How to Get Fit Like a Professional Athlete


Fitness … anytime, anywhere … without a gym

It’s very important for me to be as FIT as possible. It makes everything much more fun!

It makes me feel light and strong and gives me tons of energy to practice my favorite extreme sports like: skiing, snowboarding, surfing, kitesurfing and dirt biking.

Fitness can become complicated …

I’ve tried all sorts of different fitness programs, and they’ve always fallen short for one reason or another.

Finally I found a killer fitness program that I can do anywhere, anytime, and without a gym. I’ve shared the program with you here. Watch the video above, and print out the PDF document below which explains the circuit and each of the exercises in greater detail …

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This workout program was created by my friends Mitch and Bibi Toelderer. This amazing husband and wife team are both professional snowboarders. In 2011 Mitch is the Freeriding Snowboard World Champion.

Mitch is also a doctor, and Bibi a physical therapist.

They are both fitness experts and when they recently visited me on a surf trip I asked them to show me a workout I could do anywhere, even while traveling.

Achieve Fitness Without Excuses

This simple Training Plan can be performed anywhere, anytime so there are no excuses.

Build it into your morning ritual, while watching TV, or after you wake up. Try this system for
2 weeks, and I guarantee you will feel better than ever, and you will look great. It works!

So, come on, won’t you join me?

Watch the video, download and print out the Workout description, and do the workout TODAY!

Please leave me any questions or comments below.

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  1. Carroll Banks

    I love the video exercises. I’ve always enjoyed exercising and staying fit. Since I’ve had a knee reconstruction, it’s impossible to do the squats and jumping. I’ll continue to do the others. Physical therapy was an enjoyment to me. Thanks for the help. Motivation is the key!!!


  2. pregnancy pillow reviews


    I used to be in decent shape from playing a lot of squash, but then it happened, I started eating. Yup, the evils of food. Anyways, this looks like an interesting exercise program and I will try it. In the meantime, I told my wife to lock the refrigerator.


  3. blessing

    I agree with you mike.It looks interesting when i was watching it and was even eager to try it then.But when i decided to practice it,IT IS HARDER THAN IT LOOKS!.I have recommend it to a friend, i was surprise at her reply.She was extremely happy.But as for me,i won’t go on with this.Don’t say am lazy coz am not!


  4. Mike Mack

    This is a really great series of exercise that are a lot hardedr than they look. Nice touch with thr print out as well. thanks Chris and Bibi!


  5. roger

    Thank you for an awesome fitness program. Downloading now.


  6. Joshua

    I have a gym membership that I never use because I can’t seem to get away from the kids long enough. I like the concept of being able to do this at home or anywhere with simple exercises.


  7. sandra viteri

    saludes amigos


  8. Brad

    Good to see you wanting to stay fit. Its so important, especially for us internet marketers who sit on our butts all day. I’ve been doing P90X for 4 years now at home. Fits in easily with working on my internet biz.


  9. Chris Carpenter

    p90x for 4 years? You must be an animal!


  10. Victor

    Thanks again Chris. You are not only IM guide , you teach us all how to make our life better. Great service!


  11. Vijay Kumar Raju

    Really good advise for afrequent traveller


  12. Clara

    Hi, Chris
    I want to thank you and Bibi for the video. Is is good to see a how to with someone who is working to get fit instead of watching the usual gym bunny who can do every exercise in her sleep. You did well.
    I even got a little exercise in with you. I’ll let you know how it goes. It will be a good thing to start before I eat my way through Christmas and New Years.
    Warm regards,


  13. Chris Carpenter

    That’s awesome you did the exercises Clara! Keep it up. We’ll post more soon.


  14. George

    Great stuff Chris! Back to simple basics always works. For balance and leg strength try doing one legged squats ( you only go down half the distance that you do in a regular squat). Your blog is great!


  15. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks George! Yeah it’s all about Functional Fitness, I think. That makes much more sense to me, than some of the crazy stuff people are doing on machines in the gym.


  16. Rick

    Hey Chris,
    I do the same exercises at my job and they are the most cost effective way to getting in shape without spending a lot of $$$$$$. Good job!


  17. Fran

    Thanks so much, just what I needed!


  18. Hayden


    Don’t tell Mitch, but Bibi’s a cutie!

    Man, you’re livin’ the dream and inspiring others to do the same. What’s better than that?! More power to ya, bruddah!



  19. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Hayden!

    I’ll tell Mitch, ha ha just kidding. :-)


  20. Jonathon

    Excellent workout. Mexico is obviously a good place for a tan. Down under in NZ we have that ozone hole up above to consider but I still like browning up in summer. With your permission I would like to link to this in a future fitness article on my site.


  21. Chris Carpenter

    Yes, it’s also easy to burn yourself down here. But not as easy as in NZ or Australia I’m sure.

    Yes no problem, please link away.


  22. hallie

    hey chris, just wanna say you are a ray of sunshime into my life. i am embarking on my own journey toward self employment/fulfillment due to you and your stuff. need more info on html and writing ebooks. because i have a few in my head i need to spew out. thank you so much for all. your video was good. you should make a mobile app that people can use anywhere with you and exercise with you everyday. thanks again, hallie


  23. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for the nice words Hallie. I’m going to post a how-to on ebooks real soon. Make sure you opt-in to my blog email list so I can let you know once it is up.

    Great idea on the mobile app. I’ve been telling Mitch and Bibi they should do something like that. Let’s see what they come up with. :-)


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