Fitness … anytime, anywhere … without a gym

It’s very important for me to be as FIT as possible. It makes everything much more fun!

It makes me feel light and strong and gives me tons of energy to practice my favorite extreme sports like: skiing, snowboarding, surfing, kitesurfing and dirt biking.

Fitness can become complicated …

I’ve tried all sorts of different fitness programs, and they’ve always fallen short for one reason or another.

Finally I found a killer fitness program that I can do anywhere, anytime, and without a gym. I’ve shared the program with you here. Watch the video above, and print out the PDF document below which explains the circuit and each of the exercises in greater detail …

Click Here to download your fitness plan


This workout program was created by my friends Mitch and Bibi Toelderer. This amazing husband and wife team are both professional snowboarders. In 2011 Mitch is the Freeriding Snowboard World Champion.

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internet marketers

Internet Marketers revealed …

$100 Million in a few short years? 
These 10 Internet Marketing experts know something you don’t …
“Information overload” is the #1 reason why millions of people FAIL to make money online. There’s simply too much information,  and a lot of it stinks …

If you’re ready to Make Money Online, avoid costly mistakes AND learn faster – then start copying the best Internet Marketers online.

These I.M. legends have generated over $100 million dollars in just the last few years.

They have so much to share and you can learn from their success (and costly mistakes). Read my personal reviews, check out their stuff and increase your own chances of making it big online.

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find your passion

(Photo: Marine showing her passion for Yoga)

Find your passion …

It’s true that many people don’t know what they are passionate about.  It’s simply because they have never sat down and concentrated on writing down their passions.

For starters we need to understand what passion is.  Passion is what drives us.  What interests us so intensely that we could spend copious amounts of time doing it and never grow tired of it?

People who are following their passions in their life love getting up in the morning.  They love their work and they love their relationships.   With passion often comes ambition.  Again it’s far more likely that we will be determined to always be moving forward while driven by our passions and our ambition to achieve the changes we want for ourselves and our world. [Read More …]

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saving your butt

Saving Your Butt …

Whether standing, or sitting for long periods of time it is likely that we are engaging in problematic habits.

Nearly all of us need a hand in making our work less taxing on our bodies.  We sit slumped over because we are looking down at our computer screens.  Many of us do not adjust our chairs correctly and do not sit with the best posture.

For most office workers there are two major issues that stand out in their work.  They do a lot of sitting and a lot of typing.  There are things we can do to help combat that strain on our bodies from doing so.

My wife, Marine, is a yoga teacher. She designed a short 15 minute yoga session for me to do before and after I work at my computer for long periods of time. Since I have been doing these stretches, my lower back pains have completely gone away, and I am pain free.

[

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mobile appsMobile Apps on the rise …

One day at work, a friend of mine walked up to my office desk to tell me about a new app he had made. I didn’t own an iPhone, I had never seen iTunes and I really didn’t know what an “app” was. He announced proudly that he had made a ‘book’ type app …

[

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online marketing

Online Marketing explained …


With the growing advancements in technology traditional marketing strategies have been pushed aside, and taken over by new innovative ones. Online marketing is the new norm. But what exactly is online marketing?

[

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online entrepreneurs

Online entrepreneurs are a busy bunch. Not only do we have multiple projects going on at the same time, but the technology is also bringing new demands for our everyday lives.

Although being an online business owner is a dream for many, the reality is that you can easily waste time on unnecessary work and make the situation harder than it needs to be.

The problem is that you are not going to be making any significant progress toward your goals, especially in the beginning.

You spread yourself too thin and work very long hours in order to reach success. Yet you never seem to make any tangible results that would take you closer to your goals..

So is it any wonder that you see no reason to continue working and you think that having a day job might actually be a good idea?

If this is you – STOP! Just hang on and then take the time to decide what to do next!

[

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regretRegret Nothing …


Before we grow old we should all think about what we want to do with our lives.  Ask yourself this question often, because time flies by faster than most of us realize. 

[

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get stuff done

Get Stuff Done …

I bet this scenario is pretty common if you are a work-at-home dad: you are trying to get work done, but your child is pulling your sleeve and asking you to play with him/her.

If it’s not your child, then it may be your spouse asking you to do something – right now! On top of this, you might have pets who want your attention too.

You start to realize that your expectations about the realities of working at home have been completely wrong. You assumed that your home would be perfect place to get work done and complete those big projects you had planned but …

[

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The video above is a short video clip showing what happened when hurrican Carlotta smashed directly into our house. The sound is not the best as I made the voice over in an internet cafe.

A few days ago Hurricane Carlota smashed directly into our beach front home in southern Mexico.

Luckily everyone survived.

It was very scary. The wind made horrible sounds. At times it sounded like an angry possessed voice screaming at us.

At other times it was a whistling sound. And sometimes a roar.

It’s now been 5 days since the hurricane. We are all still without electricity and water.

There are a couple of places in town that have electricity and internet. I’m in an internet cafe right now that has power and internet.

The hurricane caught everyone off guard. There was very little warning.

And the really strange thing is that after the hurricane, it didn’t even make the news.

None of my friends or family sent me an email to see if we were ok.

When I wrote them that there was a hurricane here they were all shocked.

The damage was pretty heavy though. Many houses completely destroyed, people without shelter, water or electricity.

Everyone is doing fine though. This really pulled the community together and we’ve all been housing each other and helping each other.

Living on the beach is great, except for hurricanes and tsunamis and all that fun stuff ;-)

I think we might have had enough of the beach front living.

It’s too harsh. The salt air destroys everything.

And not to mention the hurricanes, those are no fun either.

Now I’m thinking it’s better to live near the beach, perhaps an ocean view, but not right on the beach.

Live and learn!


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