Tow-in Surfing – The Big Wave Surfing Experience


Tow-In Surfing Action 


 I’ve been getting lots of emails from people asking if I could share more of my tow-in surfing and skiing and adventure videos.

This surprised me because my blog is here to help you. I was surprised to see that so many of you wanted to see more of my action videos.

My friend Mitch made this video above of our tow-in surfing session we had several weeks back.

It shows the tow-in experience and what it is like.

The day before the big swell, we are all nervous. We sit around the computer
looking at the swell charts, wondering what the monster swell is going to
look like.

The day of the “big day” we wake up at 4 am and prepare. Everyone
has their own little ritual to get ready.

I do yoga and eat a good breakfast and double check all of the equipment.

My friend Stan has his lucky white shorts that he always wears on the big

In the dark as we prepare the jetski and get ready to launch from the beach,
we are all a little quiet, and nervous.

Once we get out on the water though, the nerves settle down and it is
time for action. Then you’re not scared anymore. Now you’re completely
focused and in the present moment. You’re in the zone!


Tow-In Surfing is what we live for!


tow-in surfing big waves

Here I catch the first wave of the "big day".


More Tow-in Surfing

And here is another video of a tow-in session we had earlier in the season.

Anyway, this post was a departure from my normal how-to style posts.

Just for entertainment purposes I guess.

I hope you enjoyed it.

I sure had fun doing it. :-)

And if this sort of video was not your cup of tea, don’t worry, I’ll be posting the normal “How-To” posts again after this quick diversion.

Are you a fan of tow-in surfing? Other water sports? Let me know in the comments below :)

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  1. Angela Lopez

    Hola Crhis!! Yo también admiro tus vídeos. Te sigo desde hace años. Me gustaría que me enviaras el video de ski, donde empezabas el dia lavandote los dientes y despues subíais al helicóptero con música “riqi”. Espero con mucha ilusión tu ayuda para por fin tener ingresos por internet. Todos los dias traduzco tus Pots y correos. Me gustaría que los vídeos de trabajo vinieran también escritos en texto aunque sea aparte. Te deseo a ti y a tu familia una FELIZ NAVIDAD Y PROSPERO AÑO NUEVO!! Un abrazo Angeles.


  2. Chris Carpenter

    Gracias Angela! Pronto voy a poner unos videos de ski en Alaska. Feliz navidad! Ciao, Chris


  3. Farida Mustafa

    Quite a metaphor for me too!!!! Awesome looking at but scared to be doing myself……


  4. Trisha B

    Totally awesome surf moves !


  5. Dennis

    Work hard, play hard, looks like fun.


  6. Henry Kroll

    Awsome wave. I tried surfing in Hawaii and spent more time under the board than on top of it. Also swollowed a quart of salt water.

    I have seen big waves like yours fishing king crab on the old mary M.


  7. Greg T

    Awesome to see you out there. You can get all that in for us non surfing types like myself. I’m always impressed by the waves, but pretty much scared out of my mind to try getting near them (hey, kind of a metaphor for my online experience too!)


  8. blessing

    Excuse me Chris,are you the one battling with the wave or someone else.Are you ones a soldier or a navy staff.You are incredibly ………………….oh!which world will i use.Incredibly…………………………Am still thinking………………………oh! am short of words!


  9. Robert in N. California

    Awesome riding – Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to seeing your steep pow shots this winter


  10. Chris Carpenter

    Thanks Robert! I’m chasing the snow right now. Unfortunately I made a bad call and went to the wrong place. Not much snow. Oh well, you can’t win them all. Going back to Mexico to surf a little and re-group and will go to Europe to shred some pow in a couple weeks. Should be able to post some sick powder videos then. Fingers crossed! Happy Holidays!


  11. jamie

    good videos chris keep being ab
    n adrenialin junkie for me friend


  12. Patty Nevers

    Awsome to watch! You must have to be sporting some pretty big balls?


  13. Terry

    Hey Chris,

    Thanks for the surf videos. You took some on the chin sand kept going after it. That’s what is all about. Having fun and getting in the barrel and flying out.

    Way awesome cool.


  14. Ernest

    Great video Chris. I am a big fan of surfing :)


  15. michael jumbo

    that was awesome wave riding like they say if you fall down get up and keep trying til you finish what you have too do cool


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