Alaska Prize Giveaway

It’s been a little while since I last posted a blog post.

Here’s why…

I’m up in Alaska right now. Been here for about 10 days.

Came up here for some helicopter-skiing.

I’ll post an action video soon showing some of our skiing and riding.

Today is a down day. It is raining down low and snowing up in the mountains.

We can only fly the helicopters on blue sky days, so when it is snowing we don’t go heli-skiing. During our down days I’ve been hanging out with some amazing people that live here. Mostly fisherman.

They have a really unique setup. They work about 2 months out of the year up here in Alaska fishing for Salmon from their boats. During the winters they live in Hawaii and surf and enjoy the summer and ocean.

The two months that they are working here is very hard work though. They pretty much work every day all day long for the full two months.

But I think it is worth it. Work your ass off for two months and then have the rest of the year free for other things.

That sounds like a good deal to me.

Ok so where do you fit into all of this?

Alaska Prize Giveaway

While up here in Alaska I got a bunch of smoked wild Salmon. I have way too much to take home with me to Mexico.

So I am having a prize giveaway for a bunch of Alaska Salmon, canned in glass jars.

It is really good!

In a few days I will choose a winner and will post the winner on my Facebook page.

Please leave a comment anywhere here on the blog or on Facebook and I’ll choose a winner from there.

Also next week I will post an action video of our skiing here on the blog.

I’ve got a few more days in Alaska and then I’m going back home to Mexico.

I really can’t wait to get home. It’s been a lot of traveling the last few months, Argentina, Chile, Austria, Mexico and now Alaska.

I’m excited to get home, stay home for a while, and put a lot of time and effort into this blog.

Thanks for all of your support and reading the blog.  I sure am having fun doing it and hope you continue to enjoy it.

( I hope you win the Alaska prize giveaway :)

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