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Truth About Abs – the success story …

Digital products can make us rich with little upfront costs … 

Tim Ferris published a wonderful interview with Mike Geary and asked him some interesting questions.  Geary gives advice on advertising, buying traffic, the Clickbank marketplace and more. 

Geary brought his product to Clickbank offering affiliates a 75% commission of the $47.00 sale price.  Almost instantly affiliates were switching over to promote Mike’s informational product due to higher commissions.

“I sell a fitness information product called “The Truth about Six-Pack Abs,” which has sold more than 500,000 copies since 2005.

I publish a fitness and health newsletter to about 680,000 subscribers (with subscribers in almost every country), and have built a large content based website that goes along with this fitness newsletter.

I act as a media buyer, purchasing large amounts of traffic (mostly in the fitness/nutrition niche) that I funnel to a few select partners. This allows me to become integrated into several other large fitness and nutrition businesses (they promote my product extensively on their backend) since I act as a very large source of their overall traffic.”

Mike Geary

Truth About Abs revealed …

Let’s look at some of the questions Tim Ferriss asked Mike and our summaries of his responses from the interview:

Tim: Can you describe your muse?

Mike responds saying his business is comprised of three major components: 

The first is his book: “The Truth About Six-Pack-Abs”.  It has sold over 500,000 copies in the last 7 years.  At a price of approximately $50 that’s $25 million.  Not bad for digital product with little cost of distribution.

The next component of Mike’s business is his 650,000+ subscribers to his fitness and health newsletter where he takes advantage of affiliate commissions and selling advertising.

And finally he purchases large amounts of traffic and drives it to his partners who promote his products in return.

Tim: What is the website for your muse?

The main website is

How much money are you making?

Tim: How much revenue is your muse currently generating per month (on average)?

The three components listed above generate approximate $1million in revenue each month for a yearly total of approximately $11million.  Mike speaks of his financial freedom in his reply and the feeling he gets from knowing he has changed people’s lives with his work.

Tim:  To get to this monthly revenue number, how long did it take after the idea struck?

It took Mike 5 years of learning marketing to get to the current figures. After just two years he was earning a decent salary at $50,000.year.  Once he quit his corporate job the growth of his business increased tenfold.

Tim: How did you decide on “Truth About Six-Pack-Abs”?

Mike said his mentors told him to follow something he was most passionate about.  For Mike that was fitness and nutrition.  Mike speaks of how he bought a since discontinued information product from Ryan Lee, that turned out to be his best investment.  He said that Ryan’s product inspired Mike and he began to notice that people really wanted and needed information on how to get great abs.

How did you get started?

Tim: How did you get started? What ultimately lead you to your current lifestyle?

In 2004 his internet business started.  He was sick of the time constraints of his corporate job in engineering consulting.  He wanted more time to enjoy hobbies and the company of friends and family.  “Time Freedom” as he put it was the first goal of his online business. 

His second goal is a little easier when we are our own boss.  He wanted to never have to wake up to an alarm clock for work again.  For the past four years he says he hasn’t had to.

His third goal was financial security for his family.  This was on top of what he had already for his family.  Mike was working a cooperate job that pays well.  But he reminded himself that he could work less for a lot more and have even more security for his family. 

He wanted to build on the progress toward all of his goals, but his final goal was perhaps his dream come true. He wanted to be able to travel anytime he wanted and go anywhere he wanted in the world with no financial or time constraints.

Today he has accomplished all of his goals that he set out to accomplish in 2004 his business has grown to 7 figures in revenue.

Tim: What does your daily/weekly routine look like? Where do you live and what does your lifestyle look like?

When he quit his corporate job in 2007 he moved to Colorado because he loved to ski and there was ample opportunity to do so.  His business was booming so he spent most of his time skiing, hiking, mountain biking and other sources of outdoor fun

He speaks of how he has traveled all over North America and the Islands and how he has plans for more travel throughout Europe and Asia.  He travels 10-15 days per month and works about 2 hours per day while traveling. 

He talks about his working habits and admits to putting in 10-12 hours at a time on days where he’s really into it.  His schedule when not traveling is completely free and he says some days when even when he’s not traveling he still only puts in approximately 2 hours.

He started with just 5 visitors …

Tim: What were some of the main tipping points or”A-ha!” moments? How did they come about?

He foolishly believed that a flood of people would rush to his website at first.  In his first month he had only 5 visitors to his site.  The tipping point came when he started using Google Adwords to drive traffic to his pages.  Learning how to buy traffic and profit on Adwords opened the doors to knowledge of how to do the same thing elsewhere on the net.

 In 2007 the main tipping point of his business came.  He put his product on Clickbank.  He wisely offered the maximum commission rate allowed on Clickbank and affiliates flocked to his product because of the higher commissions and ROI.  In just a few months Geary’s product was a top product on Clickbank.

Tim insists that we must treat our affiliates and customers like gold.  He even offered his affiliates as much as 90% commission once they had reached a certain volume of sales.  His visions were large volumes of sales so even if he only made $2 per product he sold the 500,000 copies sold since 2005 earn him $1million.

Tim: What resources or tools did you find most helpful when you were getting started?

He says that Chris Carpenter’s “Google Cash” ebook was super helpful, and…. Ahhh, just kidding, he didn’t say that. I wish he had. :-) I wouldn’t be surprised if he had read it though. How about it Mike, did you read my Google Cash ebook and get something out of it? hehehe

All joking aside, back to Tim’s interview with Mike.

He says that low priced internet marketing, SEO, and PPC e-books were a great asset to him although much of what was in them is now outdated.  They gave him a solid foundation to build on a direction on what he should learn for his online business.

Truth About Abs … Mistakes To Avoid?

Tim: What are some common mistakes when buying media/traffic?

The most common mistake he mentions is when people don’t allow enough traffic to come in before giving up and thinking the ad won’t be profitable.

Another mistake is not testing variations of our ads to see which ones are the best. For example on Facebook he found that ads with a certain picture were more likely to get a click through.  He would have never known this if he invested everything on the one ad sample.

He insists that he expects to lose money on his first campaign but through tweaking the ad copy based on results, the second campaign is usually profitable because of what he learns

Tim’s Interview with Mike

Did you guys like this post? Would you like more like this? Can you believe how much money is in the Fitness niche? $1,000,000 a month? Geesh, that’s incredible! The Truth About Abs is just a single product! Share your thoughts in the comments.

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