The video above is a short video clip showing what happened when hurrican Carlotta smashed directly into our house. The sound is not the best as I made the voice over in an internet cafe.

A few days ago Hurricane Carlota smashed directly into our beach front home in southern Mexico.

Luckily everyone survived.

It was very scary. The wind made horrible sounds. At times it sounded like an angry possessed voice screaming at us.

At other times it was a whistling sound. And sometimes a roar.

It’s now been 5 days since the hurricane. We are all still without electricity and water.

There are a couple of places in town that have electricity and internet. I’m in an internet cafe right now that has power and internet.

The hurricane caught everyone off guard. There was very little warning.

And the really strange thing is that after the hurricane, it didn’t even make the news.

None of my friends or family sent me an email to see if we were ok.

When I wrote them that there was a hurricane here they were all shocked.

The damage was pretty heavy though. Many houses completely destroyed, people without shelter, water or electricity.

Everyone is doing fine though. This really pulled the community together and we’ve all been housing each other and helping each other.

Living on the beach is great, except for hurricanes and tsunamis and all that fun stuff ;-)

I think we might have had enough of the beach front living.

It’s too harsh. The salt air destroys everything.

And not to mention the hurricanes, those are no fun either.

Now I’m thinking it’s better to live near the beach, perhaps an ocean view, but not right on the beach.

Live and learn!