Alaska Heli Skiing

Please watch the video above in full screen, otherwise the riders look tiny on the big mountains.

This video is a quick edit I made of our April 2012 Alaska heli skiing trip. I wasn’t going to make a video this year because I really don’t like editing. It is so tedious and is a painstaking process. But I received several emails asking me to post an action video from AK. So I did.

I set aside 5 hours to do it. The video could be much better. With 10 more hours I could cut the video in half and greatly improve it. But it is too painful to edit for that long. So this will have to do. I hope you enjoy it.

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think …

I’ve been living in warm and sunny Mexico for the last 8 years.  Before that when I lived in Utah I used to try to ski 100 days every season. Since I moved to Mexico I had to figure out how to keep getting my skiing fix every year. I used to go back to Utah for two months every year.

Now I figured out how to squeeze an entire ski season into just two weeks.

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Alaska Prize Giveaway

It’s been a little while since I last posted a blog post.

Here’s why…

I’m up in Alaska right now. Been here for about 10 days.

Came up here for some helicopter-skiing.

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stop procrastinating


Stop Procrastinating …


I’m finally back home in Mexico. That was a long trip, two and a half months away from home. That’s too long!

Anyway, since I have been home I have found it hard to do my fitness training. I usually do it every other day. But lately I have been procrastinating my fitness training and then something always comes up and I end up not doing it.

I did some research on how to stop procrastination. I found a bunch of different tips on how to stop procrastinating.

I’d like to share one which has been working for me, with you now.

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marketing strategy

Look how mesmerized we are by his passion and knowledge


Marketing Strategy Revealed …


We just returned to Argentina from our Chile surf trip. Wow, what an awesome trip. Great waves, great wines, great people.

Driving back from Chile we stopped in southern Argentina,  in “El Bolson”  in Patagonia for a couple days.

I learned a great marketing lesson that I would like to share with you.

This could be the most powerful marketing strategy ever …

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10 life lessons

10 Life Lessons I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

I learned a big life lesson today …

I’d like to share it with you because you might find it helpful.

I went surfing this morning, here in Chile, at a new spot I have never been to before. It is a secret spot but there were 8 guys in the water since the waves were pumping and perfect.

I was quite nervous because I was the new guy on the block, just showing up and paddling out amongst them.

They all gave me a little wary look as I paddled up to them in the line up, kind of like, “who is this guy at our secret spot”.

I waited patiently in the line up, a little to the side of all of them until it was my turn. The sets started to roll in and one by one they took off on the waves. Several waves came in and everyone caught waves and was gone.

I was there by myself waiting. I turned towards the beach to see that everyone was paddling back out towards me.

I thought, “Oh please, send me a wave now while I am here by myself and no one else is here”.

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travel scams

Travel Scams – Traveler Beware – Helping Travelers Avoid Scams 

If you’ve been reading my blog then you know that I just left Argentina and drove to Chile on a surf trip.  We just arrived at a surf spot here in Chile last night. More updates on the trip coming soon, but first I want to tell you about our little run in with the police.

While driving through Argentina we got scammed by the police. 

Here’s what happened …

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starting a business

Starting a Business?

Many people learn the hard way what works and what doesn’t.  Here’s some great advice that will help us avoid common mistakes made when starting a business.

Growing up I was surrounded by entrepreneurs. All of my uncles on my mom’s side of the family ran successful businesses, and I learned that working for yourself was a great way to improve your lifestyle.

No surprise then that I now own a few businesses of my own. But I made lots of mistakes getting started, mistakes I could’ve avoided if I’d known a few things.”

Neil Patel

Neil believes these 17 mistakes are most important to avoid:

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how to be an expertHow to Be an Expert …

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts in becoming an expert. It is not like the movie The Matrix.  We cannot download a kung-fu program into our brains, and all of the sudden be a kung-fu master.

Mastering anything takes time, effort, and practice. While there are no shortcuts to mastery, usually the path to gaining any type of expertise is relatively straightforward. You simply need to be willing to walk the path.

If that is true then why is the world crowded with so many people who desire to accomplish something great, yet never even come close to their dreams?

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Information Entrepreneurs …

Adventure is the number one reason people quit their 9-5 jobs to become entrepreneurs.

You sail away from all the rules and restrictions on you, to make your own schedule and to do everything on your own without having to work for anyone. 

You imagine sailing for what you hope is a short time and landing someplace where the treasure is plentiful. To work smarter, not harder and longer.  To be paid for the time you put in and the time your crew puts in for years to come.

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Argentina Mate Giveaway

If you’ve been following my blog then you know that every few weeks I give a prize away to my blog readers from wherever I happen to be.

I’m in Argentina right now. I figured it would be fitting to give out a prize from here. Something local.

This prize giveaway consists of some Traditional hand crafted Argentinean goods.

Here in Argentina almost everyone drinks Yerba Mate.

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