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Internet Marketers revealed …

$100 Million in a few short years? 
These 10 Internet Marketing experts know something you don’t …
“Information overload” is the #1 reason why millions of people FAIL to make money online. There’s simply too much information,  and a lot of it stinks …

If you’re ready to Make Money Online, avoid costly mistakes AND learn faster – then start copying the best Internet Marketers online.

These I.M. legends have generated over $100 million dollars in just the last few years.

They have so much to share and you can learn from their success (and costly mistakes). Read my personal reviews, check out their stuff and increase your own chances of making it big online.

Internet Marketers are never …

Down in the dumps

Just last week a friend of mine and I were making pizzas out back in my adobe brick oven. 

I was stoking the fire, when I noticed my buddy seemed down in the dumps.

I asked him what was wrong, “Why the long face?”

He said, “I just spent $2,000 on a marketing course and it’s over 50 hours of video and audios on DVD, and hundreds of pages in pdf!”

“It’s gonna take me months just to get through all of this shit. It’s completely overwhelming”, he added.

What’s your secret Chris, how do you get through it all?” he asked.


Internet Marketers concentrate on the things that work …

I explained to him that you don’t necessarily have to buy and consume any of the Marketing Guru’s products.

It’s more about analyzing their approach to online marketing and studying their emails and websites so that you can set yours up in similar ways.

Use all this information to reverse engineer and then mimic their methods.

I told him straight up, “I follow their marketing campaigns and save everything to swipe files so that I can reverse engineer it all and learn their secrets.”

“But there are hundreds of real and fake marketing gurus. Who do you follow?” he replied.

I gave him the list I am about to give you.  I closely monitor these people’s marketing campaigns and promotions regularly. 

I’m not saying to never buy any products, I buy tons of products. If I can get even 1 really good tip from a product that increases my conversion rates or bottom line somehow, then it is totally worth it.

However, you can get an excellent marketing education simply by studying the ways of successful people.   Here is a list of the marketing gurus I follow.


Frank Kern

1.   Frank Kern 

Website:  http://frankkern.com

Frank is like the Godfather of Internet Marketing. 

With over 11 years under his belt and many 7 figure product launches, he still believes anyone can duplicate his success or anyone else’s!

Frank stresses the importance of our thoughts, actions, decisions, environment and informational inputs.  These things will all affect our sales and ultimately our success.

INPUT–> Thoughts—> Decisions—-> Actions—–> Sales

Check out Frank’s video on how we can increase our sources of positive influence and in turn make more sales.



Andre Chaperon

2.   Andre Chaperon

Website:  http://andrechaperon.com/

Andre is a marketing genius who lives in Spain. I only found out about Andre last year and I quickly devoured all of his content.

I especially liked his “Autoresponder Madness” (A.R.M.) e-book.  It’s all about how to make huge profits from tiny email lists. ARM focuses on what to do once you get people on your email list.

Get on Andre’s list and study his emails. You will notice that they’re engaging, and entertaining like a Cliff Hanger TV series.

Notice how even when Andre is recommending a product or service – many times you don’t even notice that you’re being sold.

Get on Andre’s emai list here:



Peter Spaepen

 3.   Peter Spaepen

Website: http://peterspaepen.com/

Sometimes I’m not sure if Peter is really another person, or if he is just a persona that Andre Chaperon created, or vice versa.

These guys go hand in hand. You can’t watch and study Andre Chaperon without also following Peter Spaepen. Whenever they launch a product, one launches a companion product.

All kidding aside, Peter is one bad-ass marketing genius. It’s scary!

Spaepen does an excellent job building a relationship with his lists.  He has been able to outsell people with lists twenty times as big. His buddy Andre Chaperon has bragged about how many copies of A.R.M 2.0 Peter was able to sell in just a short period of time.

Study what Peter does closely I have learned tons from this dude.


Jeremy Shoemaker

4.   Jeremy Shoemaker (Shoemoney)

Blog: http://shoemoney.com

Shoemoney is an affiliate marketer and a blogger. He’s made millions of dollars over the last 5 years and he blogs his marketing insights.

You can see on his blog that he goes to tons of marketing seminars and seems to like to surround himself with beautiful women. His blog has over 30,000 daily readers!

He’s had a couple killer product launches during the last year. Keep a look out for more from him.

He backed out of a book deal he had writing about how to make money online and instead turned the book into a completely free online marketing course with over 100,000 subscribers to date!

You can signup at: http://www.shoemoneyx.com/signup.php


Andy Jenkins

5.   Andy Jenkins

Website: http://www.andyjenkinsblog.com/

Andy Jenkins has been involved in several multi million dollar launches. He’s a great copywriter, scriptwriter, product launch planner and video expert.

StomperNet first opened in October 2006, with Jenkins as the CEO. Membership was a cool $800/month.  Stompernet was the highest grossing Internet Marketing Launch of all time. It brought in something like $18 million in just a few days.

Andy recently launched his Video Boss product which teaches how to create professional marketing videos that put money in the bank. 

It won’t be long before Andy launches another product. When he does, you’ll want to see how he does it, save everything to swipe files, reverse engineer, and study his methods.


Yanik Silver

6.   Yanik Silver

Website:  http://www.yaniksilver.com

This guy is  one the biggest badasses of them all.  

A self-proclaimed “adventure junkie” he brings top entrepreneurs together to teach others how they have succeeded. Yanik works to lead entrepreneurs of the future to success in online marketing.

I love all of Yanik’s products, and seminars.  His Mavericks Business Adventures product is the coolest concept ever. Check it out at:


He combines awesome adventures like the Baja 1000 off-road race, with business networking and how-to sessions. 

His adventures aren’t cheap but I hear the value you get from the information you learn and the contacts you make, more than makes up for the cost.

Watch Yanik like a hawk. You can learn a lot from this mofo.


Eben Pagan

7.   Eben Pagan

Eben makes over $20 million a year selling information products, like his dating and relationship e-books.

He is also a great teacher. 

His early claim to fame came from his Double Your Dating E-book, where he teaches men how to approach women and get more dates than they have ever had. 

Eben created several dating e-books and earns a few million dollars per year in profits off of these books.

He’s launched a bunch of Internet Marketing products over the last few years. My favorite is his Guru Blueprint, which teaches you how to become an Information Product Marketing Guru.

He’ll be launching a new product soon, and when he does you’ll want to pay close attention. Watch and study what he does for a great, free education.

Signup for his list at:



Jeff Walker

8.   Jeff Walker

Blog:  http://jeffwalker.com/ 

Jeff created the Product Launch Formula. This is an incredible system for launching information products online. It is easy to learn and implement, and works across all niches.

Most of the gurus that I have mentioned here – use Jeff’s formula. Of course they add their own little twists and variations. 

Watch what Jeff does in his product launches. Every new launch he does things a little different. You can learn a lot by noticing these differences and what he repeats each launch and what he does differently.


Jeff Johnson

9.   Jeff Johnson

Website: http://www.undergroundtraininglab.com/

It seems like Jeff always has a launch going on. He’s always testing new things and I’ve learned a lot studying him. He’s got tons of methods for generating traffic and making money with your blog or website.

Checkout his free videos and training on his website.


Ryan Deiss

10. Ryan Deiss

Website: http://drivingtraffic.com/

Ryan tests so many different strategies. You can see his ads all over Facebook, and Google Adwords. He’s on the cutting edge of Internet Marketing and is always trying new things.

Then in some launches you will see him go back to his tried and tested strategies. Analyzing his different launches and marketing strategies is a great way to learn what is working and what isn’t.

If you were to pick just one marketer to follow and reverse engineer, you couldn’t go wrong if you chose Ryan Deiss.


I learned everything I know from guys like these … 

Everything I have learned in Internet Marketing came from analyzing the moves of the best marketers and most successful people in making money online. 

Save everything these guys put online into files for access later.  Analyze the files and mimic their general methods. 

You will begin to notice patterns in what they are doing. This is how you learn marketing and anyone can do it absolutely free.

You will not even need to buy their products after studying their ways. 

After you watch enough marketing gurus you realize that they set up their product launches, squeeze pages, email marketing autoresponder campaigns, videos, etc. in similar ways. 

Reverse engineer what these guys do and you can’t go wrong.  

Well guys, what do you think? Did I nail the top 10 Internet Marketers list? Or did I forget anybody? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. http://tinyurl.com/vabi-8154315984

    “Internet Marketers Revealed. Learn about the
    top 10 masters of IM” ended up being a very good article and
    I actually ended up being really glad to find the blog post.
    Thanks for your time-Tania


  2. Nina

    Hi Chris;

    Point # 1…You forgot to add your own name.
    I have been following you for years and am very appreciative
    of all the info. you have sent me. Started with Google Cash.
    Still have all the E-mails. Go back to them every once in a while.

    # 2 Never really got started, got stuck & then life through some
    twists, but mostly it wasn’t the Guru’s fault it was mine for
    not following through.

    # 3 This was so helpful, I receive E-mails from all but 2 on your
    List of 10 plus several mentioned in the posts. I agree that some
    of them should be added to your New List.
    It’s sometimes hard to know who to listen to. But this helps
    a lot.
    Must go find out if I forgot to update my address on one of your E-mails.

    Thank you for this. I found it accidently while searching
    Jeremy Shoemaker for a friend.


  3. blessing

    it’s a pleasure been here.There is nothing to regret.At least,using my lunch money to go to an internet cafe is regrettable!


  4. blessing

    This gurus are all men,women,where are you?please surface coz what a man can do a woman can do it even more better!


  5. Marc

    It’s interesting that everybody has their own personal faves and want to add them to the list.

    But for me you’ve nailed it with Andre and Peter.

    Thing is, these 2 operate completely under the radar. They avoid the limelight and aren’t caught up in the whole ‘meta’ part of IM.

    Just keep their heads down and do their thing.

    The rest of the list is pretty interchangeable. You could switch out 2 or 3 others and include Ed Dale, Marlon Sanders, Dan Kennedy or any number of internet-famous marketers.

    But Andre and Peter buck the trend.

    (funny how I ended up talking about them as a pair too)


  6. Murugesan

    thanks for your valuable tips, i like this blog


  7. roger

    I would include Jeremy Palmer also into this list. I just bought a course and he is awesome.
    Thanks for the list again.


  8. Barbara

    Super generous of you……..somehow you have not forgotten how the newbies feel……THANKS SO MUCH….in fact, I wanted to write to you to ask you who you regard as worth following.

    How about Mike Filsaime, Glenn Livingston or Rich Schefren?


  9. Sam

    Though am not too sure about Frank Kern he looks like a character from an australian soap opera. And it is affecting my ability to take him seriously.

    Do these people really make that much money? Its funny how you never hear of these internet people, until you read an article like this that goes on about how much money they make and how much you can make if you follow their systems or wot not.

    Who are these people? How can anyone make 20million a year selling books on dating?

    I wish I could take a look at their bank balance and their work schedule and see how much they actually have to do to get some paid.

    I have never heard of stompernet either! And surely I would have heard of something that made 18 million in a few days… surely that is some sort of record?

    I dont know I am just very very skeptical…. but maybe thats just me


  10. D

    Just because you have never heard of them it does not mean they are not real! tsk!

    And yes you can be a multimillionaire by selling a subscription to your dating tips service. And he obviously must do it well to get so rich! He offers a service people want, and does it so well, people are willing to pay for it. Hardely that unbelievable is it?

    I do not know how you could not have heard of StomperNet, it is one of the biggest and maybe the best online marketing communities.

    I was a member for a while and made some good friends on there and also made quite a lot of money on there too.

    The more you get into Internet Marketing the more these names and these stories will become familiar to you, as it happens all the time.

    Obviously you will not hear about them in the mainstream. The are not inventing a Facebook or eBay. but what they are doing is offering a top quality services or products and also making a ton of money.


  11. Andrew

    Thank you Chris. This is very generous of you, I can not swallow it all at once, I need a lot of time


  12. AJ

    you forgot to mention Amish and Jay Styles :)


  13. PC

    Hi Chris,

    Yes, I have information overload. I don’t need to make $10K a week. If I could earn just $1 more than I make at my dead-end job, I’d be thrilled!

    Thanks for sharing your info,


  14. Dennis

    Novel idea, should have thought of this on my own. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


  15. donad

    Guys, don’t miss out the powerhouse Keith Baxter


  16. Robert

    This is awesome Chris – Thanks for sharing these resources!


  17. Chris Carpenter

    My pleasure Robert. Thanks for visiting!


  18. Lucy

    Show me how to join…



  19. George

    Great Info! Spaepen and Chaperon are new names to me — Glad to now know of them. All the others are top rate. Missing? Perry Marshall and Marlon Sanders. Great blog.


  20. Chris Carpenter

    Yes you are right George, I totally spaced Perry Marshall. He should be on the list for sure. Yeah do checkout Spaepen and Chaperon – mind blowing stuff!


  21. Victor

    Great post Chris. The main problem in IM is to ‘Remove the wheat from the chaff….” . You make it easier for us to do it. Thanks.


  22. Chris Carpenter

    Yes, there sure is a lot of “chaff” these days. You can’t go wrong studying these guys though.


  23. Dawn

    Great Post! I agree with Adliked that Gauher Chaudhry is someone to pay close attention to. He’s what I would call a gentleman (badass) marketer.

    There are a few other low key guys and gals I pay attention to as well. But the list you provided are all well-known and top notch. They get it, sell it, and deliver it well.


  24. Jon

    Excellent post. I completely agree with your “study what they do and how they do it” strategy without buying their products. Off the top of my head I can think of a dozen 7 figure gurus who probably think they should be on your list (shan’t mention names) and I’m pleased to see they didn’t make it.

    For those new to affiliate marketing two successful affiliate marketers I would recommend are Ron Cripps (affiliatexfiles) and Mark Ling (affilorama) both of whom provide a wealth of free training on their websites.


  25. Chris Carpenter

    Yes Mark Ling, a great affiliate marketer. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll have to make an updated list in the future with these new additions.


  26. Richard

    As a newbie to IM (and a silver surfer to boot!!), these site are going to keep me busy for the winter.

    Great article, and loads of pointers.

    Many Thanks


  27. Adliked

    You also need to mention Gauher Chaudhry from Canada. I don’t know how much money he make but he is also a pioneer and he don’t promote crappy products like many other marketers, I think.
    Thank you for the list.


  28. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks for the addition. I agree, Gauher is a top marketer. I’ve learned a lot from him as well. He will make it on the new, updated list.


  29. Jcdean

    I might add Jimmy D. Brown.
    Jimmy d. Brown

    I wish I could find a mentor / “Guru” that could help get me back into the Pay Per Click game.

    Some how I still have my addwords acount.


  30. Doris

    Great info. Thanks Chris it is very helpful


  31. Karen

    Thanks Chris, sometimes knowing what to watch for is better than buying all the “info” and never doing anything with it. A swipe file says it all…!


  32. Chris Carpenter

    Yes Karen, keeping a swipe file is key! Thanks for stopping by!


  33. Dan

    I thought I was going to be sold with affiliate links out the ass. But as far as I can tell… there are none! Refreshing and HUGELY useful information for a marketer just getting his feet wet. Thanks!



  34. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Dan! For sure I will add affiliate links in the future. Would be kind of stupid of me to not include them. But the affiliate commissions is not the reason for this post. I really do think that these are the guys to follow.


  35. American Girl Doll

    Wow – very informative. I now have a lot of websites to check out. Thanks.


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