Alaska Heli Skiing

Please watch the video above in full screen, otherwise the riders look tiny on the big mountains.

This video is a quick edit I made of our April 2012 Alaska heli skiing trip. I wasn’t going to make a video this year because I really don’t like editing. It is so tedious and is a painstaking process. But I received several emails asking me to post an action video from AK. So I did.

I set aside 5 hours to do it. The video could be much better. With 10 more hours I could cut the video in half and greatly improve it. But it is too painful to edit for that long. So this will have to do. I hope you enjoy it.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think …

I’ve been living in warm and sunny Mexico for the last 8 years.  Before that when I lived in Utah I used to try to ski 100 days every season. Since I moved to Mexico I had to figure out how to keep getting my skiing fix every year. I used to go back to Utah for two months every year.

Now I figured out how to squeeze an entire ski season into just two weeks.

The answer is to spend two weeks heli skiing in Alaska.

If you like steep and deep powder (like I do), then there is no better place for it than AK.

If you ever plan to go heli skiing in Alaska then I highly recommend Points North Heli (PNH).

They access incredible terrain for all levels from Intermediate to Pros.

They are the best value of all the Alaska heli operators I’ve gone with (which is most of them). And they have a great safety record, the best in the industry.

And finally to close this blog post, I chose a winner for the Alaska Salmon Prize Giveaway.

The winner of the Wild Alaskan Salmon is: Bruce Harlan

Congratulations Bruce! The Salmon is on it’s way to you now.


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