How To Be The Freest Person In The World (8 Steps To Achieving Ultimate Freedom And True Wealth)


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Freedom starts in the mind …

I was recently surfing with a friend of mine who is a famous professional surfer.  What he said to me got me thinking about the ultimate freedom I have.

He said he was envious of the amount of freedom and wealth I have to do what I want.  He pointed out that being a professional surfer comes with its downside.

I had just come from a heli-skiing trip in Alaska and he said that he would love to have gone, but his sponsors would never have let him on account of the risk of injury.

That got me thinking about allowing others to discover how I have achieved my freedom and reward in life.

Not everyone can do the exact same things as me and succeed but nearly anyone reading this can follow the same system and achieve success and freedom.

Freedom – 8 steps to follow …

Step 1: Develop an Understanding of What Ultimate Freedom and True Wealth Really Means.

Achieving ultimate freedom means you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, and wherever you want without worrying about money.

When you achieve ultimate freedom – you become free from time constraints, geographic constraints and financial constraints. Life is easier. This is true wealth.

Having a lot of money doesn’t guarantee ultimate freedom or true wealth.  Instead how one spends and values their time defines one’s freedom and wealth.

Time itself is the heart of true wealth and ultimate freedom.

True wealth affords the time to enjoy life now and not defer a dream life to a later date.

Living your dreams now is the ultimate freedom.

Step 2: Make Money in Ways that can Bring You Ultimate Freedom and True Wealth.

There are three basic methods for making money.  They include working, investing, and creating income streams.

1. Working

96% of the population makes their money through working a job.  Working is a trade of time for money.

It is the worst way to build wealth and freedom, as time is limited and thus so is money. You have to give up a large part of your life to make good money working.

I’ve seen 9-5 jobs ruin peoples freedom, relationships, and health.

2. Investing

About 3% of the population makes money through investing.  It is a great way to create wealth.

It can give one freedom but it can be risky and usually involves having a lot of money to achieve ultimate freedom through investing.

3. Creating Income Streams

This leaves the third way of making money: creating multiple income streams.  This is by far the best way and is accessible to most people.

You may be surprised to know that only 1% of the population earns their money through creating multiple streams of income.  The reason is mostly because they are not informed or taught how to do it.

We are mostly taught to work 9-5 jobs where we will never achieve true wealth because of the low value we usually end up trading our time for.

The Money Making Skill Set

Creating multiple streams of income leverages technology and automation.

You take yourself out of the equation of “time=money” and begin to experience the rewards and freedom of separating yourself from the mechanics of making money.

This leaves you time to create value for your customers.

A big part of the money making skill set is to engage in making money surrounding your passions.  This way when you are putting efforts into making money you are enjoying yourself.

If one learns to embrace their passions in their money making plans they will never “work” again.

Making money will be something that greatly interests them and that they enjoy. If you choose a market you are passionate about you won’t burn out along the way.

Some of my past and current online income streams involve:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Information products
  • Web services
  • Software
  • Consulting

Of all the income streams I’ve built, I like Information Products the best. I highly recommend you set one up.


Step 3: Determine Your First Income Stream (Information Products) Surrounding Your Passions

Quite simply information products are products instructing people on how to do something.

You can make it a physical product like a book or a DVD or a digital product like an e-book.

Perhaps your income stream is centered on a seminar that you deliver on a regular basis and that you sell tickets to.  There are nearly an infinite amount of potential information products!

Any time you are reading, watching or learning something you are consuming an information product.

If people are searching for the information on your task then you have likely chosen a good information product to market.

Fitness is one of my passions, and together with a friend we figured out this great system for getting as fit and strong as professional athletes.

So, we bundled up this system into an online video training course, and we sell it online.

Every person on the planet has an ‘Information Product’ inside them!

Developing Your Passions

Passions are not discovered they are developed. Our passions are not always obvious to us.

A passion is an area that a person has interest and skill.  If they have the skills but lack the interest in an endeavor, they will not be passionate about the endeavor.

To help in developing your passions and recognizing them I recommend that you build two lists.

Create one list defining your interests and the other defining your skills.

Where these two lists overlap will be where your passion lies.

To get you started on an interest list consider the following questions:

  • What activities and hobbies really excite me?
  • What really makes me happy?
  • What do I like to read and talk about?
  • What would I like to try?
  • What do I spend money on? (list everything)
  • What would I do for free?
  • As a child, what did I love to do?

For the Skills list ask yourself:

  • What do I make money doing?
  • What am I good at?
  • What do I find easy to do?
  • What sparks my creativity?
  • What do other people tell me I am good at?

In order to develop your passions you may need to find new interests and take some risks.


Step 4: Design Your Ideal Lifestyle on Paper

Take a few minutes to reflect upon your dream lifestyle. Shut your eyes, and picture what would be a truly fulfilling life for you.

Write down your answers to these questions:

  • If you had 100 million dollars in the bank and you didn’t have to work for a living, what would you do with your time?
  • If you knew you were going to die in a year, how would you spend your last year?
  • What would you like to be doing 1 year from now, 3 years, 10 years, 20 years from now, at the end of your life?

As you’re imagining your dream lifestyle, please keep the “Fulfillment Curve” in mind.


The “Fulfillment Curve” is a concept discussed in the book, “Your Money or Your Life”.

The concept is that as you spend more money you move from basic survival, to comfort, and eventually to luxury.

At some point in time you have all that will bring your fulfillment.

At a specific point you may or may not realize that nothing will bring you additional fulfillment.

Once we have everything we need, comfort, and a satisfying amount of luxuries most people consider themselves to have enough at a certain point in their life.

Enjoyment of what money brings into our life is fully experienced at the peak of the curve.

Personal freedom allows the opportunity to take action on our concerns for others.

We will seek to address the needs and wishes of others.  Our effect on the world as whole brings us both emotional comfort and reward.

Your Money or Your Life” talks about this concept in detail and is a must read for anyone who wants to experience true wealth or ultimate freedom.

It’s more than a book about money it’s about drawing lines between our actions and our fulfillment. It teaches you to align your spending and earning with whatever brings you fulfillment in life.


Step 5: Discover Your Niche

One must investigate and find a niche through the information they gather.

A niche is a gap in a group of people where their needs aren’t being met. 

Products fill niches in markets.

The 3 BIG Niches

About 85% of the money spent on information products is spent on products surrounding these “3 BIG Niches”:

  1. Money and Business
  2. Relationships and Dating
  3. Health and Fitness

These niches are extremely popular because they are lucrative even during times of recession.

But one cannot create a product “Health and Fitness”, it’s far too broad.  They will have to narrow it down.  For example a few goldmines within the Health and Fitness niche are:

  • Fat loss
  • Weight loss
  • Gain muscle
  • Reduce stress
  • Organic and raw food
  • Natural remedies – alternative health and healing
  • Wellness
  • Any specific health problem

Most of the time people will narrow the above niches down even further.

For example, fat loss can be broken down to: losing belly fat, losing beer belly, losing the last stubborn 10 pounds, getting six pack abs, etc. etc.

There is a big misconception that lots of people seem to have. They believe they need to find a market with tons of interest and zero competition.

Don’t try to find an untapped market. Go where the money is. Go where there are lots of products being sold and many people actively looking for stuff to buy.


Step 6: Set Up an Opportunity Income Stream or a Lifestyle Income Stream

There are generally only two kinds of income streams one can set up online.  They are opportunity, and lifestyle income streams.

An opportunity income stream is where you look for an opportunity, or inefficiency in the marketplace where you can fill the gap and profit.

I spent a great deal of time finding these opportunities of inefficiencies in the marketplace and learning how to vibrantly succeed marketing via Google Adwords.

Times have changed, the competition has drastically increased and profit margins in that area are no longer what they used to be.

I shifted my approach to building lifestyle income streams. Learn from my mistakes!

Start with a lifestyle income stream and look for a booming market related to your passions.

Then making money is more than just about the dollar value for your time or your return on investment.

It’s about doing things you like, to get the things you need and want. Unlike the opportunity business you don’t have to constantly be looking for new opportunities to go after.

You can just focus on the one thing that drives your interest.  By focusing on a small number of markets one develops expertise and works on their skills in selling in those markets.


Step 7: Research the Markets You Are Interested In

Consider your skills in Step #3 when brainstorming about which markets to enter.  Think about where you would like to apply your knowledge and skill.

If you have trouble naming your passions, start keeping track of the things you like to do and eventually you will be able to embark on an interest with good skills.

What do you do for hours on end?  Maybe that is your calling?

If you become scared or intrigued in marketing a product, it’s probably a good choice.  Keep your eyes open for popular niches that involve your passions.

Keep a notebook handy or use a note taking application (Evernote) to keep track of ideas that come throughout the day.  Soon enough you will have a list of niches to choose from as a result.

Market Validity – Determine If Your Niche Really Has A Market

Competition is a good sign and often indicates that the opportunity to make money is there.

If there are lots of products being sold and lots of people buying the products then that is a perfect market to enter.

A few places to go to learn about the competition and the niche include:

Determine statistics regarding searches within this market.

What you can do is visit the Google Keyword Tool and perform searches for keywords relating to your market and niche.

Once you enter the keyword have a look at the “Global Monthly Search Volume”.

This will give you an idea of whether or not a market exists.  If there is a high search volume and cost per click (CPC) then you can determine that there is indeed a market there.

Create an extensive list of keywords surrounding your niche and sub niches.

This will give you more insight into the market and help you decide which keywords you want to focus on in writing content about your product on your website and on other pages on the internet.


Step 8: Create Your First Information Product

Identify problems, challenges, frustrations and issues people are facing, and searching for solutions to, in your niche.

Competition can give one ideas on how to make a product more unique and appealing.  They can help you make improvements on your product that will give it more value over their products.

Whether you are reading posts, or any blog that you have been following, read the comments on the most popular threads and identify things that are heavily discussed.

Identify that problem, that fear or frustration, or that dissatisfaction they have with a product. Brainstorm on how your product can improve on these issues.

Perhaps your product focuses on one specific need people are not getting from the products they have purchased.  In this way your product can be an excellent addition to another product.

Don’t spend too much time on your first product.  All that you need to ensure is that your product is useful for helping customers with a common need.

Don’t put all your birds in one basket.  If the market dries out for one product, multiple streams of income can make up for it and sustain you until you set up another income stream.

How to Market Information Products

Your success in marketing the product will depend on your ability to get the word out to customers on how your product fulfills their needs.

It is the hard part of the process but it is made easier today with social media and other web applications.

Now using social media strategies, you can enter the online conversation that centers on the problem your product solves or the frustration that it eases.

Automating a newsletter that is giving away useful information for free is a teaser on what your product can offer them.  If they love the free information and it is helpful to them they are more likely to purchase the product.

Building a relationship with your customers (via facebook, twitter, blogs and forums) and helping them solve their problems and frustrations is your marketing.

This is what you should concentrate your time on.

Your product will sell, and market, itself on autopilot.  For example sales emails and follow up emails are automated with an email autoresponder. is an excellent resource to begin selling your products. They provide a payment processing service for any member with a product to sell.  Selling, order processing, and customer fulfillment can and should be put on autopilot.


I’d Love To Help You

Listen, I’ve setup many online businesses, and I’ve helped thousands of people do the same.

I’d like to help you too. I’m holding a free webinar (not yet scheduled) where you can learn about:

  • Why 98% of the people who try to make money online FAIL and what you can do today to guarantee your success.
  • How you can join an underground society who are living their dream lifestyles doing what they want, when they want and where they want.
  • The right way to do market research and find your niche
  • The most effective way to market your products and services
  • And much more

Sign up to my list below, and I will let you know once I am holding the free webinar so you can attend.

Also please give me your feedback in the comments below. Did you like this blog post? My first blog post.

Did I leave anything out? (lol – longest blog post ever!) Have you achieved freedom? Let me know in the comments below!

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    In fact everything we do in life start with a state of mind, state of mind is the most powerful tool we posses starting from healing our body creating an entrepreneur mind and achieving goals in our life.
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    Thanks for your comment and questions.

    I’ve been working on a Google Cash 2013 course. I hope to release it this month.

    Yes it is much harder to make money with the Google Cash method, but it is still possible. You just have to do some things quite a bit differently than I explained in my previous Google Cash ebook.

    I’d say that you would need at least $1,000 to start with.

    You need a website/blog to send your adwords to. Direct linking straight to your affiliate link no longer works well on Google Adwords. Amazingly it still does work some times. But it is only a matter of time until Google finds that ad and stops it. So it’s better to just do it right from the get go.

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  26. Bernard Reilly

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    I am a long time fan of yours … in fact the first ever eBook I purchased was the legendary Google Cash.

    Thank you for your blog post today which looks at how to be the freest person in the world .. some really good stuff.

    But I hope you don’t mind me challenging some of your thinking and with integrity disagreeing with some of your points.

    In my mind your blog post is really about the many benefits of financial freedom and propserity. No doubt with money one can purchase a lifestyle which enables us to be free of the restrictive monetary system of the world aka the 9-5 grime! :)

    But in truth having money does not buy you peace of mind nor does it answer the core question asked by those seeking to live a FULL life which is ….


    In fact if the whole of someones life is based on pursuing/enjoying financial freedom and simply doing the stuff that they like doing it could possibly be that that person misses the point completely.

    Even if such a person was generous, charitable and never harmed another soul in an attempt to be at peace with the world there is still an inate hole in such a life plan.

    Chris you have shared your Philosphy and views on a full life with me so I will briefly share mine with you.

    As a young man I always wondered if God was real and thought this was the most important question in my life. Not that I was living good … I just chased chicks and parties at the time.

    However it stands to reason that if God is real (not saying He is) but if He is then we need to know what He has to say about us.

    After lots of plain taling non-religious rants at God, He did reveal Himself to me through a colleague who happened to be a Christian.

    John 3:16 says that God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son so that whoever beleives in Him would not perish but have eternal life.

    With study I came to understand that the reason the world is in such a mess is because we have been seperated from God by our wickedness (called Sin).

    But God so loves us that He did something about it … His rescue plan was and is Jesus. Jesus took the punishment of our sins upon himself so that we can be reconnected to God.

    Let me give you an illustration

    Imagine being guilty of a serious crime and you are up in court facing a righteous Judge. The Judge knows you are guilty and has no choice but to pronounce the death sentence upon you. Dread fills your soul as you realise you’re going to face execution … but just then the Judge comes down from his dock and says ‘look’. The Judges son then comes into the courtroom and says that he will die in your place if you want (all you have to do is accept it). So of course you say ok, and the Judges son dies for you. The judge then says you are free to go and furthermore everything I have is now yours, plus I have this great plan for you life … and oh yeah you are adopted into my family.

    This is exactly what God has done for us.

    Why is this plan better than yours …

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    All of the above is based on my personal experience. I would encourage you to maybe talk to God for yourself and ask Him if what I am saying is true.

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    Yes you can download my Google Cash ebook for free which gives you the steps for PPC Affiliate Marketing.
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    Your information sounds very good, but seems like you have left out a vital peice of information. Creating a product information is understandable, but you have not touched on how to actually sell this and how it brings money in. I am very good at finding nearly anything on the web for free without paying for it thats related to information, videos, games, etc. But by me creating a product information on it, how do i actually make money from it?


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    I have never known what it feels like to be financially free. For 4 yrs now i have been trying to make money from the internet without success.I have gone broke from buying tons of products on internet biz. I’ve become so much frustrated that i don’t just care anymore about anythin. but i just finished watching your video. it’s renewed my interest.i feel like i should try oncemore. i hope it works this time.


  44. Ben

    Rather than buying a million products, just follow one of the methods and TAKE ACTION. You’re not going to become a millionaire over night by clicking 2 buttons. You have to view online business as a real business and build it up one step at a time. Best of luck.


  45. Tofa

    Big bros, l like this, how can l participate from Nigeria? How can you help me make it in life? It’s tough here, with lots of barriers. I want to learn how to write a blog post,buid and automate autoresponder. Thanks.


  46. Chris Stewart

    Hi Chris….

    Met you again in AK this year. First in 2010. I am interested in hearing about your webinar and learning about your system. Like the blog and nice edit this year.

    Chris Stewart
    Sacramento CA


  47. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Chris! It was great meeting you too! Maybe next year we can hang out a little more. This year was a little crazy!
    I’ll post the webinar and more information on this in about 3 weeks. I will let you know as soon as it is online.
    Thanks for leaving a comment! Take it easy, Chris


  48. Bruce Harlan

    Thanks for sharing your insights here ….very helpful. Like all the others, I’m looking forward to your free webinar.
    That’s all from the sandy beaches and palm trees of North Eastern Kansas!


  49. Magdalene Ntinglet

    Hi Chris,
    I once bought some information “google cash” from you and was trying to start up a business way back in 2005, but I never started because I had some family and environmental issues the made me to loose interest, and again I needed someone to get me through the whole idea (one to one). I think I still like your idea of internet business and will like to get myself started now from scratch. I’ll like to ask if the package I bought from you is still valid.

    I have come through lots of scams on internet business and have come to a conclusion that yours is very genuine. Because of this, I will like to to help and get me started, if possible, become my personal trainer because I am not savvy and will like you to train me on how to do it.
    Thanks and best regards.


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    i would really like to start working soon with out a startup fee untill i get my feet in the door. thank you so much. Latoya


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    thank you i enjoy reading your blog..still alot to learn from you..i agree you need to have own passion doing something that you love and the money will come..


  52. Chikita Chappell

    Hi, Im a struggling mom of 3 i am having a hard time getting a job. Im in school to become a hair stylist but rite now my children need things i can not provide them like toothpaste or underwear. I need at home base job that has no start up fee that is not a scam. We are living with relatives. I have no money at all not 2 pennies can you help me get started on the right track?


  53. Chris

    a complete newbie, hope to learn more from you.
    Pls, can you send the details of your free webiner to my mail? I will love your coaching to joining that underground society who are living their dream lifestyles doing what they want, when they want and where they want. Thanks.


  54. Jim Perman

    I will tell others to tell others to become part of this viral community.


  55. Daniel

    Hi Chris

    Very informative post. I do agree with starting to set up your own business. What’s up with the money spent pic? Not quite wrapping my head around the pic. Is the “Enough” stage with the down spiral to RIP implying that once you have reach a point when you don’t find fulfillment out of anything it’s basically the end? I know of numerous cases where people retire and not soon after they kick the bucket. Well I know for certain if you can’t find anything worth living for, well then…..
    Sad story, but maybe worth mentioning if a lesson can seen and put to use, is the story of my grand father. Never did meet him, but have heard about stories. Basically a man has a few things he lives for. Like the goals he has set to achieve, but mainly a man lives for his family. Most, if not everything he does is in the end for his family. Even though not everything he ends up doing is best for his family in the end like working hard and never being around, he starts off pursuing most ventures in his life for his family. Should one take away his main reason for living his life starts showing that downwards spiral like in the pic. Well, what basically happened with my grand dad was that he was branded a loser, never getting things right and emotionally abandoned by those closest to him and in fact the reason for his endeavors the first place. Soon after some critical point of total emotional abandonment from his family he drank himself to death in a period that would be considered as a record time for someone being capable of doing. My dad struggled for a very long time with what I can only convey as having a fight with someone close to you and in no time at all having the opportunity taken away to say sorry or ever talking again to try and find the reason for everything.

    I would say when searching for one’s passion, maybe try and find the link to the reason why your doing everything in the first place and in some or other way make them part of the endeavor. Don’t try to hide your failures or achieve those successes alone so that (I would be you would end up doing with) you can only eventually then turn to those you did it all for and share the fruits with. Sometimes a little kid adds a truth to the situation that a person can get to attached with to be able to see an objective perspective. Like the true story of little kid that came across some fireman trying to free a truck stuck underneath a bridge. So they pulled, I’m not sure in what all their endeavors entailed, in an attempt to free the truck. As the little boy passed he asked the person that was standing and viewing the whole situation while spurring them “what are they doing”. We’re trying to free the truck from under the bridge. With a bit of scratching of the head the boy asks, “why don’t they take the air out of the tires?”….


  56. Syed

    Hi Chris great blog and informative as well but I didn’t make any money from internet till now still looking for ways not to mention I invested more but didn’t earn any so is there any simple way to earn.


  57. Daniel

    Hi Syed

    I read an interesting way to make some extra cash while you are building your business. It’s on which gives you the opportunity to basically sell any skill that you might have. There’s some funny stuff on there with people offering to phone someone for you and sing a happy birthday song or whatever. I would suggest proof reading or writing some articles for someone, but hey whatever you may have to offer. You may also offer to write comments on peoples blog with back linking which improves there SEO. Thought I’d add in case you might want to have a look. I couldn’t help developing a steady grin by just looking at some of the stuff people would do, but hey, there is actually a market out there.


  58. Marcelo Muszalski

    Amazing blog post Chris… I am working my ass off learning a lot of new skills to improve my IM business, and after reading your blog, I am realizing that I could have much more success making my own product, instead of driving traffic to someone else.

    I would like to ask you, how much time you consider it might take to create and start selling a digital product? Nothing very advanced, but something to start making some money, relatively easy to create and implement.
    The aim of this question is to leverage the time I am investing in my IM business, and begin to compare if all the effort I am putting in place is really worth it. I am investing 4 to 5 hours a day, even weekends working on traffic, improving every aspect of my business.

    Thanks in advance!


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    The tips you supplied listed above are particularly precious.
    Great information. Many thanks!


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    Chris,thanks for this great and wonderful site of yours,u are really a source of inspiration to people,you are one of the hero of our time.Pls,is it only those who have website can market their work,i dont have a website and i want to have one,can u pls help me out,and i want you to teach me how to do this marketing perfectly coz i’m a slow learner and always being afraid of trying new things because of mistakes or failure.I will b mostly glad and indebted to you if u can assist me.Thanks and keep up the good work.


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    I know I am getting older, 57 in April, but I still want to learn to make a living on the internet. I need very much training , willing to learn, and hope I can get help from you. Thanks, Jimmy.


  62. Nina

    Hi Chris;

    This Blog is just fantastic, as usual you fill in
    so many “questions” that I don’t even think
    to ask, but as usual you lay it all out in a very
    easy & simple way for someone as new as me
    to be able to understand.
    I say new as in not accomplishing anything,
    but have been reading, watching videos, attending
    online Webinars etc. and may soon be able to focus
    on really doing something about it.
    What is really holding me up is gettng a WebSite
    up & running. That’s why I thought I should start
    with an affiliate program which supplies the
    Site and possibly Hosting.

    One of your posters Gerald said he didn’t
    want to have a Site or bother with a direct
    interaction with people. I feel the same for
    right now. It feels too overwhelming to try
    everything at once. (I’m a Scaredy Cat )

    Thanks again Chris, glad I got connected up
    with you again.


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  67. Rachael

    This is very informative. and I will recommend this for my clients who want to achieve financial freedom.

    I especially like the ideas of putting items on Clickbank. I wonder if it will work for a children’s picture book?


    Rachael Orbach


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    What a great Post & free help, infr.
    what can i do to get of my Butt, been reading ,looking, dreaming for 10 years, so much Infr. dont know anymore where to start


  72. gayle

    Chris, you are an awesome athlete!! Thanks for sharing your passion with us.
    As for marketing, you can define the issues and goals so clearly–I really appreciate it!


  73. nergis

    you’re the first person thru who i heard abt internet marketing and affiliate marketing etc etc, and i have yet to make a single penny… :( – somethings eluding me somewhere and i dont know what exactly it is…. may be its too much of downloading x, y & z and not actually doing anything….


  74. Sean

    You make it sound so easy Chris…Can it be?..But really straightforward reading and approach


  75. Chris Carpenter

    Yes, I think so. Don’t get me wrong, it takes a lot of hard work and you will work your ass off, but you’ll be working on what you love, so it won’t feel like work.


  76. Ani Marketeer

    I am followoing your path, but need get my info-product(s) togther…

    Thank you for the continued inspiration!



  77. Exxcel Model Talent Agency

    I think the main problem is that we look for easy money making solutions and eventually waste our time.
    One of the very important step is proper planning. I have been wasting my time because i see every other offer and believe that this new offer will help me. But actually it doesn’t. I hope to focus now and follow your above 8 steps. Thanks.


  78. Chris Carpenter

    Yes that is a good point. Don’t get caught up by all of the new shiny objects that come out every week.

    Choose one model to follow and then work on that and nothing else, and don’t get sidetracked by the “next big thing”.


  79. John Strazza

    so true .. too many new offers .. I got stuck that way too .. Now I’m more focused on two items I want to get in good shape .. and will stay on it. (but still the offers come in and it’s distracting) .. it’s a fight just to stay focused. Thanks for this post.


  80. Kenney

    This may be the biggest problem with people starting home or small businesses. They get caught up chasing what’s new and shiny because they really don’t care about the business that they are in or they don’t believe in it.

    They really only care about the money and that’s (why I think) that they keep chasing what they think will get them there faster.

    When people start allowing themselves to fall in love with what they are doing, their business, their passion (after doing proper market research) they can then confidently allow themselves to build something that is valuable for both their customers & for them.



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    Gnarly Dude, Totally Gnarly, Totally Awesome Dude! :) . . . . . hurry up with your webinar my brother from another mother


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    For some reason I though you were just one of those bluffing on-line marketers. For a long time I have been following you in silence until now I decided to speak. I’m impressed and I trust you fully. I need some complete and true advice on certain on-line marketing. I need your help. email me direct.

    Happy holiday.


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    Thank you for your generous web site, with all of its resources and tools for us budding neophyte entreprenuers. I am particularly appreciative of the fitness exercise download. I am recovering from a mild heart attack and need to upgrade my cardio exercise program and this will help spur that effort. Also, I am interested in the free webinar you are planning for the future (hopefully the NEAR future!) because I do want to get started with an online business venture and need all the help I can get. My passion is natural healing through nutrition and fitness, along with a few other niches I am interested in. I anxiously await your announcement of this webinar.
    Thanks for being there!
    Wallace Dickson


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    All of this is great information and I enjoy reading and listening .


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    How can i create an informative product let alone marketing it.I know i ask too many question but this whole marketing stuff sounds strange to me.It seems am the odd one-out here.The one i know is referring people to other sites and get a penny for it.Is it the email marketing I’ve been reading in the internet coz i don’t understand.At times,i do use email extractor software’s to get their email address and refer them to the sites.


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    Thanks for interesting Blog.
    Good insight into internet market strategies.


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    Wow! Seven years later and yet again do I find you! Well, your blog was excellent. It’s an excellent way to show how this kind of content creates repeat interest, but I’m quite sure that your real intent was in the message itself, one of balance in life on both an inner and outer plane. Like so many I too engaged in the online world (through one of your courses seven years ago) to undo the damage done by the kind of results the 9-5, 40 year lifestyle seemingly imposed on us. My error was not being clear in my intentions, and even as good as your course was back then I failed to have the kind of results that it had as an eventual outcome. Glad to read your message and understand the process. Some things never change. I hope to take the time to understand the tremendous potential in the online world so that my results are beyond even what I imagine. Glad you are still out there as both a mentor in business and teacher of life’s truer meaning!


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    The content that you give to us is different from other market. Straight to the point and practical.

    I read every email you send to me.


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    I always love your information and mails, and I am imprest over your language. Even I, as a foreign speaking person understand all you have written. I did not use a translation book or vocabulary. Thank you.
    One of my problems are— it is so easy to be lost in the @-mail flood, and I loose track. consentration must be trained, what is important and let the rest go. However, you have given me a lot of work to look in to and solve.
    I have a web-site, but I need to reform it because it is for home and travel, and there is a limited interset, At least I feel that. Pherhaps I am wrong,we all live and have a longing for hollydays. I will take a closer look.
    Have nice day.

    Here the snow have start to fall and decorated the nature for Christmas.


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    can u recommend a good online biz?


  102. Jo

    I love marketing online, love it. I love the connection to people. I ran a very successful Ebay business a few years ago, and now am back to try my hand at it again, this time through Clickbank. I am passionate about doing weight loss the right way, about maintaining relationships, and about good health, particularly good digestive health. Some of the products available on Clickbank are very excellent in these areas and that is what I want to help make available to people and make people aware of. I also love sustainability and love systems, love what I have found that Aweber can do. I look forward to all that you have to offer Chris.


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    Patty Nevers


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    Good insight into internet market strategies.
    Alfred, Sydney


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    Your blog is an eye opener, keep it up. Looking for more information to help me hit the freedom plane. I have bits and pieces of the IM jig saw puzzle which I am connecting to fit the full IM picture.


  106. Joe

    Hello Chris, it was Google Cash that got me started in internet marketing back in 2005. I had some success with adwords but that has been over for a while now. I want to get involved in creating information products but I have some concerns. If I am going to create an e book do I need to also create a related website/blog or can I market the ebook without a website? What if I don’t have a wealth of knowledge in any specific niche? I might be able to produce one or two valuable products but then after that my knowledge well will run dry. How would I be able to constantly come up with new products? Thank you.


  107. Andy

    Hi Chris, I’m really happy to discover your blog which fills a void where many good marketing blogs have died.

    Way back I was promoting your Google Cash eBook and and made some good money, I’m not sure, but it may have been the first affiliate product that I made money with.

    At that time I was making about £1000 per month passive income from 1 website which was awesome for me at the time (about half of my paid job salary). But I didn’t build a list, so as the competition increased, my online income gradually diminished by 90%+

    Now I am creating a product to kick things off again.

    In terms of lifestyle, I have incrementally improved it over the years, so now I work from home in Japan near mountains and the ocean. It is pretty great, but I just want to make more passive income to push up to the peak of the Fulfillment Curve. My goal is to be able to travel anywhere at anytime without a concern for the cost. Later, help people out more via charity etc.



    I like what you say.!!! My best friend and I have done so many on line company’s that have promised results, with no results! We then have to chase our money for a refund. Its horrible !,to say the least. We have two products we like to advertise with the right person who might be like a restaurant. Prove to us your system works and makes us money and we gladly pay for it ,like a restaurant meal.


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    Great article Chris, like all others you wrote. Now I can say that I have my mentor back. Waiting for the webinar, and the other posts to come… thanks Chris.


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    Great post Chris. Looking forward to learning more. The only problem is do we all have what it takes to build our own product? Can’t wait for your webinar especially on how to do proper research to find your correct passion or niche!


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    Common sense approach and believably workable- so How to create the build? templates? pro formas? and how much $$$£££?


  113. gerald

    So now that you’re giving google cash away for free, does that mean it is pretty much dead? I’ve been away from it for a while and haven’t made anything yet, but my plans are to get back at it this winter while things got back to normal as opposed mega hours at work during the summer and would still like to pursue the google cash route, don’t want a website or to deal with people directly.


  114. Chris Carpenter

    No it is definitely not dead.

    In fact there are still guys out there earning over $1 million a month in profits doing direct linking via Google Adwords.

    The fact is that, these days it is much harder to earn a profit using the GC system, than it was back in 2003 to 2006. It was so easy back then, that it was fun.

    Now it is much harder, and more like work.

    I believe there is a better way to make money online now. And that is through building an information product business around your Passions, Skills and Strengths.

    I’ll post more blog posts on how to do this.


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    This is Alvin. I have been following you for years and bought your ebooks. Let me know when you come out wiht something new.


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    Looking forward for more – thank you.


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    this is a good job, from the homepage alone one will understand there are great stuff to learn from this blog. In fact I’ll stay connected to this blog as time permits, even if time does not permit I’m gonna make out time to benefit from whole lot of information i believe will be dished out here from time to time.
    keep it up chris, and kudos to you.



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    Great blog! It is like you have taken bits and pieces that I’ve read in (too many to count!) internet marketing material and mapped it out in a general, broad based plan. I’m a newbie and have made the mistake of trying to learn EVERYTHING and do it all PERFECTLY, that I’ve just become overwhelmed. I need to step back, keep it simple at first and work on getting the basics right. I’ll tweak the details with experience. Thanks for helping me keep it simplified.


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    I’ve been looking at your stuff for awhile now and I must say you are really kicking ass, I’m a snowboarder, I don’t chuck myself off mountains but I can ride pretty well and it’s been a dream of mine for a few years now to go to Valdez and ride some of those mountains, I mean I don’t wanna ride too steeps and I don’t wanna ride Avi’s but I do wanna have some fun so hopefully I will get there one day soon!! I’m making a couple of bucs but nothing to scream about I really have to learn how to put all this stuff together so I can make the kinda money to live the life I want, well any way be good keep training and I’ll be looking out for the webinar. Give my hello’s to your family. Talk soon.



  124. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for your comment Alexis!

    My favorite place to ski up in Alaska is at Points North Heli.

    I’ve been going there for years. They take you to the goods! And keep you safe at the same time!

    Here’s a video of one of my trips there:


  125. Bill

    To Chris,

    man thanks for inspiring us and keeping it real, non-hypey! Yersterday couldn´t sleep and open my iphone and scrolled down all the incoming emails form so-called gurus and IM´s I have subscribed to, couldn´t open anyone and there it hit me – this is all distraction, energy-sucking, hype new this,try that, easy here, make a million there!

    I am pretty sure a lot of people reading this are familiar, where to start, when in 10min a new emial with a new tactic is promising the solution?

    Chris, i am sick and tired! I am conviced your steps of finding your lifestyle passion is a way to go, ´cos all this noise suddently doesn´t matter at all, ´cos you are doing what u re suppossed to do one way or the other.
    Wake and and fall asleep happily is the ultimate goal in life. I don´t need to earn $1 mill. a month like Mike Geary you mention, I believe $10.000/month target is a great living standard and motivation no matter where one resides (exxcept maybe Monaco and the likes).
    Eversything else is a bonus at least in my current view of life.

    The system overview of achieving that “comfort zone” is great start for us. i just read a piece today talking about taking 100% responsibility for your life and results.
    Nothing and no one will do it for us, and rightly pointed out by you above, today is the best time in history for the ordinary guy to make her/his dream come true. the digital revolution connects us just like you connecting with us, so that ideas worth spreading can blossom and people can connect and find answers/solutions to their problems and challenges ranging form learning a lingo, losing weight, getting a new job/lifestlye or any other major topic like spirituality, relationship, health and money etc.

    Like many, I don´t lack knowledge I believe, but lack a proven system transfering that knowledge into a digital solution people can purchase and enjoy and herein is where people like you come in.

    Integrity is next to passion, the skills and systems what we truly need to make this happen, that´s what been ditrating me, holding me back. All those make money quick trick artist. It was my fault, payed for it, learned from that and I believe now I am ready to put my passion, skills, my story onto the table to elevate others, like you do for us, just need to figure out the details, but my passion to succeed by doing something I love that solves s.o. else problem is dream come true. thx Chris, look forward!

    “Do the best you can, with what you have, where you are” (Roosevelt,US President)


  126. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for your comment Bill.

    Well Said!


  127. Bill Jacques

    Hello Chris…

    Just turned 59 yesterday… and my passion for life grows every day! It’s awesome to read your post… you have so much wisdom and heart. Thanks!

    Spent my life doing the 5-8 routine, looking for real freedom, but never quite figured out how to make the internet work for me. Spent lots of money on software, programs and training… need to learn from someone like you… you make it easy to understand even for us baby boomers.

    Chris you walk your talk and I’m anxious to learn as many of your strategies as I can. Loooking forward to your seminar.

    Be Well and God Bless…
    Bill Jacques


  128. RAN

    Hey, I’m in the same boat as you !Loooking forward to the seminar.

    God Bless…


  129. Roger Coleman

    Hi Chris,

    Nice to hear your voice again, and pleased that you are enjoying life. I know you had a tough time at one point a while back, but in my view you are one of the few marketers we can trust unreservedly.

    Look forward to hearing more from you.



  130. Lisa

    Hi Chris!

    It’s great to hear from you again! I’ve often wondered what you were up to nowadays. I’m another one of your long-time followers, going way back to the early Google Cash days.

    Glad to have you “back”, I look forward to your future content!



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    Hope you are doing well.

    You were the one who actually introduced me to the great concept of affiliate marketing. Although I am yet to try my hand at this, but you have always been inspirational and motivational figure when it comes to gaining financial freedom.

    I would love to attend the webinar and if in case it can be recorded and put on the blog, it would even be best.

    Wish you all the best for this new blog.

    Gautam Seth


  133. Sunny Strasburg, MA LMFTI

    Chris, thanks for this incredible blog. I am so inspired and have so many questions for you! You are the epitome of holistic success.

    To give you some background: My partner, the life coach, Demi Langford and I have a product we’re launching in the Health and Fitness niche. Our product is about fat loss, and loving yourself in the process. I’m a marriage and family therapist as well as an avid fitness enthusiast, so this niche is DEFINITELY my passion.

    In addition to being passionate about psychology and fat loss, I have the skill set, education and clinical training to delve deeply into the psychological and emotional aspects of why people lose weight and gain it back.

    I feel teaching my clients to love themselves and their bodies….clearing out emotional blocks is the first step in really getting the body and level of fitness we love. I could go on and on in detail about how to go about doing this (as I told, you, this is my passion!).

    Demi and I have written an e-book, as well as started a blog, free monthly newsletters, in-person workshops, therapy groups, as well as a membership forum on our site.

    Not only would I, of course, love to receive an income stream from promoting fitness and emotional well-being, but I genuinely feel strongly that ethically I need to get my message out into a larger audience who is suffering and undermining all of their best intentions to be healthy.

    I have a few questions for you about your article.

    Chris, when you say, “Lifestyle Income Stream versus Opportunity Income Stream”, do you mean basically, do what you love because then you never run out of energy and passion doing it?

    Also, we would love guidance on breaking through the internet jumble to really get people to see these services and products we offer. Can you guide us in doing this?

    Thanks, and keep on inspiring us!
    Sunny Strasburg


  134. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for the nice words Sunny! And thanks for sharing your story.

    It sounds very interesting, and your passion shows!

    You asked: “Chris, when you say, “Lifestyle Income Stream versus Opportunity Income Stream”, do you mean basically, do what you love because then you never run out of energy and passion doing it? ”

    Yes that is exactly what I mean. I’ve seen lots of people burn out, because they were chasing opportunities the whole time just trying to make money, and they weren’t following their passion. If you work on something you are passionate about, then it is easy to motivate and you look forward to doing the “work”.

    It sounds like you have most of the components in place for your information product business.

    You said you’d like help with breaking through the internet jumble to get people to see your products and services.

    Are you struggling with marketing? Are you not getting traffic?
    What issues are you having?


  135. Demi Langford

    Hey Chris,
    This is an incredible article. I really appreciate how clear it is.
My business partner, Sunny Strausburg shared your website with me.

    This is the exact support we are looking for!
 Sunny and I are so incredibly passionate about helping people get in the best shape with their bodies and enjoy the whole experience doing it.

    Sunny is a marriage and family therapist and avid fitness expert and I am a life coach and yoga instructor.
We have developed a revolutionary approach to loosing and the biggy, Maintaining life time weight loss that tried and tested WORKS!

We have had great success in our own lives and with clients.
We feel so passionate about our message because we are so tired of seeing people so down on their bodies and trying to loose weight because of that.

    We help people see how amazing their bodies currently are, no matter what, and then help them move forward into greater health, physique, beauty and grace from that place. We see life changing results time after time.

    We now want to share this message with the world and recognize the World Wide Web is the best place to do that. But we don’t know anything about web based marketing.

    This is not our area of expertise at all. We have tried a bit, but honestly just don’t know what we are doing and get frustrated and give up.

    Can you help us?
Sunny and I are thrilled about the possibility. Please keep us informed when the next webinar is.

    We have heard so many great things about you and are very grateful for the opportunity to learn your keys to success!

    Thank you,



  136. Sunny Strasburg, MA, LMFTI

    Chris, I appreciate your follow up. You’re spot on about my passion for the health and fitness market. And I feel our content (information) is phenomenal and unique.

    As you inquired, it is the marketing aspect that we’re struggling with. Anyone who has taken a workshop from Demi and me, or seen me for private therapy, is a loyal costumer. But our challenge is getting people to SEE us on the web and growing our costumer base.

    As I mentioned, we have a blog, free monthly newsletters, an ebook (on Clickbank), a membership forum, in person classes and seminars, recipes and online tools. This month, we’re going to experiment with affiliate marketing–promoting other ebooks from ClickBank in the health and fitness niche.

    We have a Face Book page- but have not done any paid advertising on Google or Facebook, yet.

    Any insights?



  137. Chris Carpenter

    It sounds like you have everything in place. Excellent!

    I wouldn’t promote any affiliate products yet. Not until you have customers.

    Then when you find a product that you really love and think will help your customers, one that is maybe a complement to your product in some way, then you’ll let your customers know about that.

    So first you need to get some customers. :-)

    To get customers you need to send visitors to your offer.

    The best way to do this, in my opinion is to send them there via email. Via your own email list.

    So first you have to get your prospects email address. You need to get them on your email list.

    There are also many ways to do this. It depends on if you have some money to spend on advertising, or if you need/want to go the free route.

    The free route doesn’t cost money, but it takes a lot of time, which is basically money.

    So I suggest you go the paid route if you can.

    Of course at this juncture, once again, there are many ways to do this.

    If this is your first time trying to get traffic, I suggest you start with Facebook advertising.

    You can add Google Adwords, and CPV, and more to it later.

    You said that you have a product, an email newsletter (autoresponder), a Facebook Fan page, etc.

    That’s great!

    Here’s what you can do.

    Setup a Facebook advertising campaign and send people to your Facebook fan page. On that page offer them something of value. They have to opt-in to get it.

    Maybe a special report, or some videos – something that will help them solve a problem they are facing in your niche.

    We call a page like this, a squeeze page. You can put this squeeze page right in a page on your Facebook fan page.

    Make that the welcome page.

    I will do a blog post video where I show you how to do all of this. And I’ll show some examples.

    But for now you can just Google this stuff and figure it out.

    You can find videos online that show how to do this and how to setup your Facebook Ads.

    Ok, so you send your traffic from Facebook Advertising to your squeeze page on your Facebook Fan Page.

    Prospects opt-in to your list, and your Autoresponder sends them an email, thanks them for joining and gives them a link to where they can download the Special Report or other gift (bribe) you gave them for joining your list.

    You’ll send them a series of emails that also helps them solve their issues and problems in your niche.

    Then after several of those emails you will send them to your offer. To your sales page.

    You need to make more sales of your ebook and membership site, than it costs you in advertising, to turn a profit.

    You can track and test and tweak everything along the way.

    Start with a small daily advertising spend and start slow.

    I need to make an hour long video that explains all of this in detail and shows you exactly how to do it. It is pretty easy once you know how to do it. I will work on that video soon.

    For now, please start with this outline and then post your questions here, when you need clarification.


  138. Demi Langford

    Hey Chris,

    This is great. I am going to talk to Sunny, but I think we will start with the FB adds like you suggest and see how that goes. Time is a more valuable for us right now.
    A video would be GREAT! We will watch for that.
    Thanks again for all your help and support.
    We feel so lucky to have found you!!!!

    Thanks again,


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    It was GREAT to get your email and see your new blog this morning. Always an inspiration! Google cash was one of the best investments that I made back in… gee…2003?!! (has it been that long ago?)

    I am continuing to work hard on improving my lifestyle. You are spot on about how important lifestyle is! I’ve come a long way…. but haven’t reached all of my goals yet. I would love to take my online business to the next level this year, and get the whole money thing out of the way of my life. I want to teach my kids how to do this too, so that they can have great lives too. AND… (speaking of lifestyles) I think it’s time I learned how to surf ! Your video is awesome!

    The student is ready!!!

    Mark from Colorado.


  143. Chris Carpenter

    Awesome Mark!

    Yes, you should definitely learn to surf. A big part of that is finding the right place to learn.

    I found the best place ever. Super long easy waves that you can ride for so far. Very safe sandy bottom. Warm water. Not too crowded. Inexpensive nice lodging in front of the wave.

    Can’t tell you where it is though, it’s a secret.

    Haha, just kidding.

    It’s called, “La Saladita” and is in Mexico, north of Ixtapa. Just google “la saladita” and you will find it. You can rent a long board or fun board there and you will learn quickly.

    Have fun!!!


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    I love your post. I knew you online for a long time. You must have great experience in this field.

    We would like to open consulting business for SAS and Oracle database. We have no idea how to start. Would you please help me us to open up this opportunity ?
    Thank You,



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    At the moment my income is really modest and I’d like to improve my financial situation. Your advices are very convincing and promising. I am the beginner in this stuff and not so young, but this really moves me and trigger me on
    Thank you


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    Hi Chris,

    Wow, I got an email from you! That mean I am still on you list!

    I have missed you and your excellent posts with great content, your videos with very good information that have motivated me so much.

    I have been prey of information-overload, reading from offer to offer, and not getting anywhere. Until I radically decided to cut down and sort out only the best of the best to let them send me their information materials and not wasting my time. Time is a bigger value than money!
    You are one of them. One of them that deliver value and shows that another life rhythms is possible.


    I am aware that I have to learn more and also learn new skills.
    After years of just sitting on the bench, I have finally started to move in the right direction, by learning how to write as I have never written in more than 45 years…. It’s never too late to start!

    Chris once again Thank you for keeping me on you list and letting me get your informative blog!



  150. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for your comment Everardo!

    Yes I am really excited about this new blog. I will be posting to it regularly for at least the next 2 years. If it does well, then I will continue. If it tanks, then I will shut it down.

    Either way for the next 2 years minimum I will be sharing all of my tips, tricks and secrets (life hacks) here on this blog.

    It’s gonna be a fun ride!


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    Chris, my goodness, it has been a long time! It is so good to hear from you, and with so many wonderful things that you’ve been up to. This is an awesome post… I have saved your email in my “Inspirational” folder @Gmail!! I was sitting here thinking just how long I’ve been “with you” … and it has been since the first iteration of your Google Cash book which was what? 2003? I am excited to see where you are going with this. I have said for years that the Internet is our last refuge. It offers that ultimate freedom that you speak of, here. Thanks for your invitation, and the update!


  157. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Leanne! Yes, I truly believe that the roadmap I laid out in this post is the best way to build an online business from scratch.

    By building an Information Product business around your Passions, Skills and Strengths you also set yourself free. Sure you still work your a** off, but it doesn’t feel like work because you are doing what you love.

    And the beauty of an Info Product business is that you have lots of leverage. When you own your own product you can leverage the power of Affiliates to promote it for you. And you will have your own customers that you can promote other affiliate offers to.

    And one last point. Lots of people, when they hear the words “Information Product” they immediately say something like, “Chris, the only people that make money with Info Products are those people selling products teaching others how to make money with info products”.

    That’s not true! That’s a limiting belief that many people have that keeps them from creating an information product.

    Look at Mike Geary and his “Truth About Abs” ebook. He earns almost $1 million a month in profits.

    Or Gary Vaynerchuck with his Wine Library blog and other sites.

    There are many examples of people who are doing very well with Info Products outside of the “make money” crowd.

    You can build a product around your Passions, around something you love to do. And then you join the online conversation about this topic, via Facebook, Twitter, blogs and forums – and you help people solve their problems. Eventually they will buy your product.

    It’s never been easier to build an online business than it is now!

    Whew, sorry for the long reply! I got a little carried away. hehehe


  158. edward

    Love your stuff Chris. I’m new to this, though i struggle with the usual start-up stuff,the info here is great. Can you point me in the right direction as far as getting info on starting an affiliate mkg. system?(money is tight!)
    Thanks big time!


  159. Chris Carpenter

    I don’t think that is the best way to do it anymore.

    If you start with Affiliate Marketing, then you are not really building a business. You are sending your traffic to someone else who is building a customer list. Sure you can make good money doing this, but it is short sighted.

    I think the best way to start now, is to start with a product. That way you can have affiliates promote it for you. And then you can promote other products as an affiliate to your customers.

    You can create an information product yourself. Or you can buy a PLR product.

    Since you said money is tight, then I suggest you start by creating your own product.

    I’ll be posting more articles here to show you how to quickly create your own Information Product.


  160. Graham

    I got an email from Chris today about his new blog.

    Speaking from the heart.. I had issues with Chris, some big issues and I really slammed the guy for something relating to way back in 2009. But unlike other of the so called “Gurus” and dodgy characters in IM, he took it on the chin was concerned about me and was unaware of these issues.

    We got it sorted, turned it around and we’re back on track – this guy really cares! It’s not all talk.

    The result.. I can honestly say if there’s anyone you can REALLY trust in this business it’s this guy Chris Carpenter.

    If you ever have a problem with ANY of his products, he will help you out.

    Top man Chris, you deserve your continued success as you care about the “little” guy!


    PS. Your blog is well and truly Bookmarked!


  161. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Graham!

    This goes for anyone else too. If you have any issues with me or any of my previous products, etc. just contact me via this blog and I will do my best to fix it!

    And if you just want to say hi, that’s cool too!


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    Great Blog . . . And I know your competitions and prize giveaways are not
    fake either. I have actually won one of your competition before.

    I’ll be frequenting your blog


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    “If you Can Dream It… You Can Do It” – Walt Disney


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    If I understood correctly, Chris was saying that success means different things to different people and we should think about what represents success to us. Perhaps the best definition of success I have ever read is that it is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal’. That’s a wonderful definition of success. It means can be successful now, while we are working toward our goals. For me, freedom means more than wealth. Certainly, I would like to have both or achieve some kind of balance between the two. That’s probably what most people want. I just do not want to get caught up and ensconced in trying to amass wealth.


  166. Bonnie

    Really great post Chris! I taught personal money management classes using the text, Your Money or Your Life and the section on ‘enough’ was my favorite. We all want to be rich, never thinking that we will reach a “magic amount” that will be enough, so we keep climbing, wishing, hoping and all the while thinking, I’ll do that when I have the money to afford it…
    Your new blog is very useful to me, I enjoyed reading it and plan to bookmark it for future reference. Thanks, Bonnie


  167. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Bonnie! Yes, “Your Money or Your Life” truly is a great book. Over the last 8 years I have given this book to dozens of people. And it has changed lives!

    If anyone reading this is struggling with debts, living paycheck to paycheck or any other sort of money issues, I highly recommend you grab that book immediately. And do the exercises in it.

    When you do the exercises in the book, an amazing transformation takes place and you actually change your relationship with money.


  168. Gerben

    Hi chris,
    Who are the authors of this book “Your Money or Your Life” when I google it it gives me 100’s of different hits?
    Thanks in advance,

    the netherlands


  169. Chris Carpenter

    Joe Dominguez


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    Yes it can be very challenging trying to run an online business from certain countries. Countries like Nigeria, Iran, Morocco, etc.

    Lots of internet scams come from those countries, so it is hard to run a legitimate business from there because all of the different payment processors and things ban those countries.

    There are ways to do it by using Proxies and partnering with someone in a different country. But it is difficult.


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    Don’t be a stranger and keep in touch!


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  180. Chris Carpenter

    Your launching your first product, that’s awesome!

    Good luck! And if you have any questions or things you are stuck on you can ask me here. Just let me know if you don’t want me to post your comment for privacy reasons, and I’ll just email you back my answers instead of posting for all to see. Then maybe in future if you’re up to it we can post a public case study.


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  182. Chris Carpenter

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    Anyone else out there not subscribing to my newsletter because you don’t use Facebook?


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    Ian G.


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    I am a contractor that has been trying to break free from this rat race. With a big push from a dear friend of mine I have finally taken the plunge and have my first info product being written in form of a ebook in the health niche. This book will be giving people with major health problems hope and affordability.

    This blog will help me with marketing aspects as well as give me additional ideas. It’s really nice having someone that is giving instead of coming at you with a “You gotta have this!” sales pitch.


  197. Chris Carpenter

    That’s great news TC. Good luck with your new ebook. And if you have any questions or get stuck along the way, I’m here to help.


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    Please subscribe to my list, towards the upper right of this page, click on the button that says “Connect With Facebook”. Then I can email you the date of the webinar.

    Also I’ll be posting tons more articles here covering each of the steps in this blog post in greater detail.


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    Your post gave me some ideas , but I am still lost , to tell the truth. What I know is that I need a change.  I would love to attend the free webinar, so let my know about it.
    Gretting from Málaga, Spain


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    I’ve decided to do it the other way around now. Lots of great valuable content and few offers.

    I’ve got tons of great blog posts lined up and ready to send out.


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    Thanks! I’ll be posting many more blog posts on how to do just that!


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    Great post and that is an awesome picture of your wife depicting what seems to me unabashed freedom. Freedom is also getting past dogmatic belief systems and knowing anyone can achieve what they set out to achieve. Yes, there will be fear but keep going with determination. It’s your life, go for it.


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    I will be very greatful if you can do it for me, i will be waiting for your reply meanwhile KEEP YOUR GOOD WORK ON!


  219. Chris Carpenter

    Very difficult to build an online business from Nigeria, because of all of the internet fraud that comes from there.

    Maybe a good option would be to partner with someone in another country. Then you could work on one aspect of the business, and they could work on the other. And all of the payment processor accounts, domain hosting, and all of that stuff could be in their name.


  220. Daniel Chester Enyan

    Hi Chris,
    I am really amazed the wealth of information you have provided in this piece.It has given me a lot of insight of creating multiple streams of income.
    In fact this has been my search for the past fifteen years but to no avail.
    I intend to take my time and digest the entire piece one more time.
    Thanks for your gesture.
    Daniel, Takoradi, Ghana.


  221. Darren Soon

    Hi, Chris

    It’s a long post but manage to read all. I understand your point for quite sometime. And I know I need to create passive income stream to get away from full time job. I had put time and effort to learn about internet marketing for sometime, > 1.5 years. But till now, I’m still the same . Still in the rat race. Sometime feel dishearten and want to give up passive income idea.


  222. Doug Gearhart

    love your site Chris thanks for the invite will visit it often


  223. Vijay

    Well total freedom is not achievement but consistency in life with a positive attitude.A person can not run away from his doings and is answerable here only whether good or bad.

    True happiness comes from within and once we have reached the point of contentment-may be less or more we find we are happy and we want to share this happiness with others too.The more we share our happiness with others the happier we are made by the Almighty.

    God bless.


  224. mike

    you are the reason i became an im, so a big thanx!



  225. abhishek

    It was amazing to know few of the hidden facts about making wealth,
    would really appreciate if this can help us grow in terms of money and time .


  226. Vijay

    Nice post and very encouraging one.It really sounds so well but it would more if actually achieved by a person depending on his approach to life and his attitude.

    The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon but that we wiat so long to begin it.


  227. Fred Westberg

    Chris….Thank you for the most informative and interesting articles I have had the pleasure to read…I saved the text to keep reading it to make the most of it…Thanks again Fred


  228. Jonathon

    Time itself is the heart of true wealth and ultimate freedom.

    Very true. My younger brother’s version was “Time is Money. You can always get more money but you can’t buy back lost time.” He did his share of mountaineering plus heaps of other adventures before he passed a month before his 30th birthday but in 30 years he achieved more than most do in a 70+ year lifetime.

    “3 BIG Niches” Call it luck or intuition but even before I learned anything about IM, keyword research, SEO etc; I picked domains in health, relationships and dating so I guess I’m on the right track.


  229. Mike

    As I am in the process of looking at options to earn money I found this re-affirmed some of the things I knew already but also gave me a jolt to persevere!


  230. Manoj

    Its very good thanks for sharing


  231. Paul Hardingham

    Hey Chris, a great post. I wouldn’t expect anything less. It’s been a while since I’ve seen some output from you, but looking forward to what’s next. Thanks, from a fellow freedom fighter (working from home full time since 2001 but not to your level …. yet!)



  232. Samuel Quentin

    I had looked into Google AdWords a few months ago, and there is potential there, but you’re right. The profit margins aren’t worth the risk. I would really like to see what you have to offer. Everything you had to say makes a lot of sense and really drew in my interest. I’ll be looking forward to info on the webinar and your future blog posts.


  233. Jacques

    Hi Chris,

    This is awesome information and helps with the skeptics like me whom still considers the scams that are out there pretending to help gullible people in need of extra income. I am still working through your 6 previous Google Cash PDF’s and am really interested in getting another income stream going.


  234. Bob Ramia

    Hi Chris,
    I’ve been studying your materials for a couple years in my spare time and working to learn your system. I believe your system is the benchmark of this industry. It’s a very thorough and high quality guide with no information held back. I’ll be starting my first campaign this week using your resources and I’m confident, hopeful and excited about the prospect of building a full time online business, and to live a life similar to yours, in which abundant income is achievable, and to have the time and money to experience and enjoy sports and the outdoors with my kids, and activities with my family and friends. Thank you


  235. Jake Mokonia

    This is an absolutely brilliant post, I have been looking for a step by step resource such as this. It’s amazing seeing everything laid out in such clarity, depth and understanding. You have just given me a blueprint (and a massive eye opener) about how to succeed in becoming financially free. Thanks and keep up the great work!


  236. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Jake! This post is a 30,000 foot overview of the system. In future blog posts I will drill down into much more step by step detail on each section.
    I will try to keep the posts short and sweet and to the point.
    This post was much too long, but I wanted to lay everything out there as a starting point to build on.


  237. Edward

    After reading your blog I am extremely jealous of the kind of freedom you have. The way you describe getting to that kind of freedom makes it sound so simple but when I really set down and think about it I am not quite so sure. I understand the statistics that you have in your article and I get the whole Job ruining everything bit, but to attain the kind of freedom you are talking about here would take a giant leap into the unknown. Maybe one of these days I will get to that point but for right now I had better play it safe and keep working.


  238. Chris Carpenter

    I totally understand where you are coming from Edward! It is scary to take a leap into the unknown.

    However, you don’t have to just up and quit your job and start working on this full-time. That would be scary for sure. And actually quite reckless.

    The beautiful thing about setting up your own online income streams (your own internet business), is that you can work on it on the side.

    If you can spend just an hour or two a day on this, then in about 6 months or so you could have a nice additional income stream.

    Once your income from your online business is more than your expenses, then you can quit your job. Doing it like this takes all of the risk out of it.


  239. Adam

    I guess I have only achieved a fraction of true freedom because I have found certain ways of remaining free from the constraints of a job schedule, but my income is relatively modest; so I am able to survive, but there are still restraints on my financial freedom – things I cannot afford. I can’t completely complain, but it seems I still have much to learn. This web page has helped me in that regard and I know there is still much more in store for me to learn from Chris C., and I am eager to absorb more knowledge from this blog! Thank you!


  240. Jessica

    You are right this was a very long blog post but the information you gave in this post is priceless. I was just discussing with my husband what kind of “Information Product we have that we could market to make some extra cash. I would absolutely love to be able to do whatever, whenever and however I wanted to do it without worrying about money. I especially liked the paragraphs on developing your passions, I have never looked at it quite the way you did before and the way you described it really makes sense, the part about your interests and your skills intersecting is where you passion is. That was the easiest way to discover what your true passion really is. I will continue to look into my information product and sooner or later I will be living my ideal lifestyle. Thank you so much for all your hard work putting this together, it was long but it was very good as well.


  241. Chris Carpenter

    Jessica, I’ll be posting many more posts on this topic, and will give action steps you can follow. Keep brainstorming ideas for an information product and let me know if you get stuck along the way.


  242. giovanni

    hi chris, thanks for changing my life years ago you showed me the way to live outside of the matrix!…i was a normal employee bored and hopeless, then i read Google cash and that changed my life forever, from that point i started doing experiments online and making my own sites and selling through google adwords…i would like to meet u one day, we are doing a similar life you in mexico and me in dubai enjoying the sun and the beach :) …if u come around this area of the world pls send me a email i will be more then happy to guest you and show u this marvellous city!


  243. Chris Carpenter

    I just might take you up on that offer one day. I’ve kind of wanted to go ski in Dubai ever since I heard they have an Indoor Ski Area. Is that true?
    Would be kind of a novelty ski session.


  244. giovanni

    yes sure chris, there is a long ski slope at -7 degrees in the mall of emirates, the only ski indoors in the world! type ski dubai in google images and u will see, it looks like a real ski slope, especially in the summer where is 50degrees outside its really funny to go there skiing!


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