

They are the best value of all the Alaska heli operators I’ve gone with (which is most of them). And they have a great safety record, the best in the industry.

And finally to close this blog post, I chose a winner for the Alaska Salmon Prize Giveaway.

The winner of the Wild Alaskan Salmon is: Bruce Harlan

Congratulations Bruce! The Salmon is on it’s way to you now.


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  1. Velpula

    David,They did turn that lift but I never saw a lot of people going up it. I have been to Frey twice now, there are some great cloruios and spires around. I have only skied one cool one but I will return. This week is sun and light winds all week so I should take advantage. I am going on a true exploratory mission tomorrow, machete in hand. Bamboo beware.


  2. Commercial Real Estate Firm San Diego

    I am jealous. :(
    I wanna go with my hubby. When is the best time to do it??
    Thank you.


  3. Bruce Harlan

    The helmet cam shots were awesome! I was there on the mountain with my stomach in my throat and my heart pounding in my ears yet you and your friends made your runs look easy. I was reminding myself as I was watching, once you guys jump off the peak you’re making it up as you go. Then I was really on the edge of my chair staring holes in my monitor. …Worth every penny of admission; double thumbs up!
    Thanks Chris


  4. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Bruce!

    I hope you are enjoying the Salmon you won from the Alaska Prize giveaway!

    Take it easy,


  5. Brian

    Hey, Chris. Thanks for taking the time to edit and post the video. It was tremendous. It’s more work than most people think to do the editing and reviewing, etc. The fact that you have built this fantastic life on Internet marketing is very inspiring; and the fact you are willing to share your time and energy even better. You rock!
    (BTW, getting older might make us mellower, but having a family makes us think twice about risks we might have taken before!)


  6. Chris Carpenter

    Yes that is true Brian! Now that I have two kids I definitely think carefully before each adventure I undertake. A few years back I was not like that. I would just go for it. Now I am more calculating. I take calculated risks.

    For example I would love to base jump but it is far too risky. The statistics are staggering. Something like 1 in 4 people doing base jumping and wingsuit flying ends up dying.


  7. Dean

    Thanks Chris for taking me along on your fantastic ski trip. Have never seen this quality of video work before, spot on and down hill action so clear and smooth beyond belief. Yes had to see it to know you were in powder heaven and could share it with the viewer. Yes ever so kind that you should share your time with us and give such a wonderful report. Next year will be another one and just as great.


  8. Chris Carpenter

    Thank you for the nice words Dean! The three of us each had a camera and we would try to film each other whenever possible.

    Of the three of us I was definitely the weakest cameraman. Actually the weakest everything. hehehe

    I’ve been planning out the next couple months of blog posts and I’m getting excited. Time to get down to some nitty gritty helpful life and business hacks, enough of these trip reports.


  9. Rad

    Wow, Chris,
    Awesome video of an awesome experience. I was really enjoying it, but oh man!, when “Pumped Up Kicks” came on, well, it shivered me timbers!

    Thanks for sharing,



  10. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Rad! Yeah that must have been when Mitch’s segment came on. He’s an amazing rider! Every run we did he searched out the sick line.


  11. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for your caring comment!


  12. George

    Great stuff! Nice POV work got me involved big time. Also gave a great feel for where we Humans fit in relative to the grand scale of Nature.
    Thanks — Be safe


  13. Chris Carpenter

    Yeah when I was out in the mountains there I kept thinking how small we were in the huge mountains. It’s good to get out into the big nature sometimes to put things into perspective.


  14. PC

    Have fun, but play smart. It’s always good to be able to quit while you’re ahead.


  15. Chris Carpenter

    This is a new thing for me. I used to never quit while ahead and always kept charging ahead until finally I was forced to quit. Must be the age is catching up to me :-)


  16. Jim Freeberg

    Yes Thanks for the sharing a really cool video with great music. Love the skiing good stuff.


  17. Clara

    Dear Chris,
    Thanks for sharing. My heart goes out to the man’s family. I am glad to hear that Bibi is ok. It sounds like you picked a good time to lay low since you have a loving family that you needed to return to. Great vacation! Thanks again for sharing.


  18. Tom Taylor

    Hi Chris I see you made it up here to alaska again, and again you didn’t call me and hang out, shame on you, lol. One of these seasons we are going to have to meet up in person and hang out, either you up here or me down in mexico.


  19. Chris Carpenter

    Hey Tom, where in AK do you live?
    Would have been great to hang out!


  20. Tom Taylor

    VALDEZ alaska if you heli ski then I know you come here because there is no better place out there. Were you up here for tailgait alaska party or king of the hill.


  21. Chris Carpenter

    You live in Valdez, that’s awesome! I was just over the mountains from Valdez in Cordova. We were flying in the same zone as some of the Valdez operators.
    I was going to go to the Tail gate festival, but then decided that it would be too rowdy for me this year. I’ve kind of mellowed out in my old age I guess. lol


  22. jamie

    looks like you had a wonderful time. lots of powder.


  23. zhetti

    Breathtaking! Great job on the video, too.


  24. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks it was really fun doing the skiing!
    Editing the video was not so fun. I just don’t have the patience for it. With a little more time I could have shortened the video and made it much better, but glad you enjoyed it anyway.
    Thanks! -Chris


  25. gayle mcdonald

    Chris, you amaze me–I just don’t have whatever it is that makes a person want to risk their life down a perilous slope, altho I’m sure the exhilaration of conquering nature is a high–until it isn’t, as your post describes with the death of your friend. Sorry to hear that news! I do appreciate your sharing the adventure though. Can you share more about what your direction is now with internet marketing?
    Thanks, Gayle


  26. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Gayle. Yes the next several posts will be all about Internet Marketing and all that good stuff. I hesitated even posting these sort of trip reports as it is not related to making money online and the main purpose of the blog which is to help you achieve freedom. But I decided to post these sort of blog posts anyway because I figured it would be fun to share some of my personal life as well.

    Have you read this blog post yet?

    I really think that is the best way to start from scratch online.
    Build an information product business around your passions.

    I’ve got some secret traffic strategies that go hand in hand with this and will share them in upcoming posts.



  27. Daniel Audunsson

    Yes please do keep on sharing these adventures with us Chris! I really enjoy them, they’re exciting and inspiring. This is the ultimate success to me, this is what being truly “rich” looks like. It’s not about fancy cars, expensive clothes and all of that stuff. It’s about being free and able to do what you truly want with your life… Super inspiring…


  28. Marvin

    Must have been a lot of fun sking down those beautiful slopes and I am sure you enjoyed every minute. The music not so much – got a little loud and really did not match the serene and beautiful scenery. Just my opinion.


  29. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Marvin!

    Yeah I here you on the music, it is a little obnoxious, but I like to put music like that to my ski clips. It really pumps me up when I watch them and makes me want to get out there.


  30. blessing

    such things scare me


  31. hayden


    Great vid. Who’s the singer?



  32. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Hayden, The singer is Ellie Goulding – “Lights”.


  33. russ

    that is pretty awesome Chris. I dont know if I am brave anough to do that kind of extreme skiing.


  34. Chris Carpenter

    Glad you enjoyed it Russ! Thanks for being on the blog!


  35. Roger

    I just get absorbed into these videos, transported to another world, the mountains look beautiful, and the descent looks fantastic- wish I had learned to ski, and wish I had never shattered my knee when I was younger.

    Great video

    Cheers Chris



  36. Chris Carpenter

    Right on Roger! That’s cool you got absorbed into it. Thanks!


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