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I received an email yesterday asking if I’d been kidnapped or something. I guess that is a fair question since I live down in crazy ol Mexico.

And it has been a few weeks since I have posted a new blog post.

I’m happy to share that I am fine.

I’ve just been busy busy busy preparing my new coaching program which is now live.

It’s called “Profit From Your Passion Blueprint

It’s a 12 week coaching program. I can only accept a limited amount of students as I’ll be working personally with each one of you.

Last I checked there were still a few spots available.

The video below explains it all. If you see the “Add to Cart” button under the video, then you can still join. If not, then it’s all full.

I hope you join and I look forward to working with you. I look forward to helping you build a “Lifestyle Business” on the Internet.

Don’t you think it’s time that you start living your dream lifestyle?

Watch this video about the Profit From Your Passion Blueprint and find out how.

Warning: the video is 38 minutes long. So grab your favorite beverage and please allow me to share.

Add To Cart

Profit From Your Passion Blueprint has SOLD OUT! Enter your email address below to stay in the loop. Spots are strictly limited – so add yourself to the list and if spots open again, you will be the first to know ;)

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  1. Lourens

    Well what I’m about to say Chris does not even know yet… lol

    5 years ago I learned about Chris through his software product… his story drove me to success…

    I also now moved to the coast…
    Live in FREEDOM
    Learned to surf also at 32 (Chris at 31.. lol)

    And all of that with the things I learned from him and many others… what he has put together here I believe is EXACTLY what people need…

    And one is NEVER to old to learn THAT is why I also just got this product from him…

    Thanks Chris for being different and being REAL… (like me.. ) ;-)


  2. Pete

    At least you know someone is concerned!!!! just got back from building a outpost hospital in africa plus new water filter system (kids matter)got sketchy there twice some tribal B-S will make a man pucker !!!anyway glad ur OK keep rocking ** gotta get my strength back and do some long boarding then ck ur new blprint out

    surf forever live longer



  3. Chris Carpenter

    Awesome thanks for checking in Pete! Yeah I can imagine what a scene that must have been. God on ya for doing that. Now that you’re home, get back in the water. Not that you need me to tell you that with a tagline like yours :-)


  4. bill kotoski

    Dear Chris
    There is no one like you!


  5. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Bill, I think.

    Is that good or bad?


  6. ron bascom

    lol :-)


  7. bill kotoski

    There is no one more inspiring than you. You have accomplished what most wish for. Success was a byproduct of your passion…what a gift!



  8. Chris Carpenter

    Ha ha, thanks for the nice words Bill!


  9. Daiva

    I believe in Chris’s idea, really:)


  10. Carla Davis

    I’m at work now. I’ll watch the video this weekend when I am home from work. Chris please save spot for me. I read your Google Cash book and I know you are real and good and what you say works. How much is your course?


  11. Craig Casey

    Chris, I joined your coaching program last week and just wanted you to know that I am really getting a lot of value out of it. I have already finished module 1. I received your email yesterday and I sent you my two lists and I hope to win the prize. I look forward to the webinar as well. Thank you.


  12. Chris Carpenter

    Awesome Craig! Yes I got your email with your 5 Reasons and 5 Action Steps.

    Thanks for sending that in, you’ve been entered into the first prize contest.

    See you on the customer webinar, I will send you an email with all of the details a few days before the webinar.



  13. ron bascom

    turned out to be something about my browser. Its not the cache. It seems that when I used another browser I saw the video.


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