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geniusGenius? Create And Shape …

Most of the advice people give is autobiographical.  Meaning they give it according to things they have learned from and done themselves. 

With age comes a greater ability to give advice – but only to a certain point.

To be successful in achieving our business dreams as an entrepreneur there are some tidbits of advice we should become familiar with and learn to value:

Genius “How To Guide” …

1. Steal like an artist.  Take something and change it slightly.  Include it with an addition or try to duplicate it exactly.

Nothing is truly original. It even says so in the Bible in the book Ecclesiastes:

“That which has been is what will be. That which is done is what will be done. And there is nothing new under the sun.”

We have also been told by Albert Einstein:

“The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources”

Artists are collectors of bits and pieces that they envision in their own creations.  They collect pieces of art and take only small pieces from them to start something new. Similar to creating a work of art, starting an online business will involve using bits and pieces of technology and the methods others have used successfully.

It is important to not get frustrated making mistakes people have already made and getting burnt in terms of profits by making common easily avoidable mistakes.

It is also important to intertwine our passions with our work.  Goethe a German writer wrote: “We are shaped and fashioned by what we love”. 

We are who we are because of the things we love. 

We have greater exposure to things we love (we usually have other choices) and being exposed to them over and over can bring about definitions of our character.  For example if we love surfing the internet and being on a computer we will likely become a fast typist, and may land jobs such as programmer, writer, etc.

So the first thing to know is that there is nothing that is a fully original in creation.  If you look close enough you will see that most things are composed of other things that have always been. 

Let’s keep our eyes open for ideas, systems, processes, images, videos, movies, and anything that can give us ideas on how to do things that we love and how to create something unique and rewarding from something that is “stolen”.

2. We don’t need knowledge of self to start making things. But making things brings us knowledge of self.

Through trying to make things we learn who we are.  Each of us is already prepared to start making things. 

We may be discouraged from creating something big or that it will take a lot of time to create.  Many of us suffer from the inability to internalize our accomplishments. 

We may feel like a fraud, and as if we are flying by the seat of our pants.  We don’t really realize what we are doing.  This is okay and most people experience this.  But without our first attempts to make things, not knowing fully who we are, we will not grow closer to knowledge of self. 

In other words don’t be afraid to jump into a role different than anything you have played. 

Fake it till you make it! Start the position faking it as if you know how to play the role and eventually you will master it.  In our lifetimes we will play many roles, but our favourites will come from knowing what we love, which was already said, defines who we are.

3. Write the book you want to read.  Create the tool you wish you had.

Many people who are successful as entrepreneurs want to write books that will help others avoid the mistakes they made and cash in on the secrets they know and knowledge they have acquired. The most cliché advice for an author that doesn’t know what to write about is to write about what they know. 

Many people will take characters that are already defined and use them in a sort of fan fiction sequel or edition. It can be fun to try and write a sequel to a movie you saw.  This type of fiction is fan fiction.  We are already a fan of something already created and use that creation in a creation of our own.  

4. Do something with our hands.

Lynda Barry, a cartoonist reminds us to use the original digits (our fingers) to create things.  Some people would rather get away from the computer all together to do their writing.  The computer allows for too many distractions and sometimes a pen and pad is best for writing articles and ideas out for the first time. 

What’s best is that you can take it anywhere.  Many writers will tell you they like to make writing a physical process and the feel of ink on paper is something they prefer over typing.  There are well supported claims that doing things with our hands also heightens our senses.  Using our sense of touch provokes us to use other senses.  The more we use our senses the more sensitive they can be.

When you use your hands to do something you like, you break down the line between work and play.

5. Always have a project and a few hobbies on the go.

Things we do on the side that may not generate money or that are for entertainment purposes can end up generating money if we complete something astonishing or master our hobby.  People may want to learn from us, so much so that we could charge. Or they may purchase the things we make. 

This ensures we spend our free time doing what we like with the added possibility of making some money, mastering a skill, understanding the details of a project or system, and so much more.  Keep projects or hobbies in your schedule, they could wind up earning you a few extra bucks.

6. The secret: do good work and put it where people can see it.

The work, presentations and submissions we give in school have larger audiences than what is common in reality.  In the real world it’s hard to capture people interested in looking at any of those things without pay. 

This means you will have to pay people to get the amount of interest and interaction you get in grade school to grad school.  The hardest part about getting work is finding an audience to share you skill, passion and ideas with.  To show off whatever you create or have done.

Giving away a secret is one way to gain an audience.  A lot of people are looking for tips, advice, and secrets.  If you create something you can give a part of it away for free and sell a product that provides a more extensive list of functionality.  Design a site that sells your service and products automatically.

Genius can be achieved with a little help from your friends …

7. Build relationships over great distances.

Share your creations with people all around the world.  There are billions more people on the internet than there are in your local town or even country.  This is why I will say the Internet is a great place to start to build relationships and potentially increase you audience/clients. 

Life has changed a lot over a short period of time.  People used to get out and only be able to reach a few hundred miles around them looking for an audience.  Now at the click of a button you can instantly show your creations to millions of people who have indicated they are interested in the types of things you are creating.

8. Be nice. The world is a small town.

Some of us are here for one reason alone: to make friends.  To do this we should be kind, patient, tolerant, and accepting.  We don’t need to love everyone by any means. 

Try saying nice things to people and ignoring the people who are mean or obnoxious.  This leaves others with only good things to say about you, we can all go for some appreciation in the near future. Being kind is almost certain to ensure you get that appreciation.

9. Creativity is subtraction.

If we want to create something extravagant we will need to donate time and effort to it.  We need to figure out parts of our vision that we should leave out and what to concentrate on for longer period of time. 

Creativity is more than what we put in.  Often as our visions of our masterpiece become clearer we find things that we want to leave out.  This could allow us to make two creations one with the thing we left out and the creation without the subtraction.

Take this advice into account to help combat what was mentioned at the beginning of the post.  We must find ways to prove to ourselves that we are not failures and how to find hope for the future by exploring and adding to things around us to create new and unique creations. Are you a genius? What genius things have you done? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. Tyne Caouette

    I enjoyed this! good post.


  2. Dennis

    Genius may get redefined as I go about the 9 tips. But, anyone following them will gain more in life because of them. Thanks for a god post, Chris.


  3. mike

    Thanks for this post Chris, and yes it’s all true, 99% of the internet marketing products out there are just re-hashed anyway. There is never a time for reinventing the wheel, as you say it’s all been done before

    Bless. Mike


  4. L

    nice article!


  5. Dale Loflin

    What is the 10th? Your email said 10 tips ;-)


  6. Aubrey

    Great stuff, i sometime ask myself what would we without you, the kind of advice you’ve given us its awsome.


  7. Alvin

    Hi Chris

    I would like to write an Ebook.
    Is there any good resource that would lead me step by step o write an easy ebook? I don’t want the ton loads of rubbish CD’s Videos and PLR bullshit. Do you know of any genuine marketer who wrote a honest layout on the subject?


  8. TC

    OK Chris,

    Who did you steal this list from? LOL Great stuff here! I always look forward to your emails.

    “Steal Like an Artist”

    is something that I have been doing with out even realizing. When I write an article or content for one of my sites, I will take my main keyword and Google it. I have my note pad ready to go then I will read the first few results copying and pasting to note pad what I like.

    I then take the first sentence and reword it to my take then add my own thoughts about that sentence.

    Second paragraph : wash and rinse and by this point the thoughts are flowing into my writing to the point that I dont even need my notes anymore.

    My ebook that I am outsourcing is something that once I get it back from the writer that I will go thru it and rewrite to my own thoughts. I will give my writer the main points that I want included with url’s referencing. I then get a fresh perspective on my views that will make this book better.

    Now the next step will be to get this in front of the readers that can use it. This is not an easy process and it takes commitment as anything that is worth doing.

    Love this stuff Chris! Keep it coming.


  9. turoc

    Hey Chris – you seem to have missed out tip #9 :) Great read otherwise man.


  10. Chris Carpenter

    ha ha, you are right. I totally missed that. Hmmmm, strange. Just about to go out for a surf, will fix that when I come back in. Thanks for the heads up!


  11. Chris Carpenter

    Ok I fixed it. I changed it from 10 Tips to 9 Tips. Not sure where that one tip went off to. lol


  12. Christo

    Great stuff as per usual. Looking forward to your next article.


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