Hurricane Carlotta hit us head on


The video above is a short video clip showing what happened when hurrican Carlotta smashed directly into our house. The sound is not the best as I made the voice over in an internet cafe.

A few days ago Hurricane Carlota smashed directly into our beach front home in southern Mexico.

Luckily everyone survived.

It was very scary. The wind made horrible sounds. At times it sounded like an angry possessed voice screaming at us.

At other times it was a whistling sound. And sometimes a roar.

It’s now been 5 days since the hurricane. We are all still without electricity and water.

There are a couple of places in town that have electricity and internet. I’m in an internet cafe right now that has power and internet.

The hurricane caught everyone off guard. There was very little warning.

And the really strange thing is that after the hurricane, it didn’t even make the news.

None of my friends or family sent me an email to see if we were ok.

When I wrote them that there was a hurricane here they were all shocked.

The damage was pretty heavy though. Many houses completely destroyed, people without shelter, water or electricity.

Everyone is doing fine though. This really pulled the community together and we’ve all been housing each other and helping each other.

Living on the beach is great, except for hurricanes and tsunamis and all that fun stuff ;-)

I think we might have had enough of the beach front living.

It’s too harsh. The salt air destroys everything.

And not to mention the hurricanes, those are no fun either.

Now I’m thinking it’s better to live near the beach, perhaps an ocean view, but not right on the beach.

Live and learn!


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  1. Jeff Holland

    Hey Chris I’m so glad that you and your family are safe if you need an extra hand I’ll be more than happy to fly down there and hope you all get your house back together and your community. You are in my thoughts and prayers!


  2. Jeff Holland

    And help*


  3. Andreas

    Hi Chris,
    thanks to God that you and your family are ok. Sorry for the damages in your home.
    I wish you all the best.


  4. Everardo

    WOW! Chris,

    I am catching up with my mail, after a few days of not connecting to the internet.

    I am glad that you and your loved ones are OK.

    Wishing you all the best.



  5. Gary

    Hi Chris,
    I am very happy that you and yours are ok, I have to admit I am really surprised that there wasn’t any huge waves coming in on you all. I think that this is the first time that I have heard such a thing.
    Since I do not have a tv I don’t here much of anything about the weather or anything else for that matter.

    Stay spunky,


  6. JBailey

    Hi: Chris, sorry for the loss of time and valuables.
    Thank goodness you and your loved ones’ are ok.

    Thanks for sharing.


  7. Tony

    Hi Chris,

    glad to hear you guys are all ok, thats quite bad thats happened to you.

    i never been in something like that only seen it on the Telly.

    i lived most of my life in Durban Natal South Africa which is also a coastly town and i have witnessed high seas and strong wind but never anything like you have just been through.

    if there is anything i can help with please give me a shout.

    all the best



  8. Nompumelelo

    I live in Swaziland, am sorry for what happened, we thank God for your lives. May God continue to protect you under His wings in Jesus Name.


  9. Phini

    Wow, Chris you have to have a sense to humour to survive that and document it in a short video. I am glad you and your family are okay. You always bring a smile to my face whenever I watch your videos or read your blogs.



  10. Francis

    So sorry that you and your fabulous family had to go through this experience Chris, but thank goodness you are all okay.

    Look forwrd to reading your blogs again once you have sorted your family and home out.

    Good luck we are all thing of you guys.




  11. david

    Dude, I am glad everyone is ok. It is a bit weird that given the way the NEWS works today that people didn’t know what happened until you told them.

    Hang in there. and you just convinced me that living ON the beach can safely be avoided.


  12. Paul

    Chris- I’m glad to hear that you and your family are ok Boy talk about a story to have to write about. Earth quakes,hurricanes whats next Oh my!
    Chris you and yours take care and be safe. I have only been through one earth quake and that was enough for my lifetime. As always looking forward to hear how every thing goes. God bless and take care


  13. Clara

    Glad to hear that you and your family is ok. Sounds like the neighbors are as well. It must be strange to live through something so scary and not make the news. Our world seems so connected, but we are not always as connected as one might assume.
    I hope the clean up is quick, and more than that, that your kids do not have any kind of negative thoughts or dreams to work through. God bless.


  14. Patty Nevers

    I didn’t hear anything about it on the news I like to keep an eye open for a sunny day to ride my Rebel, not one mention of it.. Thankfully no one was seriously injured or worse! The view from above the storm was perfectly awesome the so called eye of the storm gave me chills it looked so scary.
    Build on a strong stone bluff over looking the perfect view! That must of been one hell of a ride


  15. Mike

    Phew! That was a close one bud and I bet it was quite an eye opener, especially knowing what you know now.

    I’m glad you and your family are safe. All the other things can be replaced.


  16. George Hodges

    Hey Chris,
    Good news that you’re all ok. With your house that close to the Ocean,and seemingly at Sea level, I’d say you folks were actually pretty lucky! — even though it might not seem that way right now. — Been though these many times on the East Coast, so I can feel your pain :(
    Take care, and look for a house about 50 feet above Sea level.


  17. Chris Carpenter

    Yes it is way to close to the ocean. I was worried about tidal surges which I read can form during hurricanes. The water did come up onto our property but not into the house.
    The house filled with sand and water but from the wind and spray not from the ocean coming in.
    Yes our next house is definitely not going to be on the beach. :-)


  18. gnayle mcdonald

    Hi Chris,
    What an ordeal and how scary! I was in the 1994 earthquake here in LA and the sound was incredible–like the earth was breaking apart. I can just imagine how scary those wind sounds were. I’m glad you and your family are well and others were not hurt either. Thanks for sharing!


  19. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Gayle!

    Yes the sound was incredible. So loud and sounds we have never heard before.

    We’ve had quite a few earthquakes here too, seems like a weekly occurrence, but luckily no major damage by them.


  20. Mitchell Russo

    I thought about you and your family living on the beach when I saw the hurricane forming on The Weather Channel a few days ago, here in New Orleans.

    You are the only folks I know of who live on the Pacific coast of Mexico.
    I didn’t think you were in the direct path of the storm but that you might be moving to higher ground to avoid the tidal surge.

    I know how surviving this experience can change your point of view. Wherever we choose to reside, our mobility is what matters the most.


  21. Chris Carpenter

    I actually didn’t know about the tidal surge phenomenon I just learned about it recently after researching hurricanes online. We were lucky that there was no major tidal surge or our house probably would have been under water.


  22. Mike

    Hi Everyone, hope you are alright. Look after yourselves.


  23. Sean

    Hey Chris,

    Luckily here in the UK, we are not troubled by such bad storms and especially hurricanes.

    Glad you and your family are safe…Best wishes


  24. Ben Gillott

    Yeah here in the UK we don’t get sudden storms like that we just get it dragged out ovet 10 months of rain haha…
    Seriously though Chris, just take it easy and get the place cleaned up back to normal, just part of life in tropical places…


  25. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks guys!

    Yeah you are safe from the tropical storms in the UK.

    Hopefully you get some good weather! I know it can be so beautiful there when it is not grey and drizzling non stop.


  26. Williams

    sorry about all these stuff man!
    glad you and your family are ok


  27. reema huq

    I am so shocked you got caught up in such a terrible disaster I hope you get help! I am shocked again. I did not get it that there would be a hurricane over your way. I’m so sorry to get in touch with all this on. I’m just reading through google cash . It looks good.

    Good luck! Reema.


  28. Paul Truman

    Hi Chris and Family

    Glad to hear everyone is 0k… if it is man made, it can be problemoo… human body parts are a different case! I have experienced an F4 tornado back of May 1985, in Barrie On Canada..winds exceeding 206 mph. ..scary stuff… really do not want to experience a hurricane or tsunamis by the by.

    Some brainstorming: If you did live away from the beach, you probably would have experience damage on your home anyway… I often thought that a built concrete bunker on residence would be an awesome place to be in such situations… if below ground… can have air and water problems…if above ground….how do you fasten the bunker to the ground/rock bed to prevent movement.etc. from the forces of mother nature… anyways, my 2 cents worth!

    Happy to hear everyone is fine.. thanks for letting us know about your situation.

    Love and cheers



  29. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Paul and everyone for the caring words.

    We took shelter in a concrete room. And felt pretty safe there. The problem was that there were some glass windows and we were afraid of them shattering on us, so we hid under mattresses.

    Those windows ended up not breaking since they were at a different angle to the storm, the wind didn’t hit them directly.

    The windows that were in the direct path of the storm did break though.

    I think I made a mistake by closing all of the windows, probably should have left them open and maybe the wind would have just blown through.

    Who knows though, maybe that would have been even worst?


  30. Dafna

    Thanks God you all survive, and non of you hurt,
    Be strong,
    Wish you the best,


  31. james aiman

    Hi Chris,

    It was unexpected to face natural disaster. I am pleased to know that life is safe for your family and neighbors. As my online friend, I am thankful for your Video to express the situation. Hope and pray that situation will improve soon.

    James Aiman.


  32. Patricia

    There is no way I would live in an area like this as I’m deathly afraid of storms! I’m glad all of you are okay.
    Take care,
    Patti Nowak


  33. Lois

    Hi Chris, I am sorry you experienced the wrath of hurricane Carlota but glad all of you are physically okay. I’ve gone through many hurricanes in Miami. While the destruction is horrific and frightful when they crash in, I hope you rebuild and stay in your beautiful beach home. It may seem now like a tall price to pay but being on the beach in Miami has always been worth it for me. Hope you get power back soon!


  34. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Lois!

    We’re actually having fun as a family working on the cleanup together, candle lit evenings, etc. It could have been much worst!


  35. donaldpatriquin

    Glad you’re alive and well!

    Yes, life can very suddenly be upset– ANYWHERE. Do hurricanes ‘strike twice’? If not, your beach house might in fact be a pretty safe place to stay in.



  36. Chris Carpenter

    I heard that once a hurricane hits somewhere it is quite likely to happen again during the same season.

    I hope that is not the case.

    At least next time we will be a little more ready. I have never been in a hurricane before and didn’t really take it that serious.


  37. Marvin

    Strange that the huricane did not make the news. Glad to se that you and your family are OK. So when are you moving?


  38. Chris Carpenter

    No immediate plans to move. Gonna start looking at alternatives.

    Maybe before Jan 21, 2012. They say widespread tsunamis are going to start then. Hopefully that is not the case.


  39. C.J. Ware

    Wow – I remember you and I talking about the possibility of a hurricane or tidal wave hitting someday. Glad everyone is o.k.


  40. Chris Carpenter

    Yeah I remember that too. The funny thing is that we never really think it is going to happen until it happens. This one really caught everyone off guard. No one was ready for it.

    The day of the hurricane it was nice and calm and sunny. Since we were watching the swell forecasts online we saw that a storm was going to hit us, even a possible hurricane. But since the weather was so nice, we all thought that it probably wasn’t going to come after all.

    Then it came on strong and fast.

    We were lucky for sure!


  41. Sumaya Kabbara El Ayoubi

    Thank God nothing happened to you and your family.


  42. Carroll

    Hey Chris,
    I’m glad to see you and your family made it safely thru the devastaion. Hope all goes well in the clean up and reconstruction. You all were truly bless.


  43. juandettwiler

    Hi Chris.

    Well these “demonstrations” of Nature can be scary! I am glad nobody got hurt. Take care. all the best!



  44. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Juan!

    Yes it was super scary. 110 mph winds. We were hunkered down in a corner and at times covered ourselves with a mattress in case of flying glass.


  45. Antonios

    Glad your family and you survived the hurricane. 110 mph is tough. Some have gone up to 150 mph. Their destructiveness is geometrical.

    I know I live in Puerto Rico and we have this every six months for six months (June – November), but sometimes the season reaches January.
    Most hurricanes that have hit PR have done it in the August-September period.

    The best protection against hurricanes is a good concrete built house. Everything concrete.

    Living near the beach and at sea level is life threatening. You were lucky that tidal waves didn’t hit your place.

    Most injuries and deaths that occur during a hurricane is of people not following the safety rules:
    1) Protect windows and doors with hurricane shutters.
    2) Prepare with water, food and other things long before the hurricane reaches your place. Luckily, hurricanes give warnings even days before they hit a place.
    3) Keep inside your house or shelter. Never go outside until the authorities advice so.
    4) Never have gas tanks, fire (candles) inside your house during a hurricane. If something gets on fire you don’t have anywhere to go.
    5) Use battery equipment during the hurricane inside your home. Flashlights, DC to 120 v converter.
    6) Asthmatics should have the converter in case they have an asthma attack.
    7) Follow the local Civil Defense and Red Cross instructions.
    8) Mexico and Central America suffer from Atlantic and Pacific Oceans hurricanes, so you have double the thing.
    9) Protect your pets and domestic animals, too.
    10) If you live at sea level near a water body, look for shelter in a higher level place.
    11) Tsunamis are produced by earth or ocean quakes and most don’t give much time for survival.
    12) If you think a tsunami is going to happen, run for your family’s and your life to a very high place, not building, most buildings won’t protect you against it.

    I worked for the American Red Cross teaching people on disaster prevention and protection. And, I used to install hurricane shutters.




  46. Rev. Scott

    Thank you Antonio for sharing those 12 points:

    They’re more than just thoughtful–
    FOLLOWING them can & will save lives–
    maybe some of Chris’s readers!

    We’re glad you & your family are okay Chris–that’s always the most important thing!


  47. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for the Tips!


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