Alaska Prize Giveaway


Alaska Prize Giveaway

It’s been a little while since I last posted a blog post.

Here’s why…

I’m up in Alaska right now. Been here for about 10 days.

Came up here for some helicopter-skiing.

I’ll post an action video soon showing some of our skiing and riding.

Today is a down day. It is raining down low and snowing up in the mountains.

We can only fly the helicopters on blue sky days, so when it is snowing we don’t go heli-skiing. During our down days I’ve been hanging out with some amazing people that live here. Mostly fisherman.

They have a really unique setup. They work about 2 months out of the year up here in Alaska fishing for Salmon from their boats. During the winters they live in Hawaii and surf and enjoy the summer and ocean.

The two months that they are working here is very hard work though. They pretty much work every day all day long for the full two months.

But I think it is worth it. Work your ass off for two months and then have the rest of the year free for other things.

That sounds like a good deal to me.

Ok so where do you fit into all of this?

Alaska Prize Giveaway

While up here in Alaska I got a bunch of smoked wild Salmon. I have way too much to take home with me to Mexico.

So I am having a prize giveaway for a bunch of Alaska Salmon, canned in glass jars.

It is really good!

In a few days I will choose a winner and will post the winner on my Facebook page.

Please leave a comment anywhere here on the blog or on Facebook and I’ll choose a winner from there.

Also next week I will post an action video of our skiing here on the blog.

I’ve got a few more days in Alaska and then I’m going back home to Mexico.

I really can’t wait to get home. It’s been a lot of traveling the last few months, Argentina, Chile, Austria, Mexico and now Alaska.

I’m excited to get home, stay home for a while, and put a lot of time and effort into this blog.

Thanks for all of your support and reading the blog.  I sure am having fun doing it and hope you continue to enjoy it.

( I hope you win the Alaska prize giveaway :)

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    Hi Cris: What’s up!pretty awesome ha,seriously speaking,I don’t have any idea how it’s taste the Alaska Salmon,but I guaranty you that it will taste superb coz I really like the taste of salmon,specially when you make it topping in sushi rice with the combination of pickled ginger and wasabi with a bottle of Cabarnet Sauvignon,so that’s all I can tell you about your promising Alaska Salmon,and it’s quite lovely place you have your background at your back,it’s seems like place of a fish farm,how astonishing view.So long and have fun….till next time and I’m hoping that I will learn a lot from you how to do some trick to make money on line… wishes…..GOD BLESS……


  2. Jim

    hey Chris, Alaska is awesome hey, would love it if you would send me a bottle of that wild salmon, ps, I live in Mexico myself, at the moment I am working on setting up a blog, just getting started with this working online stuff, all the best, Jim


  3. Chris Carpenter

    Bruce Harlan from Kansas won the Alaska Prize giveaway.
    He emailed me and reported that he has received the Salmon and has been enjoying it with friends!
    Thanks everyone!
    A new prize contest will be coming soon. I’ll let you know once it is live.


  4. Elizabeth C.

    Whoa, sounds like a great work setup… work 2 months and get the rest of the year off. Though I doubt enough money can be earned in 2 months’ time to be spent for the rest of the year. I’ve always wanted to see Alaska and travel to foreign countries. You’re so lucky~ I just came back from a trip to Canada to visit a friend there. Although I missed home sometimes, you should still enjoy what experience you can get while abroad since you won’t be there forever and might never go back again. Have a safe journey.


  5. zhetti

    I hope it’s me who wins the salmon. I love it!

    I watched your ski video and it was awesome!!

    I’m glad you were having such a good time.
    What a great memory!

    I’m sorry about the loss of the skier.

    Thanks for the salmon!


  6. gayle mcdonald

    Hi Chris,
    I’m originally from Fairbanks and you made my mouth water with the smoked salmon offer–Alaskan salmon is definitely the best. I love following you in all your travels and am a bit late with responding but perhaps not too late for some smoked salmon……? You scare me with your skiing on those steep slopes.
    p.s. my website got hijacked so it’s not in the right form right now.


  7. Deri

    Good on ya mate. Heli-skiing is somethin I want to try and smoked salmon I love the stuff!


  8. Johnny

    Hi Chris,
    I love your stuff. I have ordered your training before and look forward to a sample of this salmon. My wife is from Austria and she hopes you enjoyed your stay there.



  9. Cheri Madison

    WOW–You go to really neat places. I agree: working full time for 2 months and taking the rest of the year off is the way to go. Wish I could afford to do so. Haven’t had a chance to travel much of late. Was in Alaska in about 1978–and Nepal in 1988 for my honeymoon. Traveling is great!


  10. Dale Loflin

    I love Salmon!


  11. Lindy Wade

    Hey Chris sounds like you had a wonderful time and did a lot of traveling. That’s great!! I’ve never been to Alaska but I have a nephew and his family there. My ex used to go snag salmon here in Colorado and we would smoke them and they were soooo good!!! I would eat salmon over any other fish!! Thanks for telling about all your travels and the fun and work you did. I enjoy listening to peoples travels and seeing it on video. Good luck in returning home and on the rest of your travels. God’s speed and for your safety.


  12. dave

    looks and sounds like a blast!!! ROCK ON !!!!!


  13. Bibi Pekarek

    Hey Chris!

    I just wanted to leave an info for your audience. For the ones who won’t win the prize :(

    This wild alaskan salmon tastes amazing! You can’t compare this fish to all the farmed salmon you usually get.

    Mitch and I just got back from AK and packed as much salmon jars in our luggage as possible. We traded a splitboard and a snowboardjacket for jars with our fisherman friends Sarah and Rick. Those guys are amazing!

    Our friends even ship the famous copper river wild salmon they catch themselves everywhere in the US.

    This is their link if anyone wants to get a taste:

    Talk to you soon!


  14. Julio

    I read Dave Ramsey once and he wrote something like: “Work like nobody works, and live like no body lives”… and I think this is true with this guys in Alaska. A lot to learn from you and this guys. Culture says only work what is required (9-5pm) in my case is 7am to 5pm but I do my IM stuff from 3am-6am and I am doing some $$ now. Not to let my fulltime job, yet, lets see how it goes, but I think my wife now believes in doing $$ from the web. Happy to know your stuff since a few years a go and Happy to have you here in Mexico.


  15. Tony

    Hi Chris,

    Your videos are inspiring and you are a down to earth friendly guy that people can relate to so that they can believe that they can have a chance to be successful too.

    Not only that I like you:)

    Your first video for the Google cash was when I first met you talking in the sea etc……

    Yeah receiving some salmon from you would be awesome, a bit funny actually but why not:)

    Good times.




  16. Fabrício Fujikawa

    Hello, Chris! Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge with all of us. I run a web site focused in japanese cuisine. It would be great to prepare and share with the world a recipe with a smoked wild Salmon directly from Alaska! Best regards, Fabrício.


  17. Terry

    I have never heard of wild Alaskan salmon before, it does sound like it would be very tasty indeed. Have fun doing your skiing , it looks like a wonderful place to have some fun in. Best wishes


  18. Clara

    Hi, Chris
    I am glad that the weather was good for skiing, but your video was a bit of a tease since we didn’t get to see you skiing. You posted a video with your skiing in the past and it was amazing to watch. It was just really beautiful.
    I did enjoy the views anyways.
    Safe journeys,


  19. Brian Peters

    Hey, Chris. I like relating Internet publishing to the salmon fishermen. On a 9-5 job you work according to your bosses needs. As your own boss you can decide where to spend your precious time. It isn’t always under your own control, but a lot more than when your time belongs to someone else.


  20. PC

    Hi Chris,

    So nice of you to share your knowledge of Internet marketing and now your Alaskan salmon … wow!!! Have fun!


  21. Trevor

    Hi Chris,

    I love hearing about your adventures. It inspires me to get my butt in gear to do the things that will allow me to live that kind of lifestyle. I also liked hearing about the fisherman. Reminded me of some of your previous videos about lifestyle planning I’m not sure that was what it was called but it was about figuring out the lifestyle you want and then determining out what it takes to achieve that. If you have any links to those videos that would be great or maybe make some new ones.

    Thanks again.


  22. Robert Nerdman

    Hey Chris,

    I love salmon (oily fish are not only healthy for your heart, but it was when monkeys started eating fish that their brains, and then bodies, evolved to humans).

    But does salmon go with snow? I am curious as to what you eat after a day of skiing??


  23. Bruce Harlan

    Hello Chris,
    I am looking forward to your newest, radical Alaska skiing video.
    Some years ago I lived in Northern British Columbia and I imagine it to be
    similar to your area, wet near the ocean and lots of snow in the mountains.
    Winter or summer I never saw bluer skies or breathed fresher air, except maybe in Lake Tahoe. Hope you and Mr. Moose keep some distance, its better for you. As a teacher up there ocean salmon fishing overshadowed my stay in school message. Hard to tell a 16-18 yr old not to work hard for 2 or 3 months, collect unemployment the rest of the year and hit the surf in Hawaii for a while. (Sounds great to me right now!) Enjoy for both of us!


  24. Perry Roberts

    Hi Chris Sure am envious of you up there in Alaska.I have always wanted to go there.Thanks for sharing your pics and ideas you caome up with.Got to get back to work. Later Perry





  26. shad

    And Remember Dont take chances if you had time try the ziplining :D , ask someone to take you they have a special place for it >>


  27. shad

    wew i went to Alaska once and i never regret the time i spent there ,, i just loved the Alaska Salmon hope u get a good time man


  28. Jeanne K.

    LOVE Alaska salmon! My cousin is a fisherman who brought it to a family reunion a few years ago. He’s one who spends the winters in sunny southern California. The best of both worlds.


  29. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Jeanne! I will choose the winner in a couple days and will let you know. Since this blog is still very new and not too many people on here yet, you have a really good chance of winning.


  30. Ryan K

    That’s awesome! I can’t wait to get up there someday and experience Alaska and catch some salmon… and hopefully not get eaten by a bear…!

    My bro was down from Washington rescently and we bought an Alaskan salmon from the store to BBQ and it was great, but I am sure not so fresh as it would be up there.

    Mouth is watering now thinking about that tasty jarred salmon. I think I will make a bagel with creme cheese and throw that jarred salmon over the top of it when you send that prize to my front door brohem!!!

    Ryan K


  31. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Ryan! I kind of wish I had enough to send some to everyone on here. Let’s see what happens, maybe I can send more than one prize out this time.


  32. Marvin

    Good to hear that you are enjoying your life to the fullest. A lot of people would love to have your lifestyle.


  33. Chris Carpenter

    It’s actually pretty hard work to play hard all the time. ;-)

    But like I’ve been saying on this blog, if you love it and it is your passion, then the work doesn’t seem like work.

    That’s why I truly believe the best way to make money online is to build a business around your passions:


  34. Andrew B

    Chris! What do you do to relax? Hah!


  35. Chris Carpenter

    Yoga, meditate, read. And of course watch my 1.3 year old baby. hehehehe – not so relaxing :-)


  36. Phini

    Hey Chris,

    I love your videos and anecdotes. BTW, also love your tips and hints on making more money. It is nice to see someone so down to earth and although yes, you do keep up updated on your holidays and how you spend your money, you beat those idiot so called “mentors” hands down, for being down to earth and nice with it. It is wonderful to see someone give out so much, without any posturing or bombastic self-promotion thrown in.

    Keep up the good work and don’t change, as I do enjoy your videos and blogs.

    Best wishes,


  37. Chris Carpenter

    Hi Phini, thanks for your kind words!

    I don’t care if I have to bribe all you guys with prize giveaways to get these kind of comments. It makes my day to read them. :-)


  38. Phini

    Shame on you! lol. I never even considered the prize, as I just finished reading your whole six volumes of the google cash ebooks, and found them excellent. They cover everything and if you read them over and over again, it all makes super sense. Although they are some 8 years old, the principles hold true even now, so the fact that the information is free is pretty fantastic and gives a person a better understanding of how google worked or works, whichever way you look at it. No worries about the prize, just keep up your good work with the blogs and the offers you give out. I love your attitude towards life. Totally high vibration.



  39. Michael Scott Andrews

    What an amazing view from the top…
    I have skied many places but never Alaska…
    I grew in the shadow of Mt Hood in Oregon..
    Another awesome place to ski if you get there…

    Have a safe trip home!

    grace and peace…


  40. Chris Carpenter

    Mt. Hood looks beautiful, can’t wait to go there someday.
    So many fun things to do. Thanks!


  41. Sam Carrara

    Great video of the slopes. Two months of hard work for 10 months of relaxing sounds good.

    Thanks for the update,


  42. Chris Carpenter

    Yeah some of the Alaskan fisherman I met up there really have it figured out. They work hard for a couple/few months and then do other stuff like surfing in Hawaii.
    I really admire those guys!


  43. juandettwiler

    Hi Chris.
    Your blog awakened a lot of remembrances to me from the skiing, in South America and Europe, the fly fishing in Argentina and Chile, the fishing in the north of Peru and the region of Misiones in Argentina-Paraguay-Brasil; lots of skiing on the Volcanoes.., mostly without a ski lift. Lots of bush flying, but at this time it all seems over. That wild smoked salmon sounds mmmmm!
    But it would be much to far to send over here if I happen to get one. Thanks anyway. Take care, enjoy life, it is shorter than we think and we can not be sure that there is another one later..! Tight lines! Juan


  44. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for your comment! Sounds like you’ve done lots of fun stuff. I still haven’t been to Brasil but hope to go surf there some time.


  45. James

    Alaska looks stunning and I ‘m sure my wife would love some wild alaskan salmon! ave a safe trip back to Mexico Chris! saludos


  46. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks James! Good luck!


  47. David Schultz

    Hi Chris,
    What a nice video I just saw from you. I write short stories. I like skiing, but am a beginner and scared, so my son catches me coming down the slope. Am improving, though.
    I know a lot of Colombia but nothing about Argentine and Chile, although I imagine there’s a lot of great skiing in those countries.
    I’ve heard that Buenos Aires is a great place to visit — having a lot of European flavor. Bueno, gracias por tus comentarios y que estes bien.



  48. Chris Carpenter

    Gracias David! Yeah I really want to visit Columbia. It is high up on my list for sure. So many people have told me great things about it.


  49. Esteban Leon

    Hi Criss I follow you work since 2006 and I’ve learned a lot because of yoy. Thank you

    Esteban Leon


  50. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Esteban, great to hear from you!


  51. Nelson Kimmell

    Beautiful area, great for skiers. Interesting fishing and shore pier in this video. You look to be having a great time and adventure in our 50th State. Good Luck!


  52. Jeremy Henderson


    Dude, the video from Alaska is awesome. Love the views of the mountains and the snow. I’m sure many would be willing to work really hard a couple of months a year and then spend the rest of the year enjoying the incredible creation of mountains, beaches, etc… Thanks for sharing your journey and we all know that you work really hard yourself!



  53. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Jeremy! I’ll be posting a better video soon with some of our skiing, etc. Thanks for reading the blog and for leaving a comment!


  54. Vivian

    WOW Chris. That is a beautiful view. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a wonderful time there!


  55. Terry

    Excellent blog! I recommend this site to anyone serious about finding their own path to freedom!


  56. Jeremiah

    The last sentence should have read OUR business :] you’ve always been awesome at creating things that do just that.
    If you aren’t making a business, maybe you could do something to boost people like Chris Munch or the guy who wrote constant content the google gift? You’re a respected authority Mr. Carpenter and you’d probably suprise yourself with the influence you have!


  57. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Jeremiah! So you want me to create a new product to help explode your business, huh?

    Great idea!

    Which would you prefer, a software product, or training? Something like a coaching program? Or video home study course?

    Thanks for your feedback!


  58. Jeremiah

    Well Chris seeing you didn’t specifically say what to comment on I’ll rant
    YOU need to make a new product. I’ve already purchased 3 from you and it seems as if you’re the last of a dying breed. Everything coming out has been garbage lately.
    I’ve grabbed a couple good ones such as Hook-Pigeon however my favorite and most influencial in my business has been constant content the google gift. Traffic and sales have been soaring. I know you can give me something to capitalize that product (although an 18,000% increase [literally] is tough to beat YOU can do it!)
    I’m glad life is great for you however as amazing the results in constant content the google gift have been, it’s the mass product producers taking limelight away from people who should be known!
    Can you stop having. fun and give us a new product to explode your business


  59. Dave Nesbit


    Alaska looks amazing. I was in Glacier Bay once and look forward to going back.

    I’m also looking forward to your response to my email when I signed up for your emails. Really at a critical point in time and while I’m excited about the opportunities, really nervous about the change.

    Thanks, and have a safe trip back to Mexico.


  60. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for your comment and your email Dave!
    I still have to catchup on some email replies. You can expect a reply from me in the next few days.


  61. Williams Y

    Hey Chris!
    I think you are really crazy!!! (in a good way though)
    What I think I am enjoying about your style is that
    1. you are NOT egotistic.
    And that my friend is PRICELESS!

    Anyway, be careful though and God bless.
    ps: How is your friend’s project coming up? Ebook on exercises for skiers I think?


  62. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for the nice words!

    Yes Mitch’s fitness product is coming along nicely. I think it should be finished in the next couple weeks. Once it is I will post another case study video showing what he did, and then showing how he can send traffic to his funnel.

    As soon as I get back to Mexico I’m not going anywhere for several months and plan to work a ton on this blog.

    So I’ll be pumping out a lot of case studies and how to videos and things like that.

    Thanks for staying with me and reading the blog!


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