Argentina Mate Giveaway

If you’ve been following my blog then you know that every few weeks I give a prize away to my blog readers from wherever I happen to be.

I’m in Argentina right now. I figured it would be fitting to give out a prize from here. Something local.

This prize giveaway consists of some Traditional hand crafted Argentinean goods.

Here in Argentina almost everyone drinks Yerba Mate.

It’s tea. The Argentineans drink it several times a day. You’ll see people walking in the street carrying their Mate Kit.

It’s a little bag which has their Thermos of hot water, the Jerba – which is the special cup they drink the tea out of. The bombija, which is the straw that you put in the mate. And then of course they have some sort of cracker or cookie to go along with it.

Alfajores are these yummy cookies they have here in Argentina.

Anyway I thought that it would be fitting to give away one of these Argentina Mate Kits for this prize giveaway.

The Argentina Mate Kit Includes:

  • Yerba (the tea)
  • Mate (the gourd you put the tea in)
  • Bombija (the straw you put in the matte)
  • Matte Kit Carrying Bag
  • Alfajores (delicious Argentinian cookies)
  • Some other Argentian cookies
  • Argentian crackers

I’ve randomly chosen a winner from the blog comments and Facebook comments.

The winner is: Roger Coleman

Roger, I’ve sent you an email. Please reply with your address and I’ll send this off to you right away.

Thanks everybody for reading the blog and leaving your comments and questions.

The next prize giveaway will be from Chile. We’re going there to surf in the next few days. We’ll be there a few weeks depending on the waves.

Also I hope to post a cool video of our Argentina trip soon. I’ve been waiting to get some kitesurfing footage to put in the video, but even though I have been kiteboarding a lot, I haven’t been able to get any video of it yet. I’m hoping to get some video in the next few days and then I can complete the video and post it.

What do you think of the Argentina Mate giveaway? Leave a comment and you may win the next prize!


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