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Change Your Facebook Settings

Facebook Settings Can Be Confusing …

Take Control of Your Facebook Settings

Facebook is a fabulous tool for keeping up with your friends and family.

However, with new and improved technology comes information overload. Have you ever noticed that when you log in to your Facebook account, it can be a bit overwhelming to glance at your news feed due to the amount of information friends and family decide to share.

This post explains how to take control of your personal Facebook settings. Learn how to control your news feed, reduce “spam” and protect your privacy.

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For most of us, there are things you would love to hear about, and other things that really do not matter.

Sharing is caring … sometimes

Do you really care what your mother’s neighbors score was on Scrabble?

Do you really want to know what your 15-year-old niece is listening to on iHeart radio?

I love my sister, but I really do not need to know what type of coffee she ordered at Starbucks this morning.

Facebook Settings Need Adjusting …

My intention is to inform you a little bit about privacy settings and how you can control who you interact with on Facebook. 

Just like everyday life we should be choosing who we interact with and share our thoughts and feelings with.  Concentrating our attention on the people who matter is what is most important in real social relationships.


Facebook Settings Available on your Friend’s Profile Pages

So, the question is then, what can we do to get the information we need without having to look through dozens of news feeds that are completely irrelevant to our lives?

The answer is in the new settings features available to all Facebook users.

Are you familiar with that handy little menu up at the right hand corner of the screen when you are on a friends profile page? The menu has buttons that say friends, subscribed and message.

If you click on the “subscribed” button you have the option to choose what types of updates you want to view for that person.

This is a great tool if you want to know the important things, but do not care what type of coffee your friend drank this morning.

Facebook now gives us the option of unsubscribing to particular information from a specific person and to a particular type of post.

Thus, if you want to have access to specific information from a friend, but you do not want to know everything, you can choose to unsubscribe to certain pieces of information.

You have the option of selecting the types of information you would like to view about that friend. You can also unsubscribe to this friend or you can unsubscribe to this friend’s status updates only. This is probably a better option than blocking or unfriending somebody.


 Managing Your News Feed

Change your Facebook news feed settingsIf you want to change your overall settings on the news feed, there is an option directly above the news feed that says, “SORT.”

Click on that and you can choose the way you want your news to be displayed each time you log on.

You are given the option to sort by most recent stories or highlighted stories first. Decide how you want to look at your news feed and select your option here.




Do You Want to Chat?

Change your Facebook chat settingsFacebook users can hide from other users while online. As a user, you can hide yourself when you are on Facebook by using the little gear button at the bottom right of your screen.

You have the option of hiding yourself to certain people, at certain times, or to certain groups. You can opt to hide from everybody or to hide from certain people. If you want to be available to chat with your family for instance, but nobody else, you can select to be visible only to those people on your family list.


However, it’s important to note that if you would like to use this option to its fullest potential, it works best if you group your friends and contacts as you add them to your friend list.

The more friend lists you have, the easier it is to give access to certain groups you would like to be instantly available to without other groups knowing you are online.

For instance, you might want to have groups for family, friends, co-workers, church, Girl Scouts and networking group. This way if you want to be available to chat with your networking group but do not want to chat with anyone else, you can opt to be available to that group only.

If that Special Friend Really Drives you Crazy, You Can Unfriend or Block


Most of us have that special person or two that we regret friending or accepting that friend request. If you have that special someone that drives you nuts, you can choose to unfriend them or block them.

This can be a little bit awkward, however, if that person finds out. Better options might be hiding or unsubscribing to that person.

If you really do not want to see what your ex-mother-in-law is up to though, and you do not want her to know about that special new love of your life, go ahead and unfriend away.

Just remember, if this ex-mother-in-law wants to chat about her beautiful grandchild, you might have some explaining to do. You might just want to put her in a friend group all her own and choose not to give her access to very much of your information. In a group all her own, it will be much easier for you to hide from her, as well.


Getting Technical with your Facebook Settings

At this time, most of the third party applications automatically opt users in. This means that if you “like” a third party app or do anything on one of these apps, it will automatically post the information on the news feeds.

Facebook is working to make all of the apps manual for users. Thus, users would have to choose to opt in instead of it being done for you. If you do use third party apps, choose to opt out of news feed postings to save your friends from having to read your lasted game score.

I hope this was useful to you Facebook users out there. Let me know in the comments below of any Facebook settings I might have missed. And please share this with your friends.

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  1. Trisha B

    Facebook has changed settings in many ways to where I am a bit confused.Thanks for sharing this information because it will be very useful for me and other Facebook users.


  2. Adediji Aderemi Kamoru

    Yeah Chris, you are unveiling these to some of us that are using ordinary and substandard browsing phones. We are not able to recieve detail information on some of our searches due to substandard browser, window, o/system. etc. Thanks for the update.


  3. Jonathon Ross

    Excellent post Chris. Perhaps you should expand it to an ebook.

    They say a picture paints a thousand words so your caption certainly expresses the feelings of many when it comes to Social Media overload.

    Being of the older generation (Baby Boomer Sexy Sixties genre) I had until quite recently avoided FB & Twitter on the premise that FB was a hangout for youngsters and tweeting was what sparrows did so I was quite surprised the other day to find an experienced marketer, Matt Carter, posting on his blog that he too had been avoiding SM in his business.

    Sean Platt (@ghostwriterdad) has an excellent guide “Social Media in 15 Minutes A Day” which is a worthwhile read they may be of value to your followers.


  4. scott

    Video would be great to show this particular HOW TO, because I still scratching my head after reading the post.


  5. Francis

    Thanks Chris! This will make posting and sharing alot easier.


  6. Jackie

    Thanks so much for this important information.What a great thing.


  7. Chris Carpenter

    My pleasure!


  8. Dawn Spaulding

    Ad Choice has taken over my computer & my facebook newsfeeds -“SPAM”. They offer it gives instruction on how to remove their “program”, but when you follow them it throws up alerts that it can not remove there program. I am so upset, today is the 2nd time I have log-in on facebook in a month because of there “SPAM AD CHOICE”. I have sent emails for help to remove it, whith out any luck. I am going to delet my FB account in a couple weeks if I don’t receive any real help from them. I am going to turn them into the org. that pressured Bank of America to reverse the positon on debt charges. Twoo weeks and I’m DONE!!!!!


  9. Chris Carpenter

    Dawn, if you are using Google Chrome as your browser then you can use this to block the ads:


  10. Duane Meador

    Thank you, Chris

    This is some very useful information. I do have certain friends which I need to limit their access to my information and their frequency of postings.


  11. Chris Carpenter

    Yes, I think we all have those friends, don’t we? ;-)


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