The Underground Story of Google’s Success and Why Facebook Could Crush Google


Facebook Vs. Google

Here’s a story you may not have heard about Google.

It includes a little underground history of Google including:

•    A big reason for Google’s early success.
•    Some huge mistakes Google has made.
•    Why Google is losing its appeal.
•    How Facebook could crush Google

Facebook wasn’t even born …

And in 2003, even Google Adwords wasn’t very popular yet. A relatively small amount of people were advertising with them.

At that time I figured out a way to make money by advertising people’s products as an affiliate via Google Adwords. I placed my affiliate links for a product in the destination URL of an Adwords Ad. I bid on keywords related to that product or service. When someone clicked through my ad and purchased or signed up, I would earn a commission.

I was earning far more money through affiliate commissions then I was spending to advertise with Google Adwords.

It was great money. In early 2003 I was earning $30,000 a month in profits doing this.  But I wasn’t really happy.  I wanted more time to myself and for my income to become more passive.  

The thing I hated the most about the way I was earning money with Google was that it involved massive amounts of time at the computer looking at figures, and analyzing results so that I could fine tune my system of advertising and find new products to advertise.

It was around that time that I decided I was going to write a book about how I was making money as an affiliate using Google Adwords. 

You may have heard of it “Google Cash”.

This knowledge was set to spread like wildfire!

I wanted to show people how they could make more money and do less work. 

I wrote the 87 page book on how I was making the money I was.  It includes instructions with screen shots and a complete explanation on how one could duplicate my success. Since then that is one of the primary principles I try to get people to adopt. 


Within 2 weeks, without any advertising the book soared to the #1 selling eBook on Clickbank.  It remained at the #1 spot for over three years.

This was the kind of money I wanted to be making. After all I only worked one weekend and I got paid for it for years to come.

As I said the method of making money in my eBook was more lucrative at the time that I started selling Google Cash.  Regardless the methods are simple, effective and still work today.

Perry Marshall credits my book as the reason for Google Adwords’ early success.

Here is an excerpt from Perry Marshall’s article:

A 20-something surfer dude named Chris Carpenter put Google Adwords on the map.

You’ll never read about this in the Wall Street Journal…. but it is my professional opinion that “Google Cash” in 2003 and the firestorm of affiliate activity in the lowly “bizop world” was THE tipping point for Google Adwords.

Suddenly every imaginable keyword was being bought up by affiliates and Google ads started multiplying like rabbits in Australia.


How cool is that? 

My eBook might have been the initial spark for Google’s success.

A Google insider once told me similar.

In 2006, on a surf trip I met a guy in the water while we were sitting in the lineup waiting for the waves to roll in. When I introduced myself, his eyes lit up and he said, “Are you the same Chris Carpenter who wrote Google Cash?”

That kind of freaked me out, as that had never happened before. But things got even weirder.

He told me that he was an employee at Google. And that he and his team knew about my Google Cash eBook. We talked and talked.

He said that they estimated that between 2003 and 2006 Google Cash had brought them around 100,000 new advertisers. He said that at that time, on average an advertiser spent $1,000 on Adwords.

He said that a joke around the office was that I was their #1 sales associate, having made Google easily over $100 million in sales.

I joked with him that you’d think that Google would give me some stock options or something.

But no that never happened.

Instead just a few years later I got my Google Adwords account banned for life, just like thousands of others did. But more on that in a minute. Back to my story.

Things were cruising along fine for years. I was making good money promoting lots of different products as an affiliate on Adwords. And I was selling lots of Google Cash eBooks.

My coining of the name “Google Cash” was based on the concept that pay-per-click traffic from Google could earn affiliate marketers cash.

Simple enough: but I made a mistake in that “Google” was a trademarked name. I should have never used their name in the title of my ebook.

Then the scams started …

In 2008 scammers started using the name “Google Cash” to lure people into their “Work For Google” scams.

There was nothing I could do, since Google was not my trademark.

These scammers were offering “Google Cash Kits” where people paid $1 for a kit that supposedly told them how to work directly for Google.

Many of these sites had photos of people holding sizable checks they received from Google. These of course, were bogus checks.

When people ordered one of these “Google Cash Kits” for $1, nothing ever arrived in the mail. They never received anything. However, their credit cards got charged around $60 every month.

The FTC received over 275,000 complaints about these “Work for Google” scams. Google filed a lawsuit in Federal Court against Pacific Webworks, alleging trademark infringement, dilution, unfair competition and cyber piracy.

They commented about the matter on their blog.

“Although there’s no secret kit that can guarantee riches, many people really do make money online. In our experience, the best way to build a business on the web is to really serve users – offer useful products and services or write about something you have a passionate interest in.”

I started to worry about my eBook business.

I wasn’t sure if Google was going to be confused that I was one of these scammers since my “Google Cash” ebook held the same name as the “Google Cash Kit” scam.

I called Google and spoke with their lead council and was relieved when she told me that she knew of my eBook, and that I was not associated with Pacific Web Works and their “Google Cash Kits – Work For Google” Scam.

My eBook has been one of the great guides to creating an online business. So to distance myself from the scammers, their illegal activity and the profoundly hurtful nature of these types of scams, I started to give away my eBook for free.

I’ve been giving it away for free ever since.

You can download my Google Cash eBook for free here. It’s still an awesome eBook. The system still works. It is just a little harder because of more competition.

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I’ve heard from lots of people who read my eBook and later ended up making money a different way online.  They said that reading the Google Cash eBook made a light bulb go off in their head, and changed everything.

So if you haven’t read it yet, I suggest you give it a quick read when you have a chance.

In 2009 and 2010 the FTC cracked down on the scammers.

They also gave Google a lot of flack about this, because many of these scams got most of their traffic from Google Adwords.

Google started banning Advertisers who promoted any of these questionable products at any time. Even those who had them in their deleted campaigns years ago.

Google used an automated system to ban advertisers accounts. A banned advertiser would go to login to their account and it would tell them that their account had been banned for life and that they could not sign up again.

It’s been widely said online that over 100,000 Google Advertisers were banned.

The dirty little secret …

The dirty little secret is that many of those who were banned had invested millions in Google advertising and were the reason why Google was able to expand the way it did.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly Google forgot the 100,000 Advertisers that started the spark and momentum for Google to grow to what it is today?

In 2003 to 2006, 100,000 affiliates started using Google Adwords like crazy and gave Google the momentum to grow big time. Over time large corporations flocked to Google because it gave the best results on searches.

Today SEM Rush estimates that Google’s profit can be visualized in the following chart.

 Today 80% of Google’s profits come from the top 1.35% of advertisers (people who spend more than $10,000/month).  

In short Google doesn’t really care for the little guy as much as they should since most people who advertise on Google do not make up a significant share of their profits.

Regardless due to the popularity of Google people will advertise with them despite the primarily one way relationship. 

Ignored by Google

I found myself ignored by Google on the issue of my banned account, with Google sending out only automated standard response to all affiliates that were banned.  Google really didn’t care about the advertisers they lost and they got the FTC off their backs and only lost a small portion of their profits.

As I previously stated, Google got rid of over 100,000 advertisers.

Guess where those 100,000 advertisers went?

Yup, you guessed right – FACEBOOK!

Facebook is serious about PPC …

We all started advertising on Facebook. We might have never bothered with Facebook advertising, but by Google banning our Adwords accounts, we were forced to give Facebook a try.

And it turns out that, when done the right way, Facebook advertising is like Google Adwords was in 2003. Tons of targeted traffic for low cost per click.

Since Facebook Advertising is relatively new and people are still learning to use it effectively the cost for advertising is relatively cheap.  As competition increases prices on Facebook will increase like they did on Google.

Google is now in a very precarious place.  They make the vast majority of their money from their search engine advertising income.

They banned and got rid of many of the smaller mom and pop style online businesses advertisers.

They alienated hundreds of thousands of people.

Here’s the problem for Google.

If people stop using the Google Search Engine, then Google is doomed.

Right now we all use Google because it is the best search engine, plain and simple. It gives you the best results for what you are searching for.

Even those of us who got banned from Google Adwords still use the Google Search Engine, because it is the best.

However, as soon as there is a good alternative search engine, then many people will jump ship.

This is how Facebook could crush Google.

As soon as Facebook learns to better harness their data and the power of it’s people (800 million+) to help each other find what you are looking for, Google will be doomed. 

Imagine doing a keyword search at your computer and having millions of human minds point you in the right direction.

So what can Google do about this reality?

Google can still survive. They can even come out on top.

I think I have the answer. Perhaps I’ll write about it in a future blog post. Google if you want the answer now, you need to send me some love! :-)

Guys, what do you think? Is Google Doomed? Is Facebook going to crush Google? Or will Google trump Facebook? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Srinivas

    Hi Chris,
    Hope you are doing great!
    I am really impressed after viewing your video.
    I want to join INFO CASH program ASAP.
    I love your way of explanation really it is mind blowing.



  2. Billy

    I think Google under estimated their decision to
    ban everyone like yourself. But, That’s ok. Lets help
    Bing and Facebook take the #1 spot and drive 80%
    of their traffic to our affiliate offers- products.

    Chris, you are the captain of the ship. I am your
    (Navy term) boatsman mate. Go for it!


  3. Bobbie

    I REALLY hope you can assist me–unemployed for 2 years now and ZERO prospects. Although, I believe I am past the ‘hope’ of getting another ‘safe job’ 9-5. After giving my all and then some, for 12 long years- just a simple -today is your last day (at 3pm-with 2 hours left in the day- yet dummy ME actually stayed LATE (till 9pm) to finish up issues so the staff that I had promised resolution on, would receive it. When I should have walked right then…when these people came in and were told I was no longer there-everyone was told “she decided to leave and go in a different direction” What a lie–I was a lifer, but what does that mean? A ‘lifer’ is only as long as you are ALLOWED to be there. Plus it makes me sound like I gave no notice and thought only of myself.
    I now realize that the usual 9-5 grind is so NOT for me and I will never have security in that arena. I have launched two (unsuccessful) sites so far–yet all money out, none in. No help with horrendus med bills and taxes, a 15 year home loan, utilities, food, etc….all on one income–it’s virtually impossible…thankfully, we have always had only one car payment at a time-as well as ANY extra costs-one at a time! And generally all interest free. so, we own both vehicles, low insurance due to ages and past experience) we will a boring life…I have been doing ‘inventory’ although I wish I had been told that it’s a 5 hour drive down and 5 back–NOT PAID for drive time-in location for 8 hours-so, techicnally working (gone) for 18 hours, yet only paid for eight. Not too mention NO seatbelts over than two in front (captien chairs) and SMOKING ALL THE TIME….when your spouse is diagnosed with stage 3b lung cancer (and we do not smoke-and stay away from those that do) So, it’s personal to me-thank god he’s still here-but I admit, I DO have a huge adversion to smoke–just b/c basically EVERYONE does, it’s okay?
    So–sorry for the length, but THIS HAS TO WORK—our debt increases every month!!! I cannot afford an ‘investment’-been there, done that!
    PLEASE DO NOT LET THIS BE A SCAM!!!I have seen so many, I try very hard to be careful-but also fear I may be passing up legitimate opportunities! Thak you


  4. Chris Carpenter

    Hi Bobbie,

    Thanks for your comment and thanks for sharing your story! I’m really sorry for the troubles you are having.

    Unfortunately I don’t have any good news for you at the moment. I wish I did!

    But the reality is that to build an online business you need some money. I don’t think you can do it if you are flat broke and struggling to make ends meet. If that is the case I suggest you get a job until you can save up some money.

    I know you said that you don’t want to work a 9 to 5 job, and I totally understand.

    But to build an online business it will take months of hard work.

    There is no such thing as overnight success. The get rich quick schemes are scams and just don’t work.

    You need around $2,000 to $5,000 to be able to build your online business until it becomes profitable on it’s own.

    Also you are looking at maybe 6 months to even 1 year before you will see any profits.

    My suggestion is to get a job you can stand. Plan to have the job for one year. And during that time
    start working on your online business 2 hours a day, and whenever you can on the side.

    Hopefully within the year you will have enough profits from your online business to be able to quit your job.

    The key is that once you start your online business venture, don’t quit. Choose one strategy, for example information
    products (selling an ebook or video course, etc.) and then focus on that until you see success. And understand
    that you are going to hit road blocks often. And it will be frustrating and you will want to quit. Don’t quit.

    I wish I could tell you that you just have to buy some program and click a few buttons and you will earn money
    but we all know that is impossible.

    Thanks and good luck! I’ll be here if you have any questions along the way.



  5. Eze Kenneth Emeka

    Priceless contribution to humanity indeed but, I just hope your were not prompted to offer these services selflessly, due to Googles disaffection towards you. Just can’t wait to relish the Carpenter’s Cash book with unquenchable apetite. Thank you Chris!


  6. Sean

    Thanks for sharing your wealth of experience, I am just starting with internet marketing an it is always great to see the powerful success stories of others.


  7. Larry

    Thanks for the inside info. Heard something about all this before, but the details weren’t clear.

    Question: Do you really believe that the earning opportunities exist with FaceBook today like it did with Google in 2003 without losing big money on advertising? I’ve heard others say that FB can be notorious and that clicks ain’t cheap.

    I’ve been looking at this IM thing for many moons now and still haven’t found a way to effectively get started. Perhaps, my problems is that I keep looking for the perfect product or a good product that every other marketer and their cat are not already promoting.

    Chris are you making good money with FB and do you offer any coaching?

    Again, big thanks for the post…



  8. kufre

    Very interesting Mr. Chris. Please do let us know the ‘hows’ on facebook too. It’s my opinion however that google may not sink so fast, and who knows, they just might be smart enough to make certain compromises. Remember they probably just wanted to get the FTA off their back.


  9. Ahmet

    I do not share your love for Google, their search results are not what they are cracked up to be, they have monoplised and abused their position as a search engine, they will also censor certain keywords if they do not agree politically.


  10. blessing

    Hello Chris,From what you said,i think facebook will crush Google. They can even come out on top. Google days will be numbered if facebook put this techniques effectively. what kind of love do you need for you to tell us how Google can survive and even come on top.People like Google simple because it is better than other search engine.Any search engine that can give it’s user the best he or she is searching for in plain and simple form,Google is definitely doomed.Look,many dislike Google especially those of us who got banned from Google Ad words.we like it simply because is better than others and also many like it too!


  11. kunle adanri

    Google should take care of her employees very well, its should try to avoid every unecessry complaints that can hinder its growth which it has been enjoying for a long time. Though noting lasted for ever, but it still need to work more harder. Google should not forget that many are spring up behind her,”a tree cannot make forest” Every other people that google used initially to climb higher suppose to call back for more contribution for better future. Though, I can see google not relenting in his effort due to google + introduced recently. Chris carpenter you done a wonderful job, thank very much “osee ganni” kudos to facebook as well, please do not hesitate to inform everybody of every necessary progress online to make money. THANKS
    Kunle ADANRI


  12. Daphne Stockman

    I like Google very much because it is a giant with plenty and plenty of information.
    One just clicks and voila! it is there. Though it is a search engine with good info, it lacks the facebook approach, which means, in the latter one has relationship and the
    face. However, it will take a very long time for Facebook to take over from Google.


  13. Chris Carpenter

    I love Google too, even after she broke my heart ;-)


  14. Dennis

    Interesting. This could humble Google and make them stronger if they go about it right. They are doing things now (good or bad) to take care of their customers (us). They want to end up with the most relevant info on our searches. I think they will succeed. As much as it hurt some, they got rid of a lot of nonrelevant info. Could it really be that simple? Just my humble opinion.


  15. Yale

    I think google has been around so long and has grown so huge that it will always find a way to adapt with the web environment. However facebook is right behind it now, and soon may have the ability to overtake google. Who will come out on top? that’s a tough one, it’s almost a 50/50 split right now, but I think probably google by a nose, but if they dont learn to look after their smaller users, they might just get beaten in the next few years. It will be interesting to watch it all unfold :)


  16. Sally

    Hi Chris,

    Great stuff! I think Google is clever enough to figure out a way to stick around. However, I think Facebook is sure giving them a run for their money!

    Thanks for the free e-book. Looks great.



  17. Pete

    Well done Chris you have put it all in perspective,and given us a good reason to use alternative search engines,all power to your elbow,thanks for bringing it to our attention.


  18. Lucille Maujean

    I don’t think Google will disappear but will lose more to Facebook. May the best one win.


  19. Victoria Brown

    Interesting blog and story. Would love to learn more. Couldn’t send the blank email..for some reason my computer won’t do it….sad…


  20. Arnljot Blindheim

    Hello Chris.
    I bought Google Cash many years ago and It is a great book.
    I totally agree with you, if Google decide they don’t need “Average Joe”
    Then Google is Doomed.


  21. Randy Cox The Penny Capitalist

    Google will slip a little but survive. Be it countries or companies, there is a balance of power that causes a movement to equality. Google handled its power pretty well, but it had near absolute search engine power…and absolute power corrupts.


  22. Deane Felter

    Google is tough to deal with and not very easy to do business with.Google needs some strong competition so that they are not the only kid on the block.


  23. Victor

    Google will always be the first Search Engine , and no other system can take it from them. But, it is not enough. You are right Chris , they have to cosider new ideas if they want to stay on field.


  24. Andrew

    Hello Chris,
    I read big part of your Google cash and find your ebook amazing but never started doing this job, I felt that it was already outdated
    I very interested in what direction will it all go and worry whether it was just hasty unethical move or permanent policy
    Yet I believe that Facebook can’t be what Google is for now. In this area, things are changing rapidly and will probably appear a third option


  25. Colin Brewerton

    If you have your way, write a book on face book and put on the letter head
    as done on google ( Google e cash) just to rub there noses in it.
    Who do they think they are’. Would you go back to them.
    It would be nice to get an appology off then and then tell them to stick it.


  26. Jairo

    I have had over 10 google accounts banned and my hope is that google sinks


  27. Mano

    Dear Cris,
    There is an old saying -” one should not burn the step of the ladder he clime ups on”. If what you wrote here is true google is bound to be doomed.

    NOTE-Though I am Not in Advertisement of any type nor am I interested

    But will be in touch


  28. George

    Hey Chris!,

    Glad that you’re back in the saddle. Google Cash got me started on my IM journey. You’re a great teacher — Hope you put out something soon about marketing on Facebook. Stay free man!


  29. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for the nice words George!

    Yes I’ll be posting tons of articles and videos on here about that. It’s going to be fun!


  30. Paul Hobbs

    Y don’t U start up your own search engine?


  31. doris

    Chris.fantastic story. I wonder if they or facebook is buddies with Gates. To think that a little guy like you was responsible for building up the great monster. Wow hats off


  32. Kent

    Hi Chris,
    You wrote a great article! My Google Adwords account was banned too! No reason, nothing, only inform an email! Before one month my Adwords account ban, i found out suddenly my impression shot up high from one keyword campaign (that was more 500% of my daily cost), i’m very happy, because i think i will get a lot more sales that time. But when i’m check with my sales, that was same like normal days. So i trace back this campaign and found out all these impression are come from one website and the website looks like haven’t finish build yet, and it also not related with my keywords!! When i sent an email to their support team, just reply like a formal email and wait…After a week, they reply me an email and it is normal nothing to take action? Then i said, why non related keywords can be reach there? And that website looks like haven’t finish build yet (because no any content there!). After that i haven’t received their reply and next month my Adwords account was BANNED! I use this Adwords account about 5 years and spent about USD1500 each month. What i can do? Nothing, only remember what GOOGLE said before, “DON’T be EVIL”!!!..LOL..

    Yes, i think the Google will same like Yahoo. Before the Google, Yahoo search engine was one of the biggest Search Engine Company(Before Yahoo, they are MSN, Alta Vista, AOL & etc..). After that, Google came and the Biggest position has changed to GOOGLE… Now, the time will come…the people said it was the “10 years a turn for the world”!


  33. Chris Carpenter

    Hi Kent,

    Thanks for sharing your story!

    What can you do?

    You could open another Adwords account. See a previous comment reply of mine in the comments here, on how to do this.

    Of course there are many other ways to generate traffic if you are just sick of Google.

    CPV works really well for certain niches.


  34. Williams

    @Chris Carpenter!
    I was one of the newbies who tried using your Google cash then. I just got online then. I remembered making I think 125.00 from Clickbank and I ran like a little kid to my pastor. Saying “this is a miracle, you can actually make money online” It is ok, you can laugh!!

    I gave the whole money to my church. I just wanted to see if it was possible. I had no idea who to trust and who not to trust.

    Chris, I invested about a thousand plus in learning more about how to be better with Google adwords.
    Just days after completing my training, I checked my account and just like that it was gone.
    I was depressed for a very long time. I thought that was the end of my journey online.
    Now who do i listen to ? I didn’t want to do anything against the law or something.

    I started experimenting with seo but i hated it. too slow! I would rather invest in some paid traffic then pay someone to do the seo for me.(but hey what do I know)
    Anyway, I know i am going to make it here online GOD’S GRACE.
    No giving up, no surrendering!

    Thanks for your followup comment.
    ps: AT least now I know you are one of the nice folks i can trust in this journey.


  35. Sascha

    you changed my life completely.

    From knowing nothing about the internet to become a successful clickbank affiliate, to become a successful multi-platforms vendor. You name it, I got websites there.
    Your Google Cash eBook made my ears ring like nothing else has before. I studied and applied it. It worked and I worked harder.
    I ended up being a ClickBank APEX client, same on Plimus… you have inspired me to success and I forwarding the knowledge to all my affiliates by helping them day after day.
    Thank you so much.
    I’d love to meet you if you ever come to Spain for surfing!
    I know you are already cooking it. Just make sure you do not include the word “Facebook” in your domain name! lol…
    Google should give you some love for sure. Their people know what you meant for them, but all they care about is revenue.
    I agree 100% with Perry Marshall stating that the Google Cash eBook has been the one thing that made Google Adwords grow Google’s pockets.

    Take good care,


  36. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for your nice words!

    I definitely want to surf in Spain sometime soon! When I do, I’ll hit you up for sure, and we’ll grab a beer (or four :-).

    Congrats on your success! That’s awesome!

    What, you don’t think “Facebook Cash” is a good name for an ebook? Ha, just kidding. I can just see the scammers ads now, “Earn $960 a day working for Facebook, part time”.


  37. Sascha

    Hi Chris!
    Well, you know my email so you know where to contact me! I take beer invitations very seriously ;)

    Jokes aside, the “Facebook Cash” would be a great ebook to do. I am not too much of a FaceBook fan, I don’t even use it. Maybe that’s why I have not seen the potential. But hey, same happened with Adwords and look who’s talking!
    Talking about the Awords slap, my account was also closed for life. At that time I did not care too much because I was no longer promoting as I already was on my vendor side. However, I accessed it again just for fun and it was open again.
    I think that the Google people did more than one error and they may be reviewing accounts, reactivating them again.
    I don’t have clear what to think about FaceBook Vs Google. For me, they are two different animals. But again, I don’t have too much knowledge about FaceBook anyway. One thing is clear: All the “slapped” people went somewhere and the first thing I can think of is FaceBook.
    FaceBook is not a “per se” search engine. A smart step would be to include a search engine within the user accounts. A search engine that not only searches within FaceBook. Or… do they have that already?

    Have a great day under the sun,


  38. Manny

    I think Facebook is just as picky as Google, because I have experience it



  39. Entrepreneur

    Great article Chris & could Google be getting too big for their boots and if so it could lead to their ultimate demise.


  40. Rob

    Great blog post Chris,
    It surprises me that facebook has not surpassed Google already. Perhaps you could organised their advertising department and increase their sales by $100 million and make quite sure they look after you a little better than Google did – 25% would be a handy commission.
    Anyone who has not read Google Cash should grab a copy – it’s worth the read.


  41. Gail

    To be frank I think both are doomed to be usurped by something different, more people oriented , in time. Many people are annoyed with both companies. I can’t wait for a user friendly company that relates to the people they rely on. Neither Google or Facebook are”nice” companies.


  42. AJ

    Google is a winner and will stay a winner, let me explain briefly.

    Google = Search. As far as I am concerned until the future changes the behavior of what we define as ‘Internet’, Google is the Answer to Answers.

    Facebook = People are simply bored, but as mentioned above they have a dedicated army that can be monetized and guided.

    Facebook as the next Google? Nearly Impossible; because we Human Beings are Creatures of Habit, we adapt to things slowly but once we do, our minds are Set. Google = Search, always will be just as Xerox = Photocopy machines, not “Personal Computers”.

    Facebook became successful not because it was a “New Concept”, but because MySpace did the slow and tedious process of getting Humans to adapt to a Social Concept. They opened the doors for Facebook, or else without MySpace, Mark Zuckerberg would be just another unknown programmer.

    The Scenario: If my claims are False as stated above, Google will still win. It’s very simple; out of all their decisions the purchase of Youtube has and will continue placing them on a balanced scale. I say this because…

    Youtube = People are bored, same as Facebook. Many of you would argue that Traffic is greater at Facebook, but let me remind you once again. It’s not about the Traffic, it’s about the Adaption of Minds.

    If this was a WAR, which we all know it is a Financial war. Google vs Facebook would be 2 to 1, as they are backed by Youtube.

    Maybe Google has visions beyond all of us, or perhaps they are blinded by what we the Bloodline are seeing, as we call the Truth. Until then; Chris Carpenter is right, Facebook is where we all need to be, at least until we can within our open window opportunity.

    Chris Carpenter truly is an inspiration. He believes in what he does, and enjoys helping others find their success.

    Thanks for reading this.

    P.S. Chris, I hope you Reply soon :)


  43. Chris Carpenter

    Awesome points AJ! I would have to agree with you!

    It is crazy though how fast things can change, especially on the internet. Right now it is hard to imagine what it will be like 5 years from now.

    That’s what makes all of this so much fun!


  44. Jac

    Hi Chris

    I bought Google Cash way back when you published it and although I only bought it because I was studying the internet I really saw the potential.

    In a capitalist setup Google is like “big brother” and the bigger they are the harder they sometimes fall. Al that is needed is a geek in a garage somewhere, finding a new way of doing things.

    So come on you super geeks… We need the competition. I mean, that is what capitalism is all about… I theenk.



  45. Terence


    I bought Google Cash and never used it. I am going to get it out and try to use it in today’s market. But I think that it’s time for your to write “Facebook Cash”.

    What are you waiting for? We NEED it! Come on man!



  46. Ed

    Hey Chris,
    I am hoping Facebook can crush Google soon or later. I hate Google!!!!


  47. Peter

    Hi what I could never understand is why chase your customers away. I mean I own a brick and mortar business and I would never shut the door in my customers faces. Big mistake by Google they could have been double what they are now if they managed there customers better. They probably thought that their customers were privelaged to buy from them. All I can say is carry on the way you are and you will end up with nothing.


  48. Chris Carpenter

    Yes, I think this sort of thing happens when a company gets so big. They turn into a big Coroporation. Then the only important thing for them becomes profits.

    And they start making stupid mistakes because they are trying to meet their quarterly sales projections, or whatever.


  49. Mike

    Hi Chris
    Yes, Google has become too self-interested. Money talks and they think they own it all. The bigger they are the harder they fall. If you look at the size of some of the internet companies in China (Baidu – which is listed on the US market – and the Chinese equivalent of Twitter) they will swamp Google. And yes at the moment they mainly focus on the China market and are in Mandarin. But the Chinese play the long game and will soon be moving to English platforms. Then bye bye Google.

    So, can we make a fortune with FB?



  50. Chris Carpenter

    We can still make a fortune with Google.

    Yes you can with Facebook as well.

    It’s definitely become harder to make money with Google Adwords, but it is still very possible.

    And now with all of these Affiliate bannings, there will be less competition for those who go the extra mile.


  51. inge

    Privacy on the web concerns me very much and I believe it is a rare commodity particularly on Facebook. I think it possible that this may cause some problems for Facebook in the long run.

    Although Google is no champion of privacy either I think they adjust their strategy to prevailing conditions and so they may end up on the winning side.



  52. Chris Carpenter

    Very good point!


  53. Trevor

    Good post Chris. Like others I don’t think Facebook will crush Google, but it certainly will put a dent in it’s overall profits. I mean Yahoo and Bing continue to exist.
    I have played with both adwords and Facebook ads and I definitely find Facebook to be an easier marketing platform, but that being said I have never really made a ton of profit on either.
    What I am interested in is whether Facebook advertising is really still this great marketing platform for beginning marketers. There have been quite a few Facebook marketing courses released over the last year or so. Has this lead to a major flood of marketers already and essentially made Facebook the same as the old Adwords for the little guy. I don’t expect an answer to this, but it’s something I need to ponder as I decide where to spend my marketing dollars.


  54. Chris Carpenter

    I think there is still a lot of room with Facebook. It is not too crowded yet. There is a formula for making it work. I’m going to make a video about it and will post it to the blog in the next few weeks.


  55. Trevor

    Hey Chris
    Thanks for the reply. I look forward to the video. By the way, one of your best videos was the one where you start out on your surfboard out in the water. That one still inspires me.


  56. Chris Carpenter

    Trevor, I just posted that video here:


  57. Trevor

    Chris, Thanks for posting that video. I hope it inspires others as much as it does me. What I love is that you promote internet marketing as a way to get the lifestyle and happiness that you want, and not necessarily just “things”. Thanks again.


  58. Manlio

    Very interesting presentation. I knew of the term “google slap”, but I did not know exactly with graphs and all what people meant. I am a newbie and never have started with affiliate marketing because nobody told me all the expenses involved with, for instance, adwords. I always thought there was something fishy. I want to make money. How much money is going to take in order for me to make my first $10. Why so many people are complaining that they do not make money? Why the gurus sale systems that are just a complexity by themselves, the learning curve way out of a normal person range and in the end you will not make money?
    Is Facebook the new hope for the affiliate marketer? Only time will tell.
    I read part of your free course. I never try to apply it because my hunch was that it was already outdated and with all the competition probably I would just lose money. Your article tells me my hunch was right. Thanks


  59. Chris Carpenter

    Actually believe it or not, PPC Affiliate marketing with Google Adwords still works. Direct linking still works. But you are much more limited to which products you can promote than before. But the system still works.

    Having said that, I don’t recommend you start building your online business following the Google Cash system.

    There are much better ways to start. This is an overview of what I think is one of the best ways to build your online business now:


  60. Patricia Botkin

    I don’t use facebook at all.


  61. Chris Carpenter

    What? You never spy on your old boyfriends and your first love and see what they are up to now? Come on, be honest ;-)


  62. Annie

    LOL Chris! Personally I have only done that once but the ex-flame stopped posting regularly!! What a shame!! But actually, I’ve used my Facebook account to (a) build up a list of worldwide contacts and (b) market my business to them. Only trouble is using a FB personal account allows only 5000 (pretty untargeted) contacts before you have to try to move them all over on to a fan page (ever tried that? Most people don’t bother to move and you’ve lost them). I love my contacts but I think 5000 is too few to make much of a difference to sales figures!!

    I was one of those people who bought and used your Google Cash many moons ago. Took 6-9 months of setting up and hard work before I got my very first sales. I remember that day, I was sooooo excited I was dancing! Within a month a Google slap came and all my campaigns got suspended. I tried changing all my ads and settings to create a workaround that Google might accept but once their computer says NO, they wouldn’t accept anything. If you used affiliate hoplinks to other people’s merchant sites they just wanted you OUT.

    The whole lot went down the drain. I ended up on a hill in the local park, sitting staring at the view for a day trying to think what to do.

    I know, you say ‘Don’t Quit!’ But I’m afraid that’s when I did quit. I never went back to it. All that knowledge is still there in the grey matter waiting to be used!! If FB ads is the way to go, bring it on!!

    If you ever do write a new ebook on FB ads, I’d be first in line :-)

    Have a GREAT day!



  63. chris

    Google and Facebook have different business models. Facebook is still growing and evolving. Google has lost the way and are trying to find its place with a lot of failed attempts at different things. Google knows that Facebook is a threat, that is why they try and compete with Facebook, with there latest attempts from Google Buzz to now Google +. It should be Google sucks, they still haven’t learned any lessons and they just don’t care. I can say that, because Google terminated the adwords account I had with them and they also terminated the YouTube account I used for my business in the latest sweep, as did a lot of other people. Maybe Google like the dinosaurs, just because it is so big, will last awhile longer, but then because of a changing social market place will go belly up.


  64. Chris Carpenter

    Yeah it will be interesting to see what happens.


  65. Daisy

    I have all adwords accounts permanently suspended. I’ve changed bank accounts, addresses, domain names, websites… tried everything but they always figure it back to me somehow. So I advertise on bing but it’s expensive and very little traffic and on Yahoo which has some traffic but doesn’t convert much.

    I have lots of wordpress blogs and currently using push button cash system (Micheal Jones) which is giving me hundreds of decent posts every day and some traffic but so far very few sales, (been using it for 3 weeks or so).

    My busiest site is,

    If you have time to take a look and give an opinion I’d be most appreciative.

    I bought your detective software around two years ago and for a few months made around $1000 profit per month with hardly any effort, I was on the verge of quitting my day job and going at it seriously when I got banned !

    I’ve had a small taste of what can be achieved online and believe it’s possible to make a living from affiliate sales but I’m still searching for the missing pieces to the jigsaw !

    Best wishes


  66. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for sharing!

    When my account was banned I immediately opened another account and have been using it ever since. There are tricks to opening your new account. There are several ways to do it.

    I think one of the most important things is that you have to get rid of any email addresses you had associated with your account. Lots of people, when they setup their new account, they use a new email address for their new Adwords account. However they still login to Google with their old gmail address. So they link up your accounts that way and then you get banned.

    To be safe it is best if you can:

    1. Get a new ISP, a new internet service provider. This gives you a new IP address.
    2. New credit card that has no relation to you. Different name and address, etc.
    3. Don’t advertise any of the URLs that you were advertising before when you got banned. If you were advertising your own site when you got banned, you need to change the IP address of your URL. So get a new host for your website. Not just a new URL.
    4. Maybe get a new computer. I don’t know if this is necessary, but I got a new laptop for my new account.
    5. Never login to your computer with any of your previous emails that were associated with your banned account.

    Here is a good blog post from John Jonas on how he was banned.

    Read the comments under his post. There is some good advice there on how to setup your new Adwords account.

    Oh, and don’t pay anyone to get your account reinstated or to set you up a new account, those are scams.

    Google Adwords traffic is way too killer (that’s a marketing term:-) to just give up on. If you do it the right way, you can get another account setup that won’t get banned, and be back in business.

    Also it is good that you branched out to other PPC as well. Best not to keep all of your eggs in one basket.


  67. Annie

    Wow, some great advice there Chris. Am going to follow up on this.

    Thank you for that post.


  68. Aminata Savane

    I am very glad to read this post cause I am now feeling good about what I just read. I agree with you; all these I was wondering if I am the only one against Google. I swear if I got an opportunity to break their firewall, I am gonna do it just to let them now that they are leading on top using people idea. I am grateful to you cause you me make me happy…. Thanks Chris


  69. Beverley Ann Swanepoel

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. Its beyond me how Ggogle has treated their clients/affiliates etc. Surely they should know that bad service sends your clients elsewhere. Unlucky for us and luckily for them there is not another search engine as good and huge as theirs is, so we are forced to still use theirs. I cannot see Facebook taking their place, as huge as it is, I’m not sure whether Facebook has the ability to create such a large search engine as what Google has provided for and personally have had problems using the search facility on their site anyway, you half of the time don’t find what you searched for.

    What I do think is that somewhere out there is a company working on a search engine that will outdo Google by far and let’s face it that is exactly what is needed as there is always good to find there is competition in whatever you do. If another company came in with a better search engine and are good to their clients/ Affiliates, then I’m afraid it will be goodbye to Google and hello to the new company. In my books good service has always been on the top of my list, as that is the only way to keep your clients.

    Come on Chris, you are so good with this type of computer work, how come you haven’t come up with a better search engine for us, haha…..only time will tell.




  70. Chris Carpenter

    Unfortunately I am not that smart!

    If I was that smart though, I would create an open source search engine, something that runs on everyone’s computer, sort of like file sharing and bit torrents do.


  71. Joel@all inclusive beach vacations

    Hey Chris,

    Long time follower, and thank you for this informative post. Ahhh yes, the infamous Google Cash, one of the greatest PPC eBook of all time, and I absolutely agree, by far right Facebook is Google’s biggest competitor for online traffic, neck and neck.


  72. Chris Carpenter

    One of the Greatest PPC ebook of all time. Nicely said!


  73. Celeste

    Hi Chris,
    I don’t think Google advertising will be doomed until the big advertisers get a much better ROI somewhere else. Even then, they’re likely to continue to engage in “image ads” on Google for quite a while.


  74. Chris Carpenter

    Yes this is true. However if people stop using their search engine, then their profits plummet by 65% or something like that.


  75. Bill

    Hi Chris,
    another great piece, thanks! This time adding more of your personal story and how it connects with everything and everyone! I´ll re-read it again for better comphrehension, because guys this is a great marketng piece if you approached it the right way- slowly I am grabbing how to sell without even trying!
    Back in the days, around 2007 I first heard about making money online and those data entry offers. since I wanted to improve my life and getaway form dilbert cube I gave it a shot and failed miserably using adwords – and quit!
    Chris, back then your Google cash course might have saved me, if I knew anything about it or any similar.
    On the other hand, I still have my adwords account since I quit back then and 3 years later I was layed off and forced to make a change. This time I digged more deep into the internet marketing field, bought many courses figured out what i am good at (you can´t be good at all internet marketing venues, pick at elast one and maser it) and one stuck with me, although had many flaws. I took ACTION, risk and since then I am learning by doing while earning enough to cover my basic costs, but not more.
    Next year will definately earn more, but what I really want is the total freedom of a passive income as described by Chris, not just earning good money while working your butt off unable to enjoy that cash!

    Ok, now gotta download that damn google cash book which was supposse to save my*** 3 years back, but life is a trickstar sometimes and the 2nd chance may just be around the corner, if u keep, keeping on-thx Chris for sharing your story!


  76. Chris Carpenter

    Hi Bill,

    Yes, download and read the Google Cash ebook. Perhaps you’ll get some good ideas from it.

    I wouldn’t go running to setup any campaigns though.

    I truly believe there is a much better way to setup your online business. If you haven’t read this post yet, please

    It outlines what I think is the best way to build a business online now.

    In future posts I will expand on that overview in step by step detail.


  77. Dale Loflin

    It’s hard to imagine any company with the size assets of Google or Facebook getting crushed but I do think you make great points. One, if Facebook integrates human intelligence into a search engine platform on Facebook account that would drop the traffic at Google. Two, if what I read about Steve Jobs plans to fight Google from the grave over theft is true, that could impact Google negatively.

    Are you planning an ebook on how to write Facebook ads? I’d buy it and pay for updates as you learned.


  78. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Dale! No, no plans for a Facebook ebook. But I will post some videos and written posts here describing what has been working for us.


  79. bob dippold

    sounds good


  80. Steve

    Nice post Chris. I like many have tried advertising with Facebook and I have mixed feelings about it. Basically people who are on Facebook are not really in buying mode, they are in browsing mode and so it really depends on your offers. Traffic is ultra targeted, even more so than google but i can’t see it as a buyers platform.

    I’d love people to prove me wrong and show me an offer that makes decent cash on Facebook.


  81. Chris Carpenter

    I agree. But there are ways of doing it. You can’t go right for the sale. There are a few more steps than with Google Adwords advertising.


  82. stuart carsley

    Yes i think i read about google only problem is i also read that facebook could be gone in 5 years there are quite a lot of people “defriending” (amazing word leaves you thinking WHAT!!!)


  83. PC

    Okay Chris, here’s how I see it. Facebook could kill off Google if you were to write a new e-book called “Facebook Cash”!

    Great info from you as always,
    PC in SoCal


  84. Dan

    Sorry my bad, I meant to say google’s results seem to be IRRELEVANT not RELEVANT and google’s bad.


  85. Dan

    In my opinion whether PPC or organic search I haven’t found google to be very relevant. I’ve noticed that since their last update…
    The horse and buggy is to the car, what Snail mail is to email, what google is to facebook. Adapt to you ever changing surrounding or be left behind. I believe in ten years time when we hear the word google we will think, “how windows 95”


  86. Duane

    Great post. I actually wondered what happened to you. I purchased your software in 2009. Before I was really thru the training, the talk of the Google slap was being echoed throughout the marketing work and I was afraid to do anything. So I dropped the whole idea and never did anything. I guess the Google slap got me indirectly as well.
    Would there be any benefit to using the detective in this era of online marketing? There are so many 5 click wonders being marketed right now that I don’t really know where to start, but I really want to start. I sat thru a webinar recently that was plugging a very familiar looking piece of software called the Social Cash Detective. That has a very familiar ring to it, doesn’t it? Anyway, I guess I have wandered pretty far away from the original question.
    I would have to say that Google will be very difficult to dethrone. Whether we like their means, the are king. Facebook definitely has the potential to overthrow Google, but it will not be easy. Plus, we don’t know that Facebook will handle its wealth and power any differently than did Google. But by its shear size and popularity, it is a legitamite threat to blow Google away.
    I look forward to hearing from you again soon.


  87. Chris Carpenter

    If you love Adwords and PPC advertising you can still make it work. If you are just looking for an opportunity to profit from online, and your passion is not in Adwords marketing, then I would look elsewhere.


  88. John Peterson

    Thank you for this interesting article, I have been attempting IM for a while,
    I used Google adwords last year to promote Amazon products with limited success, I will be looking forward to reading more or your thoughts. I have not use Facebook ads yet, don’t know if I ever will.


  89. Charlie Gaffers

    The arrogance of Google and other search engines will bring them to a big drop – I recently moved from Google back to MSN because quite a lot of on-line suppliers and advertisers suggest that Google may not be the best service for downloads.
    Facebook will level out due to recent bad press particularly where children are involved – the fact that FB have been so slow to deal with the porno and grooming areas of their service. My 50 pence worth in the UK


  90. John T.

    Hey Chris~ Thanks for the crisply stated history of Google’s rise to success and arrogance, your role in helping them, and how grossly they treated you to protect themselves! (A classic case of throwing out the baby with the bath water!) I’ve heard that Facebook is a much better choice for us small fry internet marketers these days. Hopefully, they will learn from Google’s mistakes…and treat their advertisers better along the way.


  91. Chris Carpenter

    Let’s hope so. Only time will tell.


  92. DP

    Hi Chris: Sorry to hear about Google’s shabby treatment of you – if it’s any consolation, in 2005 I wrote the first business report for WordPress that sold thousands of copies – but I’ll never get credited with helping WP get big! It’s a business lesson: Unless you’re part of the ‘inner circle’ with a paycheck and stock options, you’ll end up on the street watching the parade go by (and if ‘The Social Network’ is any indication, even being INSIDE is no guarantee of success). As for Google, they’ll survive like Microsoft and IBM (each big in their era) – but $500,000 and one year is all it would take to replace Google as a search engine (six months if Facebook develops it). Their business model is so fragile it’s scary – and I think their current imitation of Facebook shows they know it.


  93. Chris Carpenter

    It sure will be fun to see how it all turns out.


  94. Mark

    At the moment, the traffic is an important different between Google and Facebook. People go to Facebook to connect with friends. People go to Google for information. It might seem trivial, but it is still a big difference.

    THAT SAID…. look how fast things change on the internet! Yahoo is no longer saying “Yahoo!” AOL is now a distant memory. MySpace is no longer my space. I am glad that I can still use all of them for my business.

    It is just a matter of time before Facebook adopts the same “slap and ban” mentality that Google has taken on. Facebook will also have to answer to consumers, governments, and big money corporations that feed their bottom line. And thus the game continues….


  95. Chris Carpenter

    Yes I agree.

    Then there will be something else for us to be firstcomers in.


  96. tony

    you as does 90 percent of the press have no idea what google plus really is… facebook won’t go away google ends up on top!


  97. Chris Carpenter

    I actually wouldn’t be all that surprised if Google came out on top.


  98. tony

    G+ is an operating system, not a social network… and G+ is already having an influence on rankings… Like’s do not. For that reason alone, Fb is doomed to the path of MySpace.

    And the chaos and lack of control that users have over what is presented to them in the feed… all the changes etc… G+ is designed from the ground up to be the antithesis of 3rd-party control over your experience.

    In coming months and years it will become more clear just exactly what happened.



  99. Sharon

    I really found it interesting to know this Google Adwords history. Thanks for letting us know. I think Facebook will ultimately go on to provide a search engine. Whether it will be the undoing of Google, I don’t know. I’m sure there are a few people working right now on the next best search engine, as this seems to be the way it works in our world of technology…. someone else is always on the cutting edge!


  100. John

    Hey Chris,
    I think you make many valid and interesting points, but I doubt that Facebook could crush Google. Google’s main focus still lies in making the users search experience better and it has been in the race for a long time now. Facebook would have to make many changes to compete with Google and this means it could alienate people (and I don’t think they would take that risk). I have seen many popular sites losing their appeal (and users) only because they made some changes to get more money.


  101. Chris Carpenter

    Very true!


  102. Tony

    I always knew that their success was built on the ‘ordinary advertiser’ but now they are not bothered about them. One reason is probably some of the affiliate rubbish that was churned out and sold through Adwords but that was no reason to ban thousands on automatic without checking what they were selling.

    Morally, Google are in a bad place but they do not care and nobody can do anything about it at the moment. It was the same with Google News sites – they allowed people to set them up and then banned them, even the good ones that people had spent years building. Though I do have a good idea why they started banning them last year, sooner rather than later. But they were not all bad sites.

    They are a law unto themselves! Time will tell what happens…..


  103. barry fosmo

    Real nice story been with you for year now following u and allway readyour emails Barry


  104. Tyson Dalton

    Great article Mr. Carpenter. The oldest rule in the book is the customer is always right or 1st. That’s pretty basic protocol to follow for a successful income. Can’t wait to see the outcome of these basic flaws. However google is my choice search engine. If I had a better alternative I would use it considering Googles relations towards their original customers.(advertisers, people that made the company what it is, etc) You have my support. As I am supportive to any cause that makes us aware of certain types of systems or companys that take advantage of its original support and success. When observed in extreme, I believe this is why the world is in its current economic condition. Capitalism at its finest. Were all customers at some point. Don’t forget where you came from.


  105. Charles Rice

    This “Connect With Facebook” keeps me from getting a free copy. I don’t feel comfortable going that way.


  106. Chris

    Having just read the post and the comments, I dont understand why people are vouching for facebook to take over google’s market share?

    Do you guys really think a big corporation such as facebook will play the nice guy once / if they have “the power”??

    Dint Google proves it doesnt work like that, as highlighted in the blog post and from peoples comments.

    The ideal situation for all of us is to have a distribution of power / market share ( if only!). This way corporations have to fight for their customers by providing good service. When companies own a market, they take their customers for granted and do exactly what google did to all of us that lost our advertising accounts!


  107. Chris Carpenter

    Good points!


  108. patricia

    Hi Chris,
    Facebook is a phneomena.It grew huge and famous in verry little time.It is the hugest spy-machine ever.It is loudly laughing at the rights of personal dada protection,just because people want to show so much about theirselves.I’ve even already had a email fom a scam artist wanting to share 12 millions with me.BUT I believe as any fashion,Facebook is going to last a time.As we realize,we do not really have “Friends” on facebook,their stories are more than boring or it is a kind of publicity,that Facebook is a one-way yelling of : I am alive- and never nobody answers…i thing it will be forgotten,and new things are to come.
    I wonder:instead of showing publicities to people when they want to be distracted, why not having a real marketplace where people expect to buy and sell…and get the whole fin -distraction thing done by the way?
    well it’s just an idea like this
    have a good day


  109. Ejin Franklin

    It is really going to be the survival of the fittest. Facebook from the look of the hostile business competition with google is going to win the battle. Because fb searches is more in demand than google now. But this is not to say that the later should lose hope.


  110. Ariana

    Hi Chris,
    Enjoyed reading this and glad to hear from you after a long time. I had bought your software at the start and appreciate your generosity and openness.
    I believe another search engine might surface in 1-2 yrs, non-American, that will dwarf Google’s abilities and merits (hopefully not greed). I don’t think it’ll be FB either. I believe it’s being developed right now.


  111. Jeff Fechner

    I agree with some, with Facebook at 800 million users, how hard is it for Facebook to tweak their plan to a search engine. They have the captive audience, and if they reward those who advertise and make it better and stronger than google, then google is bound to have some strong competition.


  112. Liam

    Interesting article. Google were very nasty banning thoses people from their adwords.
    But, unfortunately, isn’t that what big business is all about – dirty tricks.
    Serves Google right if everyone goes to Facebok.
    If you screw your customers and think they won’t notice, it will eventually come back to you and seriously damage your business.


  113. Robert

    I think you’re right. A lot of new affiliate marketing systems being promoted are geared toward Facebook (and Twitter). My prediction is that Google may take a significant hit for a while and then may pull something out of the hat to stay competitive and minimize losses, while Facebook probably remains as a key competitor. My 2 cents.


  114. Claudiu Cernat

    I think yes, Google will fail ultimately but will Facebook become the search engine king? Not sure. Instead I see this as a shift in the way we act on Internet, who say we must search the way we do now? Instead we could interact much more with real people. What I don’t like on Google is the huge number of results, much more than what is needed, with a lot of bogus results and much time lost to filter out the significant value from the chaff.


  115. Jeffrey

    I think ultimately, Googles arrogance will be their downfall.
    Good story by the way….


  116. RC Thompson

    Yea Chris,
    I don’t think Google is doomed but I think they will end up sharing some of / more of the market in the near future. Facebook is to big and ‘powerful’ at this point to ignore the opportunity staring at them in the face! BTW…Vail Mountain just opened for the season and the snow is pretty darn good already!!!


  117. Robert Leeuwe

    Hi Chris, great post.
    As a business owner a realize the importance of keeping your customers happy! Google has become huge over the years, by the grace of a large faithful group of users/advertisers. In the end of the day it does not matter how big a company has become, but more importantly, how their customers view them. I do believe that if Google continues to ignore the importance of customer relations, in the long run there will be a huge decline in their populairity. On the other hand if Facebook plays their cards right, they will gain what Google will be loosing. Just a matter of time.


  118. Claudiu Cernat

    Chris, you are right, in my opinion, this huge company is acting like every company or state or individual during the history: First have a smart idea and ride the wave, is humble, smart, popular, then become rich, powerful and this alter it’s perception of reality and start believing he is God or something, then starts to fall, not before persecuting the rest of us. Classic history repeating.


  119. Bill (LoneWolf) Nickerson

    It seems to me that Google is in for a battle with Facebook. However, both companies are young and flexible, so you may see them splitting the market rather than one taking it all. I think this will be a better situation than one or the other — a good competition to keep things in check.

    I see Google moving into Facebook’s territory with Google+ looking more like Facebook every week. And Facebook is digging into Google’s ad market. As you say, when they are able to harness the power of the people to drive search then they’ll really have something.

    Anyway, it will be an interesting couple of years to see how these two shake out.


  120. Christopher Rose

    Hi Chris,

    Good story.

    Google certainly seems to be doing its best to go from being respected, even loved, into being hated more than say Microsoft.

    It is not even very good at search; many times I find myself using Wikipedia to find stuff cos so many of the results in Google are useless. I reckon it would only take one half decent algorithm to knock them off their perch!


  121. Chris Carpenter

    I still think an open source search engine that runs in the cloud on everyone’s machines could do well. One without advertising, just useful search.


  122. pradeep

    love ur post

    Its Time for FB.


  123. Nitin Mistry

    Hi Chris,
    Great post! I totally agree that FB traffic just awsome. I am one of the fortunate ones and have not had my Google adwords account banned … yet … (fingers crossed :-) ). I spend around $10K per month on Adwords and get a good ROI from it. I also do FB advertising but the techniques are a little different and involves the use of FB Fan pages to build a list. I never ever send traffic directly to a sales page. It’s always to a signup page. That way I only pay for that lead once and market to him/her many times.

    I do not think Google will die – as you said they just got rid of the majority of affiliates. Those that are using Adwords now (many of my clients) are REAL businesses (bricks and mortar) and wanting to drive more traffic to their products and services.


  124. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for sharing!

    Yes Google Adwords still rocks in the ROI department. You hit the nail on the head about the Facebook advertising.

    It is true that people on Facebook are not in a buying mood, much less so than the people clicking on Adwords.

    However that doesn’t mean you can’t convert them. You just have to slow things down a little.

    It is kind of like trying to pick up a women at a party. You can’t just rush in and ask to take them home. You have to connect with them first, build some rapport, get their phone number, go on some dates, etc.

    Facebook Advertising is like that.

    To keep the analogy going, I guess Google Adwords is more like trying to pickup a women on a dating site.


  125. Norm

    Hello Chris,
    We haven’t met, but I have seen you around forever. This is the first time I have dropped around and I was fascinated with your article. Even better, I LOVED the pic at the top. I seriously need to borrow that for an arkle I have been thinking about

    Google isn’t going away. The reason is, that it doesn’t take someone who wears tinfoil underwear to appreciate how deeply this sinister organization has its hooks into everyone on earth worth having. If you do commerce in some way besides barter or cash, a little of you is owned by Google whether you compute or not.

    Of course, folks who do what we do…well, they pretty much own us, unless we’re not on the right side of the old spreadsheet, then they don’t want us. (But they still have access to us, though we have none to them.)

    Google is equivalent to the robber baron monopolies that existed in the late 19th century. They are the JP Morgan of the computing world, only a lot nastier. While Microsoft and Intel only care that you use their products, friend Google wants inside your head to know why you use products. And if they can’t get you through Adwords, they have a hundred other products for you starting with gmail. They WANT your data.

    Next time I hear that Google is looking only for the most relevant and best results for the googler, because *they care* I’m going to have to run outside to barf. Google is looking out for Google. Always.

    And don’t think you’re safe when you move strictly to organic either. The tightrope we walk is being honed down to the thickness of a razor by friend Google. My current theory is that organic guys are being herded to pay per click. The old ways are being panderized out of existence daily.

    Just trying to make sense out of stuff… Thanks for the arkle Chris. I swear I have seen bits and pieces of it over the years. Nice to bring it all together.



  126. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for your very interesting side of the coin Norm!


  127. Williams

    Yeah, Yeah!!
    Listen, this is just a phase for google.
    Google adwords is NOT the only thing in their sales funnel.
    Yes, they banned my account too. I was mad but got over it.

    What if they re-open every affiliate accounts that they banned. Will you guys go back to google for some love?


  128. Chris Carpenter

    I’m still on Google Adwords. Adwords is way too awesome to just stop using them because they banned you for life! It’s not that hard to get a new account. I wrote about how to do this further up in the comments.


  129. Rosemary

    Yes I think Facebook will surpass Google because it will morph into a marketer’s paradise as it grows up and capitalizes on it’s goldmine of information.



  130. Floyd

    Yeah, I was one that was banned years ago :-(
    Never knew why.
    I hope for better days ahead, Thanks


  131. Maddie

    I think that you had a great Idea, I am a stay at home grandmom raising my grandaughter with no help and no money, if your book could help me I would find you and give you a big kiss! I think google will be ok for now but you never know what can happen…


  132. GoogleWebsiteSearch

    You said in your article that Google is the best and that is attributed to the many search tools they have available and they keep developing more. If they are to be taken down, a system like Adwords will need to be developed and statistical tools that measure success. That is not too far off in the distant future and Facebook is a good start.


  133. Kathy

    I think Google is a very powerful company and I believe they will always be a power, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be brought down a step or two. I think Google needs a strong competitive force that will make them see what all they lost by banning all those advertisers, and I believe it could be Facebook to do it.


  134. Malcolm

    HI Chris, great blog post.

    I hate Google but unfortunately, I do use their search engine. If ther was another equally good choice, I would definitely use the alternative. I hope that Facebook succeeds in achieving this or some other search engine.

    I don’t think Google will fail completely but I think that they will lose a huge proportion of their current users in time. They treat people so bad and, like you say, forget those who have helped the achieve their astronomical growth. We helped Google grow and I’m sure they will see we can help some other Search Engine grow.

    What really pisses me off about the suspended accounts is that they were approved by Google in the first place. We did what they asked back then and made changes when asked but they still banned people for doing what was back then accceptable.

    Ahhhhhhhh, time to calm down.

    Once again, great post.



  135. Brad

    I’m thinking FB will take over Google in the next couple years. Even if they put up a search engine half as good as G on FB people will use it because they spend so much time on FB as is.


  136. Brad

    I am another one who was banned :(


  137. Larry

    Hey Chris,

    Facebook has come under alot of scrunity because of the data they capture from users. However, Facebook is so popular and has such a huge following I think they will come out as the winners in this race. I am a casual user of Facebook but I am starting to use it more and more. I believe they are too strong and smart to lose out on this opportunity to generate revenue form their existing customers.


  138. Mike

    Hi Chris,

    When I wanted to learn about Google Adwords, I would always referr to your book or to Perry Marshal. You guys were the go to guys in that department.

    I don’t believe Facebook will overtake Google in any area where search results would be the test because Google has such a track record on data as to what makes a good search engine do what it does.

    I do think that Goole will loose ground as the primier source for good paid traffic. Facebook has really stepped up their participation in that market and seems to be focusing on building a relationship with their members and advertisers alike.

    Unlike Google who plays the gorilla at times, I believe Facebook will have a more relational focus and a strong determination to marry the two…advertisers and members.

    Good Post.



  139. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Mike and everyone else for sharing your thoughts and comments!


  140. Andrea

    Facebook is huge – Google is huge.

    Two different giants can live up two separate bean stalks as long as they each have their own golden goose and I believe that Google and Facebook each have their own specialties, or geese if you will.

    *At least I hope I’m right because I did a little advertising on Facebook last month and didn’t make a penny off of it.


  141. myles leitch

    Hello Chris,

    I am based in Edinburgh Scotland,and did make some modest money trying adwords for a couple of years around 2007/2008.

    I am not a user of facebook,and personally find the social network sites rather drab.Believe this or not Chris,a contributer to the break down of my 12 yearold marriage was down too the the constant usage of my wife on this site.It has its place of course,but I feel of the 800million users, there will be many more of what I term “facebook widows” over the coming years,and numbers will ineviataly start to dwindle,hence reducing the advertising potential,and generally most people on facebook are talking shite too each other,to people they hardly know.I am not bitter about facebook however,lol oh the irony!


  142. Chris Carpenter

    Yeah I hear you!

    I can’t believe how some people can spend hours and hours every day on Facebook and Twitter. Come on, go outside and have some fun!


  143. Jacques

    Great article Chris,

    Google is huge and will probably never fall or be forgotten as people do not say “do an internet search for x.y. & z” they mostly all say “google it”… however with the rest of your article mentioning about their error to ignore the minority and thus sending them to facebook or elsewhere, may mean great potential for facebook and the minority (soon to be majority) to score out of this error and make facebook reach those heights and be greater than google but google will still be there with competition.. i thnk the evolution of facebook has been mindblowing and opportunities for us entrepeneurs are endless…


  144. mira

    i think that google is for research and studies and facebook is fun its two diffrent things but facebook will only grow unless google will think of
    a good solution


  145. Lee McKenna

    Hi Chris,

    I don’t think Google will ever been doomed because its just to big and everyone on the planet knows Google and will always automatically just think to go and Google what they are looking for.

    However Facebook is also on par with Google now and is probably bigger so what is stopping FaceBook from brining out there own search engine?

    Maybe called “Facebook Search”

    They could have and could even put a search box inside Facebook for people to conveniently use when they want to search the web for something. That could hurt Google BIG time because people come online much more to go on Facebook rather to do a search for something and if Facebook is open when people do want to search for something Google will not have a look in if Facebook is conveniently open already for the user.

    Thats my thoughts on the matter.

    PS. I’m being forced into SEO now because like you I got banned a few months ago. I was pissed off because I changed all my sites that got slapped and even got my account back and my landing pages APPROVED. Then some sort of Google bot ever few months was pulling my account and slapping my landing pages. THIS WAS NOT A HUMAN. When I contacted Google about this slap each time they humanly reviewed my landing page and approved my account. It was a pain because it was happening each month.

    Anyway to cut a long story short they got sick of me emailing them to manually approve my account each time and banned me for life. Well that can only be why because my landing pages are fine. They must be to of kept getting manually approved.

    I was in the selling on eBay niche. They liked it at first. But like I said must have got sick of the Google bot pulling my pages and automatically banning my account.

    Which is why I’m doing SEO. And I’m glad because to CAN NOT get slapped with SEO even in the money making niche and you get so much more traffic from being number 1 organically as thats where all the eye balls look.

    Thanks for your story I enjoyed it.

    Lee McKenna


  146. Tim

    Hey Chris & Lee, I agree Facebook could start Facebook search. They could make the search results come from what your network of friends have said about the topic, or real-time Facebook users across Facebook!!! That would be amazing, perhaps making Facebook a better place to search than google.

    I doubt google would ever be severely diminished by Facebook. Google is pretty smart. If necessary, they’ll move into Facebook’s space & compete directly; or just go back to doing what worked in the beginning.

    However, I think Facebook is on the verge of explosive growth. They just need to do a few things right – make their advertisers happy, maximize their users data ( without completely pissing them off ) & possibly start Facebook search.

    Cheers, Tim.


  147. Chris Carpenter

    Hi Lee, thanks for your comment and sharing your story!


  148. Lee McKenna

    No problem Chris. Nice to meet you :-)



  149. Ilse Krige

    I find your story very interesting as well as I agree with you that in the future google will die an ugly death.

    Kind regards


  150. Carl Willoughby

    Google is NOT doomed. As you said in your article “Even those of us who got banned from Google Adwords still use the Google Search Engine, because it is the best”. I myself got banned from Google Adwords. For what… I still don’t know – they never told me. But, I still use their search and probably always will. I imagine many others will probably do the same.


  151. Jim Nech

    Hi Chris,

    I was one of the first people lucky enough to find your Google Cash eBook back in 2003. I gave you a testimonial that you used on your website.

    Unlike some of the othercommenters, I do believe that Google can go belly-up. In fact I think that they are well on their way.

    Having been involved with computing technology since the early 1980s I have seen quite a few large companies who literally owned their space, lose their way and totally disappear.

    A few that come to mind are Ashton Tate(dBase), Novell and Lotus Development corp.(Lotus 123) to name a few.

    Dominating a particular space is no guarantee of future success. If history tells us anything, its that the larger a company grows, the harder it is to keep the focus that got them there in the first place.

    It seems that the larger they become, the more arrogant they get and they too start believing that they are too large to fail…

    Google’s main strength was that people loved them but that is changing. Their motto was “Do no evil”. Is there anyone left who still believes that?

    Later Dude,



  152. Chris Carpenter

    No, Google is not doomed. I got banned from Adwords, and still got another Adwords account to keep advertising with them.


    Because it works. As long as it keeps working, they’ll do fine.

    If people ever stop using their search engine though, then a huge piece of their pie will crumble. And then who knows…


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