Argentina Mate Prize Giveaway


Argentina Mate Giveaway

If you’ve been following my blog then you know that every few weeks I give a prize away to my blog readers from wherever I happen to be.

I’m in Argentina right now. I figured it would be fitting to give out a prize from here. Something local.

This prize giveaway consists of some Traditional hand crafted Argentinean goods.

Here in Argentina almost everyone drinks Yerba Mate.

It’s tea. The Argentineans drink it several times a day. You’ll see people walking in the street carrying their Mate Kit.

It’s a little bag which has their Thermos of hot water, the Jerba – which is the special cup they drink the tea out of. The bombija, which is the straw that you put in the mate. And then of course they have some sort of cracker or cookie to go along with it.

Alfajores are these yummy cookies they have here in Argentina.

Anyway I thought that it would be fitting to give away one of these Argentina Mate Kits for this prize giveaway.

The Argentina Mate Kit Includes:

  • Yerba (the tea)
  • Mate (the gourd you put the tea in)
  • Bombija (the straw you put in the matte)
  • Matte Kit Carrying Bag
  • Alfajores (delicious Argentinian cookies)
  • Some other Argentian cookies
  • Argentian crackers

I’ve randomly chosen a winner from the blog comments and Facebook comments.

The winner is: Roger Coleman

Roger, I’ve sent you an email. Please reply with your address and I’ll send this off to you right away.

Thanks everybody for reading the blog and leaving your comments and questions.

The next prize giveaway will be from Chile. We’re going there to surf in the next few days. We’ll be there a few weeks depending on the waves.

Also I hope to post a cool video of our Argentina trip soon. I’ve been waiting to get some kitesurfing footage to put in the video, but even though I have been kiteboarding a lot, I haven’t been able to get any video of it yet. I’m hoping to get some video in the next few days and then I can complete the video and post it.

What do you think of the Argentina Mate giveaway? Leave a comment and you may win the next prize!


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  1. Diego

    I’m originally from Argentina and still drink mate every day, love it! It’s a good coffee alternative. I’m glad you are enjoying my country man, have fun (I’m in Minnesota and is freaking cold in here, very jealous!)


  2. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for stopping by Diego! I’ve been drinking so much mate here I’m turning green. :-)


  3. Roger

    Hi Chris,

    You touched on Amazon and Kindle Publising below, is this an area that you might be investigating further. If so,I would be interested in what you had in mind and even a kindle guide if you go down that route.

    I think the Kindle publising arena has fantastic promise, and will only get bigger over time, but the work should not be rehashed PLR or crap, Amazon would see right through tht anyway.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.



  4. Chris Carpenter

    Yes totally! I’ll keep you posted! I’ll post a blog post about this soon and will let you know of any good articles or guides I come across.

    I agree about not using rehashed PLR crap, unless of course you find some really good PLR content – which does come along occasionally.

    I think a good formula for making money with ebooks on Kindle is to create “How To” ebooks that solve a particular problem that many people are having.

    People are actively searching online for how to solve certain problems they are having. They are starting to search in places like Kindle and iTunes. For now there is still relatively little competition there, so it’s a great place to list your ebook.

    And an ebook doesn’t have to be a big novel. It can be short and concise and help them solve their problem. That is what they want.

    Also your inexpensive ebook listed in Kindle can be the entry to your funnel, and you can offer higher priced products on the back-end.


  5. Florence Assalit

    I love mate. I have bought the quauaki brand in the US made in central america. Great and gives me alot of energy. Thanks for sharing. =-)


  6. bill

    You always seem happy…keep at it!


  7. Chris Carpenter

    Ha ha, yeah well life is too short to be grumpy.

    Being passionate about Big mountain skiing and big wave surfing has led to me losing a few close friends. When that happens you realize that life is precious and you never know when your time is up.

    So we should be happy while we’re here, don’t you think? There are never really any problems unless we make them into problems.


  8. bill

    I would like to go over my internet marketing plan with you some time soon. I just cut a deal with a radio station that may turn out to be an incredible alliance. The company owns 851 stations nationwide and is using one of my products for a test run..


  9. Derek Sasaki

    Chris , the Argentina Mate Giveaway is just plain awesome ! Keep up the good work and enjoy yourself !


  10. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Derek, I’ll do my best! You too, ok?


  11. Bruce Dennis

    That’s a great gift, Chris! Next time you do a video outdoors, you might want to consider covering your mic with a windscreen. Better, of course, is a shotgun mic with a softie. It would make the audio much easier for us to listen to — and not miss a word of what you have to say!
    Thanks! — Bruce


  12. Chris Carpenter

    A windscreen is a great idea. I didn’t realize how distorted it was going to sound. When I got to my computer and uploaded the video and heard how strong the wind was I almost decided not to post the video. For my next outdoor video I will fashion some sort of wind screen. Thanks for the tip!


  13. Clara

    Hello, Chris
    I am loving your new blog. It seems to be a good reflection of who you are as a person (from what I know). Congratulations to Roger. I think your gifting items from different places makes it unique, interesting and honestly quite fun. Personally, I would read your blog anyways.
    Have a great day,


  14. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Clara! Yeah the gifts are really fun for me too. I know it doesn’t really have anything to do with the main message of my blog but it gives me something fun to do :-)

    For this prize I went to a couple different outdoor fairs, and normally I would be kind of bored at those sort of things, but this time I had a mission. So that was fun!

    Please keep reading the blog and leave me any questions or comments. Perhaps you will win the next contest. Or the one after that. Your odds are pretty good for winning.


  15. Dale Loflin

    I like the Geography and cultural lessons. Thanks.


  16. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Dale. Haven’t seen you on the blog lately. Thought maybe I lost you. Glad to see you back!


  17. Roger

    Hi Chris,

    Wow, I can’t believe I won a prize, I am really looking forward to receiving this fantastic package, and drinking some Yerba, looks great.

    God I laughed at that voice over:

    “May the Force be with You”




  18. Chris Carpenter

    Just got your email with your address. Your in England, that’s cool! I went there as a child when I played tons of tennis tournaments. Went to Wimbledon a couple times.

    I’ll send your prize to you in the next few days. Might take a little while to get there from Argentina. :-)

    Now when you drink your afternoon tea you’ll be able to shock everyone with your strange tea. hehehe
    That should be a fun conversation piece.

    Thanks for contributing to the blog!


  19. TC


    Congrats on the prize. I can say this though that even with out the prizes I would still enjoy being around here for Chris and all the visitors that all have a goal in mind to learn and make $$$ with internet marketing.


  20. TC

    Hey guys!
    Chris I just wanted to say thanks for all you are giving in way of knowledge to help us all realize our dreams. I have been away for a bit working a couple of projects and now have my book written and just have a few more things to do to it so that I can start marketing it.
    Keep the great info coming!


  21. Chris Carpenter

    That’s great you are finishing up your book. Is it gonna be an ebook? Care to share what it is about? It would be great to help you make it a blockbuster!

    I’ve been hearing from colleagues who are making thousands a day from selling their ebooks on amazon, kindle, and now itunes.

    For a while people were saying that ebooks were dead, but now all of the analysts are saying that ebooks are the next big thing.


  22. TC

    Hi Chris,

    Yes it is a ebook and it is in a health niche. Its one of the niches that could really help a lot of people but they just dont know that its available and if by chance they do know then they probably dont know too much about it. I toyed around thinking it was a great idea and finally after almost two years I decided to move forward with it.
    I am almost afraid to say too much about it publicly cause I really dont have my feet planted firm enough. It would however be great to have help with it so that I can get it to the market quicker and in a big way.
    I wouldnt mind doing it in a way that it would help any one that wants to learn with out gi9ving the idea away. Sorta like what you are doing with your Austrian friend.


  23. David

    Dear Chris,

    It is a great idea to have giveaway like this. Any physical gifts which are natural and good for us are welcome.

    One thing I must praise you is that you seem to be one of the rare internet marketing guru to reply personally comments in your blog. Also I can see that you are add more values in your reply to our comments!!!

    I have one question: What are the top five paid traffic methods you consider best for affiliate marketer? Which paid traffic methods you are personally now using for affiliate marketing?

    Thanks and best regards
    David So


  24. Chris Carpenter

    PPC traffic still works really well despite what all the Internet Marketing gurus say. So Google Adwords, and Bing. Those are great places to start. Direct linking with Adwords still works despite everyone saying it doesn’t. You just have to know how to do it. I need to post a blog post explaining step by step how to do it now.

    Facebook Ads is also great. Many people say it doesn’t work, that it doesn’t convert. That’s not true. Again you just have to know how to do it.

    PPV traffic like and works too.

    Another great traffic source is banner ads. You just have to create some great banners and place them on relative sites. There are endless place to place your media buys, a great place to start is:

    Thanks for a couple great ideas for blog posts. I’ll start working on them now.


  25. David

    Hi Chris,

    It seem the Lion of PPC alive now.

    All the time, we are always looking forward to your updated paid traffic methods.

    But first, I am very much afraid that the same thing will happen after you announce to the World your great tips on PPC. The shark in internet marketing will come to doing the same things immediately and kill small potatoes. Even more worse is Google close down the account of affiliate.

    I think the small players or newbie will need to know from you in PPC game the following:

    1) How to know that they are suitable to play PPC game?
    I am sure not everyone is suitable to play PPC affiliate game. May be someone is too much afraid to lose money in the beginning. May be someone do not have enough budget for testing in the beginning etc.

    I think it is good if you can tell small affiliate players who only want to make a full time income the criteria of being a player in PPC, whether or not they are suitable to do PPC. If not, better wait until they are ready.

    2) Another important things is: how do we protect ourselves as small player from PPC shark, from losing too much and from Google or Facebook rules.

    Always Always in the battle field, there is one saying: Before trying to win, you have to know how to protect ourselves not to die.

    The reasons I ask five top paid traffic methods is help affiliate not to jump together on Google adwords. Small player can have a choice on where to play the game.

    Hope can give you more ideas.

    Best regards
    David So


  26. Will

    Hey Chris – ‘just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks. I googled “make money” in 2005 and bought your Google Cash eBook and it changed my life. I remember my wife gave me the thumbs up to buy it only after I promised to give away the first $1000 I made (she rolled her eyes, of course).

    Well, not only did it only take a month to make that (and we indeed gave it away), but the companies and various web assets I’ve built and sold since then have enabled me to continue to “give back” in different ways, including donating most of my time over the last four years serving as a pastor in my local church & community, and helping to start an organization that fights human trafficking.

    If we ever cross paths someday, I owe you a beer.


  27. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Will. Your comment made my day!!!


  28. Marisa

    Wow did you just big back some old memories of my country Argentina. I was born and raised there and I have the old Mate Bombija but it has been so long since I have gone back to my country, I miss it so much. Unfortunately I cannot afford to do what you do. I work 3 jobs and barely making it. I just would like to know how is it that you have made so much money to enjoy this wonderful life you have?. Sincerely Marisa


  29. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for your comment Marisa. Please read this post when you have some time:


  30. Cheri Madison

    I think it’s neat that you give away “local” items depending on where you’re at!


  31. Chris Carpenter

    I’m glad you like it. Back in Mexico I have a ton of more mainstream prizes like ipods, ipads, and other electronics. I wasn’t sure if I should do “local” items when away. I’m glad you enjoy them. I wonder what I’ll be able to find to give away from Chile. Should be fun!


  32. Sylvia Murphy

    I would like to thank you for writing to me. I want to tell you to have fun doing what ever you do. Have a safe trip.
    Sylvia Murphy


  33. Chris Carpenter

    No, thank you!


  34. Francis

    Well done to Roger! I envy you Chris for being able to see all these wonderful places and experience the different cultures. Thanks for all the blog updates and enjoy your next adventure.



  35. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for reading the blog Francis! Have a great day!


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